Know Pilancones the natural park of Gran Canaria


It formed by 7,940 ha and located in San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The air freshener invites you to stay for a long. Turning it in the best part of Gran Canaria. The concentration of pines trees and aquifers help to Pilancones natural park to be a unique touristic area.

Its name comes from the natural pools, well known as pilancones locally; surrounded by an impressive number of high and medium elevations. By the way, it’s considered an important place to visit in Gran Canaria because of the international scientific interest.

On this post, we want to show you one of the plans what to do in Gran Canaria island during any period of the year, thanks to its wonderful weather.

The prehistoric environment inside Pilancones natural park


A set of pre-Hispanic sites which discover incalculable and valuable settlements. The birthplace of a great culture. The trips to Gran Canaria, particularly Pilancones natural park, are a good way to spend your holidays on the islands.

Cross Pilancones natural park with hiking routes in Gran Canaria

Correspondingly, if you are on holidays, doesn’t matter when Pilancones natural park is where to go to Gran Canaria. It situated in the island’s southern area, which offers an incredible overview and a wide choice of the best walks in Gran Canaria.

The perfect area in Gran Canaria to do hiking or directly, walking. Equally, the nature reserve is an important focus of nature lovers, who are traveling to Gran Canaria for walking routes and trails.

Cruz Grande

A reference point inside of Gran Canaria walking tours. All the path is basically sand and small rocks with a length of 1,5 kilometers.

From Degollada de Cruz Grande to Degollada del Sordo has a quiet view, only joined by trees and the curious squirrel who got out to see. The road is invisible and it’s better to go with a route guide, or a Gran Canaria travels guidebook on your hands.

Are you ready for a quite hard walk? Because this route is where to go on Gran Canaria when you want to try your best. It’s important to know this path is part of Camino de Santiago.

San Bartolomé de Tirajana overview

Close to Pilancones natural park, San Bartolomé de Tirajana is the heart of Gran Canaria tourist area. In the middle of a volcanic crater and the largest municipality on the island.

From the reserve, you can enjoy a not far overview of that town. Even, this view includes the Embalse of Gambusia lake close to Ayagaures. This route is likewise an unrepeatable and beautiful view.

Pine forest route for brave people


A 12.2 kilometers circular walk across the woods. The pine from Gran Canaria is special due to the type of species, only existing in the Canary Islands and part of the Peninsula Iberia.  

Walking tours in Gran Canaria offer these routes, but the cloudy and foggy weather can be an enemy during your walk, floating over the trees and rocks; which is sometimes confused and makes impossible the front view. An excellent approach where it is the best place to go to Gran Canaria to tell scary tales.

Treasures waiting for you

Do you consider yourself an adventure person? Do you think of a good time to discover and know more it’s the perfect way to spend your holidays?

Pilancones natural park gives you the chance to see your limits as an archaeologist or detective. You’ll race with your friends in small groups through the lands in a gymkhana to pass little challenges, traveling around the nature reserve on Gran Canaria.

The perfect place for Birdwatching

The park has a privileged point for birdwatching. The most experts are using it in Gran Canaria, after looking for this kind of holiday destinations.

Don’t hesitate to bring your binoculars and telescopes out when you want to discover all of the kings of species of birds. The Blue Chaffinch, the Great Spotted Woodpecker, the Canary Crow, the Black-Rumped Waxbill and the Hawk of Tagorote are some of them.

The mountaineering bat is the unique native species.  Instead of the introduction of the other species as the Cimarron Cat or the hedgehog. Maybe other reason to travel to Gran Canaria.

Discover this part of Gran Canaria to travel with these tips

Before to go on, we want to stop here for a moment to give you a few bits of advice exclusive for this touristic area in Gran Canaria.



Go shopping before travel. A replacement of hiking boots is better than nothing. The fact is in case you plan your holidays in Gran Canaria, small problems like the essential election of shoes to wear to the islands, included climbing and walking.


The main thing you should consider when you’re planning to trip to Gran Canaria, including for other destinations. For this reason, the Sun is annoying for your eyes and it’s better don’t be uncomfortable during your travel.

In addition to this, the skin protection is so important. Take care your skin with a good level of suncream to avoid the damn burns.

Basic needs

Similarly, the protection against the bad weather nor the environment can help without taking care of the body. Now you have arrived at the island, you would locate stores to get water and food in case you’ll want to explore Pilancones natural park.

How to get to Pilancones natural Park

By bus

  • Global Bus no. 18 from Faro de Maspalomas (Faro de Maspalomas – San Bartolomé – Tejeda – San Mateo)
  • Bus no. 34 from El Doctoral (El Doctoral – San Bartolomé)


By car

Go through the road which connects Maspalomas and San Bartolomé, passing through Fataga

Basic information for visiting Pilancones natural park

To begin, every person’s rhythm is totally different. Some of them walk slower, other people walk faster. However, we of us want the same: enjoy Pilancones natural park. Generally, the duration is 2h 30 min.

The Nature reserve is open every day for 24 hours, during all the year.

Pilancones is a completely exceptional experience and you shouldn’t miss it. Every person who walked the paths and watch the view, they won’t come back home with the same expression on the face, only thinking to come back to that historical island.

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