Best beaches in the north of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is characterized by having the best beaches in the entire Canary Islands and part of Spain. When we talk about its beaches, the most recognized ones always come to mind: Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas or Meloneras. But, the truth is that there is life beyond them, such as the wonderful and wild beaches of the north of Gran Canaria.


The north of the island, as far as beaches are concerned, is the great unknown. Far from the media focus of tourism and overcrowding, you can find wonderful coves, black sand beaches or, as we say for the islands, natural pools that are yet to be discovered.


However, most of these beaches are quite hidden. Others, on the contrary, have a rather complicated access, but as you will see, it will be worth the little adventure you will embark on to discover these beautiful enclaves.


Today we want to invite you to take a tour of the wonderful north of the island of Gran Canaria. We propose a trip away from all the hustle and bustle of the most touristy areas, where you will be able to find tranquility and be in full contact with nature.

The best 7 beaches in the north coast of Gran Canaria 

The north of Gran Canaria has a totally wild and rugged landscape. Its coast is wound by majestic cliffs that stop the fury of the Atlantic Sea, a sea that thanks to its thrust has been forging small beaches and coves.


Next, we want to offer you what, in our opinion, are the7 best beaches in the north of Gran Canaria. You will be able to find black sand beaches, coves, cliffs or charming pools.

1. El Puertillo and Los Charcones

We start with a classic in terms of northern beaches . El Puertillo is located in the Bañaderos neighborhood, in the municipality of Arucas, just 10 minutes from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Its beach is 350 meters long and 20 meters wide. Its area natural pools are ideal to spend a day with the family. Its waters are normally calm thanks to the black rock arm that protects the beach.

2. San Felipe

Beach that is located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía. Surely you will hate talking about it, since it is one of the most famous beaches for surfers.


It has a sandy beach of about 300 meters, which also has a small area of ​​stones, makes it an excellent option.


But, if you have that adventurous spirit, you can continue beyond the sandy beach and discover the wonderful mini coves that the area offers, ideal for lovers of fishing.

3. El Juncal

An authentic wonder of nature that is located in the middle of the municipalities of Galdar and Agaete.


It is one of the beaches in the north of Gran Canaria that has pebbles and stones of a medium size that occupy the mouth of the Barranco del Juncal. It is a totally wild place that, to access it, gives us a walk where you can enjoy the landscape and its cliffs.


It is also an ideal place to contemplate one of the best sunsets the island has to offer, in addition to snorkeling. thanks to the beauty of its seabed.

4. Guayedra

A true myth of the beaches, not only in the north, but throughout Gran Canaria. It is located a few kilometers from the municipality of Agaete and until not many years ago it was a true unknown.


The Guayedra valley is located at the foot of the majestic and imposing stone mass of Tamadaba, offering wonderful views. The beach has an area of ​​about 200 meters in length, alternating sand with pebbles.

5. Sardina del Norte

One of the most emblematic beaches in the north of the island. Located in the municipality of Galdar, its access is by vehicle and it is quite comfortable.


Upon arrival, you will discover a small one of the few beaches in the north of Gran Canaria with blond sand, about 100 meters long. On the sides, there are small pools and coves, such as the Martorel cove, little-traveled and very quiet, great for snorkelling or diving in the area.

6. La Furnia

Of all the beaches we have named, undoubtedly La Furnia is the great unknown. It is a natural pool at the foot of a cliff, crowned by small houses that give it a very particular touch.


Its access is through the road that connects the Hole with another beach in the area, Dos Roques. You can arrive with your car, park it in the area and go down some stairs, with beautiful views of the Galdar mountain that flows into the natural pool.

7. Caleta de Arriba

We finish our tour of the north coast of Gran Canaria and we do it with a place that combines the action of man with the landscape to shape one of the most curious and photogenic beaches there is.


Caleta de Arriba is located in the municipality of Santa María de Guía. Surrounded by fishermen's houses that form a bay with unparalleled charm, offering a shelter on a coastline burned by the action of the sea.


The result is the formation of a small stone cove, surrounded, as we have said, by white houses. A few meters from these houses, is one of the most famous and important necropolis of the archipelago, La Guancha. 

Gran Canaria north coast - home of unique beaches beaches 

Putting the focus on all these beaches means doing it in the north of the island as well. It is not as well known from the point of view of tourists, as if it is the south and the truth is that it holds wonders of nature that must be visited.


If you are on the island of Gran Canaria spending your vacation days, do not hesitate to visit these beaches in the north of Gran Canaria, you will fall in love with their wild landscapes and the tranquility that you will enjoy in them.

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