About us


We are a company specialising in the holiday and property sector with almost 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry. For the last 20 years we have been focusing on holiday rentals on the island of Gran Canaria.

Our portfolio of clients that has accumulated over all these years and our established and great agenda of owners who have entrusted us with their properties are our best business card.

With a comprehensive management adapted to the needs of each owner, we work under a line of transparency and absolute honesty that makes us leaders in the holiday market.

With an absolute commitment to each owner, taking care of their interests, but also without giving up those of our clients/renters.

A team of 22 people, two strategically located offices and the associated autonomous staff (cleaning staff, laundry, swimming pool, gardener, technical service, etc.) enable us to offer an integral service of the highest quality, adapted to the needs of each owner and each client/tenant.

Get to know our work philosophy

  • Vision

    To position the holiday accommodation as the tourist reference of the Canary Islands in the present and future

  • Mission

    To help and facilitate the management of holiday homes for all our clients

  • Values

    Taking care of our customers. Taking care of our employees. Taking care of the Canary Islands

Our services

Each of our services is created to guarantee quality and peace of mind for our clients:

  • 100% online process.
  • Your ad on the main holiday rental portals.
  • Expert holiday home managers.
  • Positioning on online portals.
  • Professional pictures for your home.
  • We select the best buyers.
  • Comprehensive management: we adapt to the needs of each owner. Cleaning, laundry, technical service, swimming pools, gardens, key delivery, 24 hour assistance...
  • Handing over of keys. We receive each client personally, giving a treatment and closeness that few can offer.
  • We handle the registration and obtaining of the holiday permit as well as the dismissal from the hospitality industry of the police.
  • We register each guest online with the hospitality department at the same time as the keys are handed over.
  • Replacement and repair of any large/small household appliance immediately.
  • Extra cleaning to be agreed with the tenant.
  • Extra services for tenants: transport, excursions, in house chef, etc.
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We love our work

If you love what you do, they'll love what you do. We're passionate about the tourism sector and above all, we're firmly committed to holiday accommodation as the holiday option of the present and the future. That is why we're constantly working to improve and optimize all the services that our clients will have.

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