Gran Canaria North or South? Differences between both areas of the island

Welcome back to our blog! Today at Villa Gran Canaria, we invite you to discover the contrasting aspects of this beautiful Atlantic island. The question now is: which is the best area in Gran Canaria, the north or the south? Which are the differences between these two areas?

Before discovering those differences by yourself, we want to tell you the contrast between the seascapes and subtropical landscapes of Gran Canaria North and South. Visit us and enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to this dual location holiday.

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Discover the contrasts of Gran Canaria North and South

weather difference

Now, we are going to explain some of the contrasts between Gran Canaria North and South. Elements like the weather, the coast, the live in the main cities… off we go!

Weather difference between Gran Canaria north and south

There is a significant weather difference between Gran Canaria north and south. The prevailing wind is from the North East, so often rain heavy clouds will empty on the North of the island while the southern tip stays bathed in sunshine.
The North of the island is a few degrees cooler than the South. Hence, we could say that in terms of weather, the South wins. 

Gran Canaria’s North Coast and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria— the lively capital of Gran Canaria — is benefited from a great location in the island. If you decide to stay there, we strongly recommend you to stay near the main shopping area and Las Canteras beach.

el confital

We encourage you to experience the distinctive Spanish ambience of the city. You will have the chance to enjoy a wide range of restaurants and bars and taste some delicious Canarian food, apart from discovering its fascinating history and culture while you take a stroll down its streets.

This way you will discover Vegueta, the old walled quarter which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legend has it that Christopher Columbus stayed there purportedly. Furthermore, Vegueta has a great number of magnificent buildings. Among them, you will find the 17th-century Palacio Regental.

Elsewhere in Las Palmas, there are two stunning bays full of plenty amazingly beautiful beaches, such as Playa de las Canteras and Playa de las Alcaravaneras. These two — among many others — are the perfect spot in order to soak up the warm sunshine (but remember to use sun cream). Moreover, you will find El Confital in the north east side of the island, which is one of the best surf spots in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria’s South Coast — Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas


Gran Canaria is the third largest island of the Canaries and it has many many attractions to tempt the tourist — from its endless sandy beaches and its rolling dunes, to its lush mountain landscapes or its marvellous climate the whole year around.

The South of Gran Canaria is renowned for its dark sandy beaches and its tropical sunshine. On the one hand, we find Playa del Ingles, which is the largest resort located at the south of Gran Canaria, and it is completely amazing. It has superb duty-free shopping and it probably is the most touristic and gay-friendly spot in the whole island.

On the other hand, we find Maspalomas. It is famed for its stunning sand dunes which will make you feel as if you were in the Sahara dessert. It creates an unexpected contrast to this mountainous island and that is amazing!

Then, what do you choose — Gran Canaria north or south? We have to admit that we cannot make a decision, because we love absolutely every corner of this amazing island. Hence, we strongly recommend you to visit and explore both Gran Canaria north and south!

We hope that you have enjoyed this post about the contrasts between Gran Canaria north and south and that we have helped you making a decision. Moreover, remember that you can contact us anytime if you have any doubt or you need more information about our wonderful villas. Don’t hesitate it, one way or another, Gran Canaria is the perfect holidays spot!
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