Float over the Canary Islands on the best glass-floor viewpoints

Discover in this article the three best viewpoints of the Canary Islands, with glass floor! Walk over cliffs that drop vertically down to the immeasurable Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains, ravines and beaches of the Canary Islands.


Here we go!


Abrante viewpoint (La Gomera)

abrante viewpoint la gomera

The Abrante viewpoint is the most famous viewpoint of La Gomera and one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the Canary Islands. It’s located in the municipality of Agulo and was built in 2014. 


If you’re planning a trip to the island, discover the Abrante viewpoint and walk over its glass floor. The passageway is seven metres long and allows you to see the whole valley of Angulo at a depth of five hundred metres, representing the typical rural landscape of the Canary Islands with its typical farmhouses and terraces. Also, from a distance, you can see the island of Tenerife.





To get to the viewpoint Mirador de Abrante, take the GM-1 road. Then drive to the Palmita road and follow the road to the end. After about 10 minutes, you’ll reach the viewpoint of La Gomera.


Jinama Viewpoint (El Hierro)

jinama viewpoint

The Jinama viewpoint is located on the island of El Hierro and offers one of the most impressive panoramic views of the island. The viewpoint is located more than 1,200 metres above the sea and offers views over the entire bay of El Golfo, the banana and pineapple plantations and the vineyards. Furthermore, you can see the ridge of the village of La Frontera from its heights and don't miss this breathtaking experience.


This lookout invites hiking enthusiasts to walk the Camino Real de Jinama, one of the oldest trails on the island. There’s also a small chapel dedicated to the Virgen de la Caridad near the viewpoint.




The Mirador Jinama is just 20 minutes from the capital city Valverde. To get there, take the HI-1 to the HI-120. Continue along the HI-120 until, after 2 minutes, you reach your destination: the mirador Jinama.


Balcón Viewpoint (Gran Canaria)

balcon viewpoint

The Mirador del Balcón or Andén Verde is our third glass lookout in the Canary Islands and is located on the island of Gran Canaria, more specifically at the western end of Gran Canaria, between Tirma and Los Caserones. Mirador del Balcón is the only glass viewpoint in Gran Canaria and, without a doubt, one of the most popular viewpoints on the island.


We’ve dedicated an exclusive article to the Mirador del Balcón lookout, so don't miss it!




To get to the viewpoint del Balcón you’ll have to drive on the GC-2 for about half an hour from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Then take the GC-200 until you reach your destination.


Float over the clouds at the glass viewing points of the Canary Islands

So much for our article about the glass viewpoints of the Canary Islands. Discover the islands of La Gomera, El Hierro and Gran Canaria from the top of a glass lookout and feel as free as a bird. From VillaGranCanaria we wish you a unique experience!


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