All you need to know about the Canary Islands Tourism


Making Canary Island tourism you will get to enjoy one of the most famous and rich nature spaces you will see.

In Villa Gran Canaria always want to give you excuses to come here and know it. The weather in Gran Canaria is not the only one.

6 tips for your first-timer trip to Canary Islands tourism

The Canary Islands can be visited all the year and they are considered the best Spanish islands where to go. Here you have a few bits of advice to take care if you are thinking to choose the Canary Island destination.

Capital Canary Islands tourism


In general, all the Canary Islands are capitals of this wonderful tourism space. Every enclave has beaches, sun, unique plants and animals and delicious food. Canary Islands’ climate is soft and quite warm all the year and, both summer and winter, it’s a good election to holidays.


Spanish is the official language here. Even, at the hotels and the travel services offer English, French and German languages by the way. Holidays in the Canary Islands is allowed for everybody.

Tips after eating

Wherever in the Canary Islands, you go, and in the rest of the world, there are minimum taxes. In the restaurants, when you pay, the minimum tips are 10% of the bill. In the rest of the services is the same and it’s a good way to show your polite manners.

Holidays during all the year

How we said before, the Canary Islands has a steady weather. They are a year-round resort. Any time of year, tourists can buy flights to the Canary Islands and have a break for the weekend of planned vacations.

Nature Area: a great reason for Canary Islands tourism

Not only for people who are looking for relax and good weather. The best part of Canary Islands is the natural parks where endemic species of animals and plants enjoy an exclusive ground.

Public transport

Transport for Canary Islands tourism to move through the aisle are wide: you will be able to rent a car or motorbike, or maybe take a bus from a lot of points surrounding the Canary Islands.

Series and movies shot in the Canary Islands

The best place to shoot a famous movie or series is in Canary island. American and European productions choose these archipelagos to get great images and photos of them. Fans are welcome to the cinematographic world and walk on the scenery of their favorite movies and series.


  • Moby Dick (1956)
  • One Million Years B.C. (1966)
  • Clash of the Titans (2010) and Wrath of the Titans (2012)
  • Fast and Furious 6 (2013)
  • Jason Bourne (2016)



  • Doctor Who (1963 – Currently, BBC)
  • Black Mirror (2011 – 2017, Netflix)
  • Sun Trap (2015, BBC)

Why do famous people choose the Canary Islands?

It’s not a surprise that the most famous people you see in the summer covering the magazines choose Canary Islands tourism. Perhaps, they visit Tenerife islands or La Palma Canary Islands.

Have a look at this list about the thing to do in the Canary Islands:

Canary Islands tourism. 6 best places to visit


  • Teide Natural Park (Tenerife). A UNESCO World Heritage site. The opportunity to enjoy Tenerife’s weather. With 19 kilometers in diameter and inside a volcano’s crater, the walls rise 457 meters above the crater floor. This place offers a guided tour which lets you know the history and origins of this ancient nature place.

You can take the Teleférico cable car up Teide’s cone. As soon as you arrive at the top, you will experiment with the high feeling and a view so irresistible. This destination is perfect for a cheap holiday to Canary Islands tourism.

  • Timanfaya national park (Lanzarote). Volcanos are the main protagonists of Canary Islands tourism. Specifically, as the origin of the archipelagos.  In Lanzarote, one of the best Canary Islands for couples, it’s Timanfaya national park.

Between 1730 and 1736, a series of eruptions took the park and formed a dramatic volcanic landscape. It’s another UNESCO world heritage place. However, inside the park, there are sand dunes and sea caves among others.


  • Loro Park (Tenerife). Tenerife is also the nicest part of the Canary Islands. But, in case, you are coming to see the other side of Canary Islands tourism, we recommend you a zoo. This one has one of the world’s largest collections of parrots, dolphins, SeaWorld and gorillas and penguins you will imagine.

A last-minute holiday to the Canary Islands for families and group of friends.

  • Cueva de Los Verdes (Lanzarote). 7 kilometers long volcanic tube under the ground. The old lava covers this labyrinthic tunnels into the ocean. Guided tours will show you the elderly formations and large chambers as high as nine to twelve meters.

The stones are cover by iron oxide and calcium carbonate.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here it’s reunited a great number of international artists. In the Museum of Fine Arts, you will discover words by Flemish, Canarian and Spanish painters. The history is told there and how it was built.

If you want to go shopping, it’s a perfect place to find local crafts to get souvenirs. Even, if you are lucky, the carnival is celebrated here every year.


  • Parque Nacional de Garajonay (La Gomera). If you will learn from Canary Islands tourism is the quantity of UNESCO World Heritage sites. The third is this one, a dense and green laurel forest where plants and animals have their home.

Canary Islands tourism. 6 sports to do

  • Rope jumping. Are you looking for adrenaline? Get the best experience of the year, falling volcanic cliffs and precipices in a secure way and join by professional. Minimum a free fall of 80 meters.


  • Climbing. The different surfaces and grounds over the Canary Islands get the chance to climb terrain and rocks. Contrast and iconic views are amazing companions while you get to the top.
  • Cycling. The landscape you will run with this sport is unreliable. Perfect exercises for who is loving fresh air and fast way to discover the islands.
  • Trail running. Check out your limits against the ground and rocks. There are many circuits where you will cross the landscape, forests, beaches, dunes, etc.
  • Paragliding. You will get a full view of the volcanos and landscapes. More than that, the relax and concentration are together here. The seven islands show you mountainsides, ravines and peaks.
  • Mountain bike. Try the circuits through the volcanic terrain and natural scenery. You only need concentration and energy enough to get the success.

Canary Islands tourism. 5 products you shouldn’t miss


  • Goat cheese.
  • Palm honey.
  • Malvasía wine.
  • Canarian rum.
  • Heirloom potatoes.

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