Top Gran Canaria Bike Routes — The Best Cycling Holidays

Are you wondering which would be the best way to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria? At Villa Gran Canaria, we care about what you want. So, depending on your wishes and your preferences, the island offers you a wide range of entertainment options apart from sunbathing and enjoying Canarian tapas.

Still wondering what to do in Gran Canaria? The question is, do you like cycling? Are you a bike lover? What about a Gran Canaria bike route? Gran Canaria is probably the best Canary Island for cycling. That is the reason why we invite you to join us in your marvellous Gran Canaria cycling holidays.

Read this post where we tell you everything you need to know about the best Gran Canaria bike routes and let us convince you that this is a great experience to live during your cycling holidays in the Canary Islands.

Top Gran Canaria Bike Routes

Enjoying a Gran Canaria bike route is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore a big part of this island of the Canaries. At Villa Gran Canaria, we have created a list with our top picks about Gran Canaria bike routes. This way, you can find the perfect Gran Canaria bike tour for you!

We have reviewed all the cycling routes in Gran Canaria to deliver the top bike routes. Just wait and see what each route has to offer, but until that moment, let us provide you all the information that you could need. You can choose the best Gran Canaria mountain or road bike rides!





Gran Canaria Mountain Bike Routes

There are a lot of mountain bike rides, around 13, but we have chosen the best one for you to discover in Gran Canaria. To get a first glimpse of what is awaiting for you in Gran Canaria, we have prepared all the information needed about the best Gran Canaria mountain bike route.

Pico de las Nieves, a complete bike route

This Gran Canaria mountain bike route is one in a million. This route begins with the surf of the Atlantic Ocean beneath our feet — nevertheless, the destination is located at 1951 metres above us. Let’s go up and up!

If you start this route early in the morning, be careful with the morning traffic— the path is edgy until you get to the open road to Fataga at 3 kilometres. The first test appears with the 7 kilometres to the Fataga outlook.

Then, from the car park, you will find a long fast descent with zigzags down to 200 metres and a climb all up past Fataga at 600 metres to the Pipeline car park at 850 metres, where you can see the second part of this route.

Now, you will have to face a 400 metres climb to Cruz Grande, a start down the Walk of Shame and up past Risco Blanco. At Cruz Grande you will have the chance to stop and rest as much as you need. But get ready, because now it comes the hardest part of the route — the section from Ayacata to Roque Nublo.

This part of the route is 3.5 kilometres with a high average of 11% and a maximum of 18% on one of the final corners. From Roque Nublo car park, there are exactly 9 kilometres and 400 metres to climb still. But at this point, you can already see your goal.



When there are 5 kilometres and 400 metres left, you will be up to arriving at Cruz Llanos. Stay always on the right side of the road independently of the roads appearing on your left. Once you reach the top of Pico de las Nieves, have a break and have some food and water in order to renew energies for the descent.

Once you start the descent, you have to go to the north towards San Mateo before making our way back up on a perfect stretch of road. Do you dare to live this Gran Canaria bike experience?

Gran Canaria Road Bike Routes

There are a lot of road bike rides, around 11 — but we have selected the best one in order to help you discovering this marvellous island. To get a first glimpse of what is awaiting for you in Gran Canaria, we have prepared all the information needed about the best Gran Canaria road bike route.

Santa Lucía — The perfect Sunday Bike Ride

There is a lot to expect from this route, and that is the reason why it is one of our favourites. We could say that it is a typical Sunday bike ride in Gran Canaria with everything included —climbs, descents, technical sections and a tail wind home!

This Gran Canaria bike route starts from the beginning on an 11 kilometres climb to 460m, another 17km to 951m —then, you will find a long descent with sharp climbs back up to 600 metres and finally, a gradual descent to sea and coast road back to the starting point.

We strongly recommend you to eat well before starting this ride, and definitely take water and some food with you, like small packets of dried fruit, energy bars and coke just in case of emergency. Let’s get started!



The first 11 kilometres climb includes the run out from the hotel. The climb begins in earnest when you look at your right after leaving the urban sprawl and you see a cemetery on the hill. Once again, the sun won’t be our ally. It will be very hot and you will feel rough and overheating all the way to the car park that you will find a little bit further.

At this point, you will have the chance to take on some food. Maybe you think it is too early to eat, but at this moment you will have been working for a long period of time and you still have to work even harder all the way to the top.

Now, you will find a great fast descent of 200 metres, but then you will have to climb again to Fataga and another 340 metres vertical with a rogue slope of 14% just before arriving to the village. Once you arrive to Fataga, you can take your time to enjoy the village, to rest and have a drink and something to eat. Whatever you wish!

After that, we continue the route, and it comes our favourite sprint climb — a short 4,25 kilometres with 350 metres to the Pipeline. Once you have reached the top, you just have to rest and enjoy the views. After that, it starts the long descent.

This Gran Canaria bike route is a great interval training and it gives you the chance to practice cycling even though you don’t have a lot of experience. Anyone, regardless of experience, can join this bike ride! Are you going to miss it?



If we have convinced you about the fact that enjoying Gran Canaria bike routes are possibly one of the best experiences of the world, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to find the perfect accommodation for your cycling holidays in Gran Canaria! If you have any doubt, we will be pleased to help you.

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