Best Hiking Routes in Gran Canaria in Autumn

Gran Canaria has over 80000 chestnut trees. If you’re on the island around autumn and like nature, you don’t want to miss the best hiking routes in Gran Canaria to enjoy the island's chestnut trees and their vibrant foliage.


Immerse yourself in the rich agricultural history and diverse landscapes, making each trail a unique and exciting experience. Embark on an extraordinary autumn adventure and choose the best hiking route on Gran Canaria!


The best time to go hiking on Gran Canaria

When to see chestnuts in Gran Canaria? The chestnut season in the Canary Islands kicks off with the arrival of autumn and the first rains, typically between November and December. Chestnuts thrive with the necessary water for their growth. These nut-bearing trees are predominantly found in the midlands of the island, particularly in municipalities such as Teror, Firgas, San Mateo, Valleseco, Tejeda, and Artenara.


Discover the Top 4 hiking trails for chestnut picking in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has around 80,000 chestnut trees across 380 hectares of chestnut groves. Besides being a source of the island's popular autumn fruits, chestnut trees provide an excellent reason to explore Gran Canaria's hiking trails. 


Ready to go on an adventure along the royal paths of Gran Canaria, where chestnut trees take center stage against dreamy autumn landscapes? Below, you’ll find a list of the 4 best hiking routes on Gran Canaria to see chestnut trees in autumn!


1. The Chestnut route of Valleseco

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Start your chestnut-seeking journey in Valleseco, starting from its picturesque square and following the winding course of the Guiniguada ravine. Here, the autumn scenery comes alive with the reddish, yellow, and orange hues of chestnut trees, creating a captivating symphony of colors. Along the route, hikers can admire laurel forest trees with arbutus and cedars. 


Furthermore, you can find numerous viewpoints that offer panoramic views. The Barranco de la Virgen ravine marks the climax, providing the opportunity to collect chestnuts and enjoy a nature-centric lunch. It’s also one of the most popular hiking routes in Gran Canaria!

valleseco village from above


2. Route of the Four Dams of Firgas

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Venture into the neighboring municipality of Firgas for a 12.5-kilometer circular route, passing through the dams of Cambalud, El Palmar, La Umbría, and Firgas. Aligned with autumnal essence, chestnut trees paint the path with vibrant hues, offering a unique yet similar experience compared to Valleseco. Also here, you can find strategic viewpoints that provide breathtaking island views, culminating in a well-deserved rest on the journey back to the village.

firgas gran canaria

3. Artenara chestnut tree hiking route

Explore the highest municipality of Gran Canaria, Artenara, home to a multitude of chestnut trees. The 10.5-kilometer hike begins from the old part of the village, leading to the majestic Roque Bentayga in the municipality of Tejeda. Experience the unfolding autumn beauty with vivid colors of chestnut trees and other regional flora. And reach the top for spectacular island views, adding a unique touch to this route.

artenara from above

4. San Mateo hiking route

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Conclude your chestnut exploration in the municipality of San Mateo with a lesser-known 6.5-kilometer hiking route in Gran Canaria. Starting from San Mateo, this trail takes adventurers to Pico de las Nieves, the highest point on Gran Canaria. Similar in essence but with its own particularities, this route offers a unique perspective on autumn landscapes and breathtaking panoramic views.

san mateo village from above

Gran Canaria, the hiking paradise

These hiking routes in Gran Canaria promise an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts. Each trail presents a distinct blend of landscapes, colours, and attractions, making the island a paradise for hikers. For an experience away from traditional tourism and close to nature, choose VillaGranCanaria for a stay in one of its hundreds of country houses scattered across the island. We offer all kinds of holiday rentals with private pool, barbecue, garden, and terrace where kids and pets enjoy likewise.


What better way to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria than staying in the best locations on the island, near the beach? Enjoy the best hiking routes in Gran Canaria and stay in a villa!

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