What is special for Canarian food? The 14 gastronomical secrets

It is true that when we travel on vacation we want to eat typical things of the city we are visiting. This happens when you visit the Spanish islands, in this case the Canary Islands. Canarian food in not only characterized by mojo picon and “papas arrugás”, but much more since its gastronomy is richer. Here we tell you some of its most typical dishes.

The Top ten Canarian Foods That Everybody Should Try


Papas arrugás: The most special Canarian food

Canarian food is one of the most different gastronomies at national level thanks to its uniqueness and ingredients peculiarity that makes it distinct from the rest of the Spanish typical tapas. The variety of local products has given place to diverse and singular dishes. Papas arrugas is the most well-known Canarian food. This dish consists of small boiled potatoes with salt and lemon. It is usually accompanied with the also typical mojo picon or different sauces.




Mojo picon: the best sauce to accompany Canarian food.

Different colors, red, green… the one you prefer; all of them have the exotic flavor from Canarias. The most famous sauce and Canrian food is mojo picon, a typical, usually spicy, sauce to serve with potatoes, meat and fish. It has as many different colors as ingredients, the common ones are red, or green, or yellow, or chili peppers, bread, garlic, cumin, salt, olive oil, vinegar, and any other ingredient you want to add to give it your own touch. A mystery of Canarian gastronomy you have to try while you are visiting the islands.

Gofio, do not forget to try it

What it used to be a rural product has become an urban and demanded gastronomical essential. This cereal was already used by the pre-Columbian people in the archipelago; Gofio is much more than just sweet toasted corn flour. This Canarian food provides nutrients and energy thanks to carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and calcium. Many sport-people has integrated this beneficial product in their diets. Besides, it can be consumed by celiac as well as lactose-intolerant people. It can also be found in pella, biscuits and cakes.

Sancocho canario. A complete delicacy within the Canarian food

Sancocho canario is the most traditional dishes from the islands; it is that this casserole has been in the Canarian gastronomy since 19th century. Canarian families include always sancocho cherne in their Easter gastronomy, although you can taste it at any time during your visit to Gran Canarias. It is also accompanied with red mojo and pella of gofio. This Canarian food is prepared with salty fish and potatoes. It can include exotic sweet ripe plantains. In Gran Canaria there are almost five different types of Canarian Sancocho depending on the fish and the sauces.


a tasty meal with sanchoco a special canarian fish


Ropa vieja: Innovative Canarian food

A delicious dish also known in the peninsula, and typical Canarian gastronomy nonetheless. The distinct and exotic flavor of the ropa vieja in archipelago is the entity of the ingredients. This elaborated dish has spread through the seven Canarias islands and Latin American areas.  It consists of chickpea, chicken and beef meat, pepper, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, white wine, laurel, thyme and cloves. An excellent and complete guise you should try along your visit to Gran Canaria.

Carne de Cabra: Tasty meat from the Canary Islands.

Carne de Cabra, translated as goat meat, is a Canarian food with strong flavors with South American influence due to the natural foodstuff and condiments. It is appreciated in the Canarian culture and tradition, mainly in the island with livestock has had a great relevance. This consistent dish includes Goat meat, of course, onion, olive oil, carrots, red pepper, olives, nuts, red wine, salt, thyme and cumin in its preparation. Known as the canarian treasure, this dish is, with its low fat level, one of the juiciest meats you definetely should not miss.

Pata asada: a Canarian delicacy

This exquisite Canarian food comes from the habit of marinating the meat in salt in order to maintain it during long periods of time. After time, it has become a usual meal in the archipelago gastronomy. In Gran Canaria, the roasted pork leg is one of the most famous dishes among the local people. It is elaborated with a boneless pork leg, garlic, salt, black pepper, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and chili pepper. The spices provide a tasty savor that brings you to the most tropical and exotic side of the Canary Islands.




Squid and octopus: delights of the sea inside the Canarian food.

Seafood is obviously one of the major pleasures in the Canary Islands, bearing in mind that the archipelago is in the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by amazing sea with huge biodiversity.  Therefore, the fishing tradition is a key of the Canarian economy, what is reflected in its gastronomy art. Squid and Octopus are prepared in many different ways, all of them deliciously tasty. They are often cooked with a marine guise with onion or pepper. A Spanish cuisine temptation!

Almogrote: great Canarian specialty

It is a delicatessen of the Canaria Islands. It is an identity sign of La Gomera Island that can be found in the entire archipelago too. This Canarian food is prepared with cheese, garlic, pepper, olive oil, and tomato mixed; it may have some slightly added variations. This Canarian pate is can be spread through potatoes or bread, used for appetizers. A fine and thick paste to be combined with wine that all tourists should try.

Typical desserts of Canarian gastronomy


Bienmesabe: another way of eating fish in the Canary Islands

Since the English translation of its name is it-tastes-good-to-me, it has to be really good. And definitely it is. An easy-making and delicious sweet dish, which is prepared with ground almonds, sugar, lemon, eggs, and ground cinnamon, you should taste. It can be accompanied with ice-cream or cake. An appetizing dessert thought to have Arabic origins and reach Canarian food because of its proximity to Arabic traditions.

Tropical fruit: exotic touch within Canarian food

A fresh bite in the exotic and tropical islands after a succulent traditional dish. Seasonal fruits to refresh in the warm days in the archipelago are perfect to enjoy under the breezy atmosphere. It includes different tropical fruits such as pineapple, papaya, banana, mango, watermelon, soursop, dragon fruit, passion fruit, macadamia, star fruit, custard apple and an infinite different variety of exotic and juicy fruits. These are added mint, yogurt, honey, and cream. You would taste a sweet and incredible explosion of fruit flavors.

Miel de Palma: the best ally for your desserts

This is refreshing syrup with an intense flavor, which used to be as medicine against flus. Nowadays, it is a popular ingredient in many of the islands plates. It is the result of the palm tree leave boiling. Besides, the elaboration of this product is a sustainable and harmless process. The sap, also known as guarapo has extraordinary benefits in diets. It is considered the queen of the Canarian food not only used in pastry-making, but by the most exquisite dishes.




Typical drink of Canarian gastronomy


Wines with designation: the best companion for your Canarian food

Spanish wines are widely known for being outstanding and the excellent companion to meals; Canarian wineries are at the highest level of wines, coming back to the traditional elder vines. Due to the geographical conditions, Canary Islands provide a suitable environment, despite of the potential volcanic activity and windy terrain. Winemakers are investing in the excellence of white grapes in the production to gift the most dry and acid white wines as well as fresh reds and sweet rosés.

Ron miel: the drink that sweetens after a good Canarian meal

The Canary Islands are rooted to the sugar cane tradition and this is not an exception in the liquor production and consumption. The Canarian Rum is internationally recognized for its distillation. You can take pleasure with this specialty in your vacations while enjoying the Canarian mood.

Do you want to try Canarian food? Here we give you some of the typical dishes within the Canarian gastronomy that will make you spend a most appetizing vacation. If you accompany the sun and the beach with some good meals, you will undoubtedly repeat your experience in our islands.



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