Shopping in Gran Canaria: The key spots you must go to

Gran Canaria is not all about thewonderful beaches and the incredible sightseeing. For ‘fashion victims’,shopping in Gran Canaria is another task to complete before going back home.

Either you are a fan ofshopping centers or small local stores, we suggest you check out the key places for a fantastic session ofshopping in Gran Canaria before you come to the island.

Duty-Free Gran Canaria: Best Deals Wait For You At The Airport

Gran Canaria airport shops hidethe best deals on the island. Have you been asked by a friend to bring tobacco as a souvenir? It’s not as weird as you think. The Canary Islands are an incredibleEuropean Union tax-free paradise for shoppers.

Duty-free allows you tobuy tobacco with up to a 40% discount. Cost of cigarettes in Gran Canaria seems unbelievable, but they are totally real.

Similar deals are available on other expensive products likealcohol, perfumes and gourmet products.This is, by far, the favorite way for tourists forshopping in Gran Canaria.
Gran Canaria duty-free prices can be tempting, but be aware of the amount of products you buy. You can only fly with a maximum of 200 cigarettes acquired in the Canary Islands.

Shopping Centres In Gran Canaria


Maspalomas Shopping Centres

Maspalomas is a beautiful town that has more than one shopping location. It’sa great place to stay if you enjoysunbathing in the morning and shopping in the afternoon. These are some of the best spots forshopping in Gran Canaria:

  • El Tablero. A new shopping center, next to the motorway GC-1. You can find fashion stores such as Zara, Timberland and Punto Roma.

  • Varadero. There are shops of every kind, like clothing, electronic products, and home decoration.

  • Boulevard El Faro. Beautiful shopping center for high-end brands lovers: Ralph Lauren, Armani, Lacoste, Hugo Boss…

Las Arenas Gran Canaria Shopping Centre

Gran Canaria shopping has one of its hot spots in Las Arenas. It’s one of thebiggest indoors centers on the island, so it’s definitely the place you have to go if you are looking for a shopping center in Las Palmas.

Which fashion stores will you find if you go shopping in Las Palmas?

  • Zara

  • Mango

  • H&M

  • Salsa

  • Pull&Bear

  • Stradivarius

  • And many more!

Puerto Rico Gran Canaria Shopping Centre

Puerto Rico Shopping Centre is a very special spot.Shopping in Gran Canaria wouldn’t be the same without paying a visit to thistourist-oriented store collection.

Did you know you can mix shopping and Gran Canaria nightlife? This shopping center also hasdiscos, clubs, and restaurants on the top floor.

Shopping Centres In Playa del Inglés

You can find an interesting selection of shops in Playa del Inglés. To be honest, you won’t find the most luxurious stores, but you can benefit from the low prices.

  • Kasbah Shopping Centre. There aren’t many shops, but it has bars, restaurants and an outdoors dancefloor with live music.

  • Yumbo. Shops, restaurants and another convenient place for nightlife in Gran Canaria. There is a gay disco that remains open until 7.00.

  • Cita. The biggest place for Playa del Inglés shopping. You can buy jewelry, clothing and electronic goods.

Shopping in Gran Canaria: Open Air Shopping Areas


Why choosing between visiting new places andshopping in Gran Canaria? Go to an outdoor shopping area and you will enjoy both things.

  • Meloneras. Start at the lighthouse and then walk the street to find high-end stores and a big amount of cafés, bars, and restaurants.
    Here you won’t find the typical souvenirs, but you will likely run intooriginal and surprising gifts for your family and friends.

  • Calle Mayor de Triana. Triana is an old, charming district with an important store selection. From fabric stores to franchise outlets, Triana is the place to be if you search bringing home a different souvenir from a Canary shop.
    You will love going in and out of the stores while looking atthose gorgeous Modernist facades. As you see, there are many reasons why Triana is one of the top shopping locations in Spain.

It’scompletely pedestrianized, so you can forget about cars and focus only on finding the nicest pieces of clothing.

  • Avenida José Mesa y López. An impressive shopping avenue that is located near Calle Mayor.
    This busy street is the home ofEl Corte Inglés, the biggest department store chain in the country (exactly like Harrods in the United Kingdom).
    Shopping in Gran Canaria can be exhausting sometimes. If you’re ‘hunting’ in Mesa y López,take a break in one of the lovely cafes at Plaza de España.

  • Las Canteras Shopping Promenade. Shopping near the sea? This spot is parallel to the largest beach in Las Palmas, so this is a perfectly valid option. Enjoy the ocean breeze during yourshopping in Gran Canaria!

Shopping in Gran Canaria: Local Stores and Markets

Some people refuse to goshopping in Gran Canaria because they don’t want to find the same products they buy at home. Luckily, you canspend your money on different thingsand take home something that it’s worth it.

Zara Gran Canaria

Zara is amust-go shop for fashion victims all other the world. Of course, this modern Spanish clothing brand can be found in more than one spot in Gran Canaria:

  • Las Arenas Shopping Centre

  • Avenida José Mesa y López, 15

  • Calle Triana, 31

  • El Tablero Shopping Centre

  • Atlántico Shopping Centre

  • El Mirador Shopping Centre


Free Motion Gran Canaria

Free Motion isthe bike store tourists love the most.Shopping in Gran Canaria won’t be complete for sporty people until they visit this shop.

Maybe you can’t afford to take a new bicycle with you by plane, but that doesn’t mean you can’tbring home some cool accessories for your bike.

Craft shops

Are you into handmade gifts? Say goodbye to the industrial souvenirs andget something made with love by a local.The best stores are in Las Palmas: Tienda de Artesanía Tradicional, La Sala (Objetos y Cultura), and Tienda de Artesanía del Sur.

Local Markets

Local markets are celebrated weekly in many towns. Visiting one or more local markets is an essential part ofshopping in Gran Canaria, so pick your favorite one and spend a quiet afternoon there.

Which are the best local markets in Las Palmas?

  • Vegueta Craft Market (Plaza del Pilar Nuevo). Sundays 11.00-15-00 (except July, August, and September).

  • Municipal Flea Market (Ramblas Alcalde Juan Rodríguez Doreste). Sundays from 9.00 to 14.00.

  • San Lorenzo Farmer’s Market(Carretera General de San Lorenzo). Sundays from 8.00 to 13.30.

Supermarkets in Gran Canaria

If you are reading this post because you need to find a supermarket in Gran Canaria, we will tell you the most reliable ones you will find on the island.

There are three main supermarket chains in Gran Canaria:Carrefour, HiperDino and SuperDinoand SPAR. The three of them are trusted by Canary people, so find the one which is closest to you and buy whatever you need!

Shopping in Gran Canaria means choosing between a wide range of options: from big shopping centers to tiny shops in the street and town markets. Make sure youfind an accommodation near the key shopping spots that you like the most.
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