5 best brunches in Las Palmas

brunch las palmas

For some years now, the custom of having “brunch” has become fashionable in Spain, especially on weekends as a way of relaxing and enjoying oneself. Brunch in Las Palmas has also become a good excuse to get together with friends and family.

However, this American fashion has slowly begun to make inroads into the Canarian gastronomic scene. It seems that the idea of getting together on Saturdays and Sundays with family or friends to have a “late breakfast” is beginning to take hold within Canarian society.

This is why many restaurants in the city have seen a boom in this area. They have begun to introduce “brunch” menus and open their establishments in the morning to offer this service. Other restaurants have emerged with the idea of brunch as their main attraction.

With this article we want you to see what this trend is, which has emerged into Canarian society and promotes a new way of looking at gastronomy and social relations.

Top 5 places to have brunch in Las Palmas

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is a city with a very wide gastronomic offer. Throughout the city you will find restaurants of all types of food: traditional Canarian, Japanese, Chinese, fusion cuisine, gastrobar, etc.

However, in recent years new establishments have appeared and offer brunches in Las Palmas. These restaurants are located in the most touristic areas of the city or emblematic areas such as Vegueta or the Port area.

Below, we will show you the 5 best places where you can enjoy good brunches in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, enjoying the city and the company of friends and family.

brunch las palmas de gran canaria

1. Mr. Kale

Mr. Kale it’s an icon of healthy eating in the capital. It is a restaurant that offers lunch and dinner, always under the same premise, healthy food. In recent years, Mr. Kale has joined the brunch trend and every Saturday and Sunday offers a menu made with very careful recipes, highlighting the toast or Benedictine eggs, where the protagonists are seasonal and kilometer 0 products.

Mr. Kale currently has two establishments, one at Calle Cano 35 and the other at Calle Ruiz de Alda 28.

2. Petit Café

Another establishment that has gained fame in recent years. Petit Café is a small but very cosy place, dedicated mainly to the afternoon snacks and breakfasts with a quite showy menu where the toasts with local products are everywhere.

You can enjoy brunch in Las Palmas every day of the week. They have a single menu, which is the “full brunch” to share with bread with tomato, scrambled eggs, croissants or cakes.

Petit Café is located at Calle Tomás Morales 11.

3. ZOE loves

ZOE loves is an establishment that is located in a street with history, Domingo J. Navarro. It is a cozy corner, with a retro decoration that attracts a lot of attention with a purely vegetarian menu.

Apart from this menu, you can find a quite complete and varied brunch: mini sandwiches, French toast, hummus or fresh cheese. Natural juices and coffees such as affogaro and cappuccino also stand out.

Zoe loves is located at Calle Domingo J. Navarro 35.

4. Dara Feeling Food

Dara Feeling Food is a place that surprises the visitor with its wooden decoration, elements that hang like lamps placed at different heights and plants. Every Saturday, from noon, the food service begins where brunch is also available.

The brunch has dishes like falafel, yoghurt with guarapo, black pork burger and Una cheese (Lanzarote cheese) or its frying pan of varied vegetables. Unlike the other establishments, here they serve the most convincing brunch dishes of Las Palmas and they will surely not leave you hungry for lunch.

Dara Feeling Food is located at Calle Travieso 29.

5. Casa Suecia

Casa Suecia is one of the most emblematic places in the whole city. Since the 60s it has been serving breakfast and snacks with a characteristic touch, its Swedish sweets.

In addition, you can enjoy a good brunch any day of the week until 13:00. The brunch menu includes toast, cheese, ham, eggs, jam, coffee, orange juice and candy. You can also find other dishes such as toast with salmon or scrambled eggs with bacon and beans.

Casa Suecia is located at Calle Tomás Miller 70.

brunch gran canaria

Brunch, a new way of socializing

In recent times in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we have witnessed the emerging of a new concept of food, the brunch imported mainly from the American culture to Europe.

However, it is a concept that goes beyond the purely gastronomic, is a new way to socialize, both with our friends, co-workers or family. It has become an excellent excuse to get together, Saturday or Sunday, escape from the routine of the week, relax, eat something different, sometimes healthier than what we eat during the week and socialize.

For this reason, the concept of brunch has been gradually installed in our society and with it the proliferation of new establishments dedicated to it and restaurants that adapt their menu to serve a good brunch.

In short, brunch in Las Palmas is gradually consolidating as one more gastronomic offer in the city, proposing new forms of socialization and leisure.