Through the keyhole of a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental

If you were looking to buy a new property in your country of residence, you'd want to view it, right? But what if you're looking to rent a home for your holidays? Not so easy, is it?

Which is why we're going to give you a grand tour of a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental. We have 80+ properties on our books and they're growing in number. The majority of them, however, are in the Salobre development in the south of the island. Let's go through the keyhole of one of our holiday homes there.



1.) Sneaking a peek at a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental



The Villa Gran Canaria holiday homes have in the Salobre development are new. By new, we mean they were built in the 21st century. But whilst they're certainly modernist by design, the use of local, traditional stone helps to connect them with Gran Canaria's past.

An advantage of their age is that they include all mod cons. There's substance to match their style.  So you can enjoy new-millennial comfort, meaning you'll be able to press the snooze button on a hectic working life whilst you're over on GC.


2.) Enjoying the view at a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental



From mountain high to valley low, Gran Canaria boasts some spectacular views. This particular Villa Gran Canaria villa looks over the Salobre golf courses. So, if you want to lower your handicap, this is the perfect place to base yourselves on the island.

If you want to see more of the local area, you'll appreciate the mountain bikes for all the family in the garage. And how about if you're keen on travelling even further afield? We can put you in touch with recommend companies offering tours, at a nicer price than the advertised rate.


3.) Chilling by the pool at a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental



Of course, it's your holiday. So you're free to take it at your own pace. And there are few better lazy days than dipping in and out of your own private pool, aren't there?

The beauty of a Salobre-based pool is that because of the south of the island's temperate climate, it can be used all year round. Not bad for an outdoor pool, eh? So, don't forget to pack your swimming costumes as you'll definitely use them at your Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental.


4.) Feel at home whilst away at a Villa Gran Canaria villa



Families travelling to flash hotels might worry about the potential damage their youngsters might cause to the lush interiors. We keep things simple at Villa Gran Canaria villa. Whilst the look is stylish, you can rest easy that your little monsters are unlikely to wreak much havoc in such uncluttered surroundings.

Relax. We want to make you feel at home. And we've designed our houses to put you at ease. The last thing you want to be getting on holiday is stressed.


5.) Dine in at a Villa Gran Canaria villa



Just look at that dining table, will you? Room for eight. Big enough for the larger family to feed themselves at, with wipe-clean seat covers.


6.) Dine out at a Villa Gran Canaria villa



When you're staying at a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental, eating out doesn't necessarily mean visiting a restaurant. Because the great outdoors is on your doorstep. With weather this idyllic, you can have as many alfresco meals as you have hot dinners at home.


7.) Enjoy a Gran Canaria Villa (botanic) garden



Jardín Botánico Viera y Clavijo, Cactualdea, there are some fantastic botanical gardens to check out on a Gran Canaria holiday. For a miniature version of these tourist attractions, you only have to open your front door. Where you'll find cacti that doesn't grow in a pot and fruit trees that aren't apple but lemon instead.


8.) Work on that tan with a Villa Gran Canaria stay



Tanning salons are conspicuous by their absence on Gran Canaria. Locals are more olive in colour than orange. And with an average of 300 sunny days a year, suncream is essential holiday wear.

We've provided plenty of sunloungers for you to top up that tan from. While you lie back and think of England. Secure in the knowledge that the only shivering you're going to be doing is when you jump in the pool.


9.) Sweet dreams with Villa Gran Canaria



Villa Gran Canaria bedrooms are big enough for two. Double beds for ma and pa, granny and granddad. Singles for siblings. All have connecting bathrooms, so a night-time visit to the loo is a doddle rather than a chore.



So, how did you like your guided tour of a Villa Gran Canaria holiday rental? What's your favourite feature? We like the fact they all add up to a guaranteed holiday of a lifetime.

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