Winter Pride Gran Canaria 2018: A Party Made Just For You

Winter Pride Gran Canaria 2018 is about to start! This edition it’s going to be full of happy vibes, new activities and lots, lots of fun. This is the fifth edition of one of the most important gay festivals, which means the best artists on the island will be there all week. Go and find the best parties to forget about boredom and routine!




You know it is a great party when you lose track of time. And what time is it in Gran Canaria? My clock says it’s time for you to live one of the best experiences of your life.

Some people bear with the winter while other people see the cold season as a chance to run away from everything and live the most fun Maspalomas Pride. What are you going to do?

Winter Pride Gran Canaria: The Dates You Should Not Miss

Winter Pride Gran Canaria will be celebrated from November 5th to 11th, which makes this festival one of the few LGTB events organized during winter. How is this possible? Because of the incredible, warm temperature of the Canary Islands all year round.

Only a steady weather like this is what makes this event possible. Thanks to the sun and the ocean breeze, the island hosts one of the best gay parties in the middle of November.

Congratulations! You just found the best plan to enjoy Gran Canaria in November. J

Winter Pride Gran Canaria: Parties Day By Day

Here’s a tip: check the best parties of this Winter Pride Gran Canaria edition when you start planning your trip to the island. This way you can stop thinking about calendars and schedules the moment you get to your accommodation.




Monday, November 5th

This day lots of people will arrive to the island in order to join the celebrations from the very beginning. That’s the spirit!

In the morning, just take it easy: use that time to unpack, find out what to do in Maspalomas and take some rest before you go to Red Night Live, the opening party of Winter Pride.

At night, you will dance to DJ BeatHeaven hits, sing along to Michael Rice(known for his Crazy In Love performance when he was a contestant at All Together Now, a BBC show) and lose your mind to Charlie Healy, who will make sure your first night on the island gets funky enough.



Imagine you meet your soul mate when you just arrived to Gay Pride in Gran Canaria.

Or picture yourself living an amazing adventure and making it to the Gran Canaria news.

When it comes to Winter Pride, you never know what’s going to happen!

Tuesday, November 6th


  • Liquid Pool Party. You’ll feel that the first day of Winter Pride is Maspalomas goes by too fast, but don’t worry at all! Party is still going on.ProGay, the institution in charge of Gran Canaria gay scene, celebrates this pool party with fabulous gogo dancers that move their bodies all night long on their endless high heels.

This map shows the location of the Liquid Pool Party, which will start at 1pm and end at 7pm. Important notice! The party is not for free, you should buy your tickets before they are sold out!

  • Orange Night Live.Are you into talent shows? This is the party that puts Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, on the map.Acrobats, singers, magicians, ventriloquists… And a dance session with DJ Beatheaven. Got Talent in Maspalomas has it all. People can participate on their own or as a team. Probably the most exciting moment at Winter Pride Gran Canaria.




Wednesday, November 7th

On Wednesday night, gay Gran Canaria has a date at Yumbo Main Stage after meeting at the Boat Party, one of the most popular events during the last Winter Pride Gran Canaria edition.

Your ticket will allow you to drink all you want and to have fun in a banana ride with your friends.




Thursday, November 8th

Wet&White party will be celebrated between 1pm and 6.30 pm. While everyone in any other place of Europe is freezing, you’ll be partying at sunset! Here’s one more reason to fall in love with Maspalomas weather in November.

Gay Pride 2017 was awesome because of this pool party. The location is a chill out club (Beach Club Amadores) where you’ll be able to feel the last minutes of sun caressing your skin.

Friday, November 9th

This night you will have to be ready for Blue Night Live, one of the craziest parties of Gran Canaria Pride.

If you are a pop lover, you’ll have the time of your life, because you will be able to see Ultra Naté and Soraya Vivian. Who doesn’t love such important international artists?

And the event is for free!Seriously, what else can we ask for in Winter Pride Gran Canaria?

Saturday, November 10th

Ok, do you think you can spend five days binge-partying without taking some rest? Come on! Take a small break from your gay holidays in Gran Canaria and get some sleep for a few hours!

Once you recover some energy, you can discover Gran Canaria in November. Go to the beach or find the best spots for shopping on the island while you prepare yourself for another awesome night in Winter Pride Gran Canaria.

Purple Saturday Live is the night every 90s music fan will be waiting for. And who will perform there? Katherine Ellis and Tjindjara. You guessed it: This is the party you will talk about to your friends once you’re back home.

Sunday, November 11th

Let’s face it: it’s the last night of Winter Pride Gran Canaria. Yes, you haven’t bought your tickets yet and you’re already sad this great gay festival will be over. We get you!

But last day everyone pays a tribute to Gay Maspalomas. A parade is celebrated so everyone can remember that Winter Pride Gran Canaria is not only about fun and party: it’s about love and fighting for our rights.



Never forget: Your love is not harmful, their hate is!

What a moving way to say good bye!

Then, are you ready to join us at Winter Pride 2018? We’ll give you a few minutes to buy your tickets. After that, take as much time as you want to find your accommodation. Have you considered staying in a lovely villa? It’s the coziest option for couples and groups of friends.

Do you need anything? Give us a call and we’ll help you whenever you need!

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