The Best LGBT Friendly Places to Visit in Gran Canaria      

Are you planning your Gran Canaria holidays? Maybe you are interested in the best Gran Canaria gay plans. In contrast to what many people think, these kinds of LGBT friendly activities in Gran Canaria are not just focused on the LGBT Community, they are for everyone who wants to enjoy them!

Do you want to know why Gran Canaria has become one of the most popular travel destinations among the LGBT Community in Europe? This is due to Spain is one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to LGBT rights, and we are very proud of that!

That is the reason why atVilla Gran Canariawe have created this post with a list of our favourite main places and events in the island. Take a quick look and you will understand why people love the open-minded spirit our beloved island.

The X best Gran Canaria Gay Places

It is time to discover the best LGBT friendly places in the whole Gran Canaria! But remember that these are just some of the plans that we have chosen, but there is a wide variety of options among which you can choose. Discover which one you like the most. Off we go!

Maspalomas Area and its Annual Gran Canaria Gay Pride Parade

The Gran Canaria gay area par excellence is Maspalomas. This place is located in San Bartolome de Tirajana, at the south coast of the island. It has been at Europe’s forefront as one of the biggest and most popular LGBT friendly places for a long time now.



This is mainly due to the streets of Maspalomas are filled year by year with continuously growing crowds during the annual Maspalomas Gay Pride. The town hosts nearly 100,000 attendees during two weeks of shows and parades. Everyone is looking for fun and celebrating the Gay Pride those days!

There is a wide variety of activities during the Gran Canaria Gay Pride, and they range from fun-filled pool parties and dance shows to the most savage boat parties and excursions. But they are just some of the incredibly fun LGBT activities, which will not only provide you a great entertainment, but they will help you to get to know the island too.

If you want to visit Gran Canaria during Maspalomas Gay Pride you must know that it is celebrated in the month of May — but just in case you don’t know it yet, there is also a winter version of Gran Canaria Gay Pride, the Winter Pridecelebrated in November. This year (2019) the dates are from the 2nd to the 12th of May. This year Gran Canaria is about to hold its 15th Maspalomas Gay Pride edition, so get ready and expect tonnes of fun.

Yumbo Centre, the Gran Canaria gay heart of Maspalomas

Yumbo Centre is a very popular shopping mall located in Maspalomas, at Playa del Inglés which is one of the biggest and most emblematic and important gay spots for the LGBT Community in the whole Europe.

Yumbo Centre is located just a kilometre away from another famous gay spot — Kiosk Nº7 — and it is the perfect stop after spending a long day at the beach. It offers plenty of fun activities any time of the day and night! We could say that Yumbo Centrum is like any other shopping mall during the day, but totally LGBT-influenced. But, when the sun sets and the neon lights of the storefronts are turned on, the Yumbo Centre becomes home to some of the greatest nightlife in Europe.

You can fulfil your energy levels with a wholesome meal from one of the many restaurants located in the shopping centre, such as the famous and beloved Grill Toro II. Later, you can head to one of the busy show-bars situated in the mall, like Mykonos gay bar to dance the night away. The lights, the love and the vibrant atmosphere of the Yumbo Centre are perfectly complemented by the open-minded and friendly attitude of the people who are there to have a great time.




Kiosk Nº 7

As we have mentioned before, Kiosk Nº7 is another of the most iconic and famous gay spots in Gran Canaria. Between Maspalomas beach and Playa del Inglés, there is a group of sevenchiringuitos. They are small beach kiosks and bars spread across the coast of this huge part of the island.

Now, imagine yourself enjoying the paradisiac atmosphere of the beaches and the great Gran Canaria weatherby grabbing a seat at one of those chiringuitos and ordering a refreshing cocktail. Can you even imagine anything better? If you are thinking about refreshing drinks, we strongly recommend you try a Clipper, which is a typical soft drink typical from Gran Canaria.

Most of the chiringuitos also serve a wide variety of sandwiches and snacks — so we recommend you try a bocadillo de tortilla, which is basically a sandwich of Spanish omelette. It is delicious and it will revitalize your body!

Among all these chiringuitos in Maspalomas area, one of the most famous is Kiosk Nº 7, and it is located on what is known in Gran Canaria as ‘the Gay Beach’. It is easy to distinguish this kiosk because of the rainbow flag waving to the rhythm of the most popular hits of the moment. Don’t miss the chance of dancing until your feet hurt while you enjoy the best food and drinks at the beach!

Las Terrazas de Mariana de Pineda, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Gay Side

Now we move to the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and we are going to explore its gay side. On the one hand, although it is not as famous as Maspalomas, Las Palmas provides a great invitation for the LGBT Community during the night. On the other hand, you will have the chance to meet new people or even make new friends during the day at the LGBT area, Las Terrazas de Mariana de Pineda.

This avenue of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is full of gay bars and it is perfectly accomplished because of the choices offered. You can spend your time here sitting outdoors with your friends or visiting an LGBT bar like Sentido, which is supposed to be exclusively for lesbians. Another great option is visiting the club TAO.



Not so far from Las Terrazas de Mariana de Pineda, you will find the commercial street of Triana and the historic district ofVegueta. These are two areas are undoubtedly worth exploring due to their architecture. Vegueta has been named as one of the Historic-Artistic Sites in Spain. Here, you will find Casa de Colón, a museum and cultural centre, which was home to Christopher Columbus in 1492 before he made his first travel to America.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post as much as we have writing it. Now that you know everything about the best Gran Canaria gay places and events, are you going to miss it? If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you!

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