The best flea markets in Gran Canaria

The street markets in Gran Canaria are one of the strong points of the island, as well as its natural landscapes and beaches. At its street markets, you can discover the customs, traditions and gastronomy of the Canary Islands.

In each of them, you’ll discover unique handicrafts and gastronomic products that you wouldn’t find so easily anywhere else. Gran Canaria stands out for its pleasant climate, which means that markets and flea markets are held all year round.


If you visit the island, you’ll be able to discover this festive atmosphere in the streets. Each of these markets has a different charm and personality


For this reason, we want you to discover the best street markets in Gran Canaria, from the most famous flea markets in the capital, through the north and its gastronomic markets, to some of the largest markets on the island located in the south of the island.

The 5 best street markets in Gran Canaria

If you’re looking for local, 100% handmade products to get to know the island's culture and customs better, and you’d also like to take home a souvenir of your stay for your family and friends, be sure to visit the flea markets of Gran Canaria.


Below, we’re going to show you which are the best flea markets in Gran Canaria. We’ve prepared a ranking of the 5 best ones that you can't miss during your visit to the island.


We hope you enjoy them!

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Flea Market

This is undoubtedly one of the best known and most popular flea markets on the island. It’s being held every Sunday in a privileged area of the city, in the vicinity of Santa Catalina Park. 

It’s the ideal market for all those people who want to find different products in the same place: here you can find utensils, handicrafts, food, household items, etc.

This flea market has approximately 400 stalls, making it the best way to enjoy a Sunday morning in the city.

Mercado de Teror

The main religious enclave of the island, where the patron saint of the island, the Virgen del Pino, is located. Here, you can discover one of the most beautiful street markets in Gran Canaria.

Every week, around the Basílica del Pino, you can stroll around dozens of stalls where you can't miss the traditional chorizo of Teror, its black puddingorange buns or the traditional egg and potato bread.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a wide variety of stalls where you can find different handmade products.

San Mateo Agricultural Market

Of all the markets in Gran Canaria, the Mercado agrícola de San Mateo is one of the most important in terms of gastronomy and local produce. It’s open every Saturday and Sunday and, apart from the market, you’ll also be able to enjoy wonderful views of the whole Vega de San Mateo.


In this market you can find a lot of local products, including local winescheeses and honey

Maspalomas flea market

In the south of the island we can find the mercadillo de Maspalomas. This street market, unlike the others, opens its stalls on weekdaysWednesdays and Saturdays.


It’s one of the largest in Gran Canaria, with almost 500 stalls, where you can find the most typical products of this part of the island. It also has stalls where you can buy local fruit and vegetables, cheeses, plants, decorative items and footwear.

Arguineguín street market

The most popular flea market on the whole island can be found in the marvellous surroundings of Arguineguín. The mercadillo municipal de Arguineguín is held every Tuesday and is located by the sea.

Here you can find all kinds of products, from leather goodslocal craftslocal produce such as fruit and vegetables, to clothessweets and costume jewellery.

What makes the Arguineguín flea market different from the others is that you can enjoy live music and different outdoor activities.

So much for our review of the best flea markets in Gran Canaria. If you want to enjoy a different experience, where you can learn more about the traditions and culture of the Canary Islands, don't hesitate to visit the flea and street markets that you can find all over the island.

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