How to eat cheap in Gran Canaria

Canarian gastronomy is one of the most sought after and coveted by tourists, as it’s made up of traditional dishes from the Canary archipelago and constitutes an important element of the cultural identity of the Canarian people.


Known internationally, people come eager to taste the delicacies of the archipelago, from its famous papas arrugadas con mojo picón, to its gofio escaldado, to its typical sweet "bienmesabe", composed of a mixture of honey, egg yolk and ground almonds, although it can vary according to the customs of the different parts of the region.


The 7 best cheapest restaurants to eat in Gran Canaria

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 7 best cheap restaurants to eat in Gran Canaria:


1. El Bodegón Pachichi

Located in the island's capital, this restaurant is popular with customers for its wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, but without a doubt, the best dish on the premises is the chorizo “al infierno”, served, literally, in flames.



2. Grill La Pasadilla Restaurant

wagyu meat

The Grill La Pasadilla, located in the village of the same name, is one of the restaurants where you can feel the Canary Islands in its historical essence. Its tidy atmosphere and the smell of firewood and meat whets anyone's appetite.


Here you can taste its Wagyu meats, its apple croquettes, its sheep's cheese with Serrano ham and palm honey and its outstanding dessert, Indian tuno mousse with yoghurt.



3. Bochinche Asador Ca' Tita

The Canary Islands are known for the bochinches and guachinches, which are places of typical food and in humble places, that’s why Ca' Tita, located in the municipality of Telde, is very well known; abundant and quality food is what this place offers.


In addition, all the people who’ve visited the place, emphasize their return to the grill.



4. Beach Bar El Boya

fried octopus

Well known by the inhabitants of the island, El Boya is a beach bar with terrace, located in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. This well-known beach bar is located next to the beach El Pajar and offers food with fresh local products, from typical paellaspapas arrugadasgofio escaldado to fried octopus and fish.



5. Restaurant Pizzería Venecia


In the coastal area of Telde, at the foot of the promenade of Melenara beach, the restaurant Pizzeria Venecia offers a variety of dishes and specialties of the house. Its famous warm salad and a good gofio escaldado are two of the most popular dishes of the place. We recommend you to try it yourself.



6. Restaurant El Centro Guayadeque

From the famous Guayadeque ravine, the restaurant has a gastronomic offer of more than 50 dishes with high quality food. It’s located inside the caves of the ancient aborigines of the island, offering a unique experience. It’s one of the most special restaurants in the area. 



7. El Churrasco Meloneras grill restaurant


To eat here, you have to go south, to Meloneras to be precise. El Churrasco offers meats grilled over organic marabou charcoal. It stands out with dishes such as provolone cheese, empanadas criollas, potatoes and red peppers, etc.


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