The best surf spots in Gran Canaria

Do you consider yourself an intrepid traveller? Well, today we are going to introduce you a new adventure while you enjoy your holidays in Gran Canaria. You don’t need to be a surf lover to relish this sport, or at least trying it. That is the reason why we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the best surf spots in Gran Canaria.

At Villa Gran Canaria, we offer you the best services and accommodations in order to improve your travel experience to its best! In our blog, we have offered you many different activities as well as the best places to visit in the island. Among those places, you will find Las Salinas natural pool or Amadores Beach, which is considered one of the best beaches in the world

Among the best things to do in Gran Canaria, you will find a wide variety of offers depending on your preferences and the time of the year that you decide to travel. Today, we are going to focus on surfing in Gran Canaria — active holidaymakers won’t be disappointed with this water sport. Off we go!

El Confital surf spot in the north east of Gran Canaria

This surf spot is considered one of the best surf spots in Europe by many surf lovers. El Confital is located at the north of the island, just outside Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria. It is the best right-hander in Europe and it breaks over a volcanic ledge with the barrelling section running in shallow water the whole length of the break. 

The conditions in El Confital are constantly good, so it offers an undeniably world-class surfing. You can expect wave heights of up to four metres between the months of September and May at high tide. This is the best season to go surfing at this part of Gran Canaria. 

This is the only place on the North Coastwhere the trades are offshore. You should know that the best swells are west and north-west, and only high tide – very shallow. We strongly recommend you to be an expert if you decide to surf here. Moreover, we remind you to be respectful with locals and respect priorities. 

At last, bear in mind that El Confital is a rocky beach with some sand at the north end of Las Palmas, so you have to go through the entire city and its traffic. But don’t worry — once you are there, you can leave your car right next to the shore. If you are interested in surfing in Gran Canaria, we strongly recommend you to visit this surf spot!


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La Cicer Surf Spot in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

La Cicer is a surf spot located at the north of Gran Canaria too, in Las Canteras beach, Las Palmas. This surf spot is basically a beach break over a sandy bottom. The smaller waves close to the shore are always busy as it is the place where the surf schools of Las Palmas train their novices.

Surf atLa Cicer is great for beginners to learn surfing. This is because there is a lot of white-water to practice and it has got surfable waves the vast majority of the days. At the south end of the beach, you will find Los Muellitos, which is considered the best area for beginners. It is situated right next to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium.



Experts, you should know that you must be careful with the shore break when the swell starts to get bigger. It gets more powerful at low tide. You should also know that the most experienced surfers normally head out to the main break at the north of the tip ofLos Muellitos pier. But there are also decent waves in the middle of La Cicer which are popular among body boarders.

The best season to practice surf at this part of Gran Canaria is during the winter, but spring and autumn are quite good too. The bay receives different swell directions — so, between September and April, you can go surfing almost every day. The waves are not always amazing, but at least you can go in the water.

La Cicer is a surf spot quite easy to find. Furthermore, there is a parking right next to Las Arenas shopping centre! That is another great advantage — you can go shopping there or having lunch before or after your surfing time! 

El Farosurf spot in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

El Faro de Maspalomas is a surf spot located in the south of Gran Canaria, in Maspalomas. Although it is quite close to La Punta and Playa del Ingles, the conditions at El Faro are totally different. The best time of the year to practice surf here is during the winter too, receiving west and south swells

El Faro de Maspalomas is a sandy beach, but the wave is a point-break. So we could say that it is basically a right-hander breaking over a stone and sand bottom. When the tide is small, the rides are short, but they become longer as the wave gets bigger. Here you won’t find powerful waves, but they are fun and long. You should try it!




Arguineguin surf spot in the south west of Gran Canaria

Arguineguin is a surf spot located in the south west of Gran Canaria. Arguineguin is basically a stone beach and it is frequently full of people. It is a long right-hander point-break. It doesn’t matter the size — the waves here break perfectly from knee high to double overhead. Although they are not powerful waves, they are fun, long and easy! So they are perfect for beginners.

You have to take the GC500 to Arguineguin to get to this surf spot. Then, at the first roundabout as soon as you enter the town, turn left, and then go to the left again. You will see some trees next to a corner and there is an exit there — take the exit and you will probably see other cars next to the beach. You can park right there and just enjoy the rest of your surfing day!

Meloneras surf spot in the south of Gran Canaria

Meloneras is a surf spot located in the south of Gran Canaria. It is easy to get there, but parking is a bit more complicated. If you go from the Lighthouse along all the shopping and hotel area, you will see an avenue by the sea. From that avenue, you will see the waves on the stone beach. 

Waves at Meloneras are easy and fun, so it is the perfect surf spot for beginners — but you have to be careful with the stones and the sea urchins, above all during low tide. The waves are more than beach-breaks, kind of small, two exit point-breaks.



We hope that you have found this post useful for your next trip to our beloved island and we hope that we have encouraged you (at least a little bit) to practice surf in Gran Canaria. If you have any doubts or questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you anytime! 


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