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Bungalows in Sonnenland & Monte Leon

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Why rent a Bungalow in Sonnenland and Monte Leon?

The area of Monte León and Sonnenland is one of the most popular areas in the south of the island of Gran Canaria. It's exactly 57 km from the island's capital Las Palmas and 32 km from the airport.


Sonnenland is a perfect place to disconnect and enjoy the opportunities it offers with your family, your partner and even with friends.


In VillaGranCanaria we offer you a wide range of Bungalows adapted to each of your needs, so that you can live unique experiences with us.


Come and enjoy your holidays!


Advantages of renting a bungalow

Staying in a bungalow offers numerous advantages, like the following:


  • Privacy: By renting a bungalow you can enjoy a private and exclusive space for you and your group of friends or family. The bungalows are separated from each other for more privacy and exclusivity.
  • Space: Bungalows are usually spacious and have a small terrace and garden, unlike a conventional hotel room.
  • Comfort: Many bungalows come equipped with amenities such as a full kitchen, private bathroom, and living area. This can be especially useful if you want to have a longer stay and need a kitchen to cook your own meals.
  • Flexibility: Renting a bungalow gives you the flexibility to plan your own schedule, rather than following the hotel's schedule and rules. You can wake up and sleep at your own pace, cook your own meals whenever you want and have the space to relax and enjoy your holiday in your own way.
  • Open air: a bungalow is, in its essence, a small house with a swimming pool, garden and terrace so you can enjoy your holiday to the full.


Do you prefer another type of accommodation?

In VillaGranCanaria we adapt to any type of customer, so we offer you all the necessary options to spend a unique and unforgettable holiday, if you prefer another option than a bungalow, you can find your ideal holiday accommodation near Sonnenland and Monte León.