Ayagaures: a mythic place

The Canary Islands are a place filled with magic. Since its settlement and subsequent conquest, there have always been some stories and legends about its ancient inhabitants. However, over the centuries, the islands have gained a touch of mystery with stories of witches or devils that have been passed down from generation to generation, as it’s the case of Ayagaures.


This place, as well as being surrounded by a special mythic aura, is also one of the most important natural spaces on the island of Gran Canaria. It has one of the richest and most varied reserves of pine trees on the islands, as well as being home to the oldest pine tree in the Canary Islands.


In the following lines, we’ll take a closer look at this natural space, the importance it has for the southern region of the island and, above all, its legend, which has grown more and more with the passing of the years.

Pilancoles Natural Park: living nature

The Ayagaures ravine is located in the Pilancones Natural Park, in the mountainous interior of the southern area, belonging to the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

It covers around 5,800 hectares, bordering the Roque Nublo to the north and the protected area of Fataga to the east, making it one of the largest landscapes on the island.


Ayagaures stands out mainly for one of its pine trees in particular, the Pino de Pilancones. It’s a species of Pinus Canaiensis that is more than 500 years old and is catalogued as one of the most unique pine trees in the whole of Spain.

Research carried out between 2007 and 2009 by the Polytechnic University of Madrid provided important data, such as the time of germination, which occurred during the winter of 1457-1458.

The Ayagaures ravine is also a magnificent place for hiking. It has some of the most significant routes with the best views on the entire island

You can enjoy a pleasant day of trekking, either in the surrounding area, leaving the village of Tunte and arriving there again in a circular route, or for the more daring and adventurous, you can go deep into Ayagaures, walk inch by inch along its paths and end up at the wonderful Maspalomas lighthouse.


If you’re going to do some of these routes, our recommendation is that you wear comfortable clothes, enough to walk for a couple of hours, suitable footwear, if possible hiking bootswater and food, and that you always go in company.

Likewise, the route isn’t excessively technical. There may be some technical sections, but in general it’s quite walkable, so this ravine in Ayagaures is ideal to enjoy with family or friends.

ayagaures gran canaria

Ayagaures ravine: myth and legend 

This natural space, not only stands out for its natural beauty, but also hides a spooky history that has a touch of myth and legend.


It’s the legend of the devil's house (in Spanish casa del diablo). Located in a ravine next to Ayaguares, the Barranco de la Paloma, this story was born and is still passed down among the locals.

Legend has it that, many, many years ago, a wealthy farmer from San Mateo, built a house in the bed of the ravine, lonely, distant and with sad touches. To do so, he took with him some bricklayers who never ended up agreeing on how to build it.


One day, on a cold, grey afternoon, a somewhat thin man appeared at the door of his house, wearing a black hat and all-black clothes.


This dark character proposed to finish his house in one day. The peasant agreed, with the only catch being that he had no money to pay him. The good man built it in a day, but the last stone was missing to finish it, and the peasant didn’t pay the sinister man, so he went away and never finished the house.

Since then, every night, near the house, the sound of hammers, people running around and voices can be heard. People who have approached the house say that when they do, they walk faster to get away from it and feel as if the tranquillity and peace had been taken away from them until they pass by.


So much for our article dedicated to one of the most legendary and beautiful places on the island. You’ve seen that it’s a unique natural area, with a huge pine reserve that boasts the longest-lived pine tree in Spain, all crowned with hiking trails that’ll allow you to discover the area's beauty.

In short, we hope that this post has helped you to get to know Ayaguares a little better, and if you feel like venturing into the mystery of the House of the Devil, don't hesitate to walk along its path and remember, walk faster when you pass in front of it.

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