Dams in Gran Canaria

Would you like to breathe some fresh air on your next holiday in Gran Canaria? If so, the route of the dams in Gran Canaria won’t disappoint you, whether you are one of those who likes to practice active tourism or if you’re looking for places to enjoy the nature of the island on your next trip.


In our blog about tourist activities in Gran Canaria we’ve already recommended several places to enjoy the exotic landscapes of the island such as:


  • Hiking routes in Gran Canaria that you should not miss
  • Risco Caído, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO


On this occasion we would like to introduce you to the Gran Canaria dams; a set of reservoirs that, apart from managing and distributing the island's water, have an exuberant beauty and are ideal for spending a day in the countryside with the family.


Keep reading because we’re sure that after this post this route through nature will be one of the must visits of your next trip.

What activities can you do in the dams of Gran Canaria?

If you’re one of those who can't get enough of spending long days on the best beaches of Gran Canaria and you prefer to relax with active tourism activities, the route of the dams of Gran Canaria is ideal for you.

This group of reservoirs has a 12-kilometre trekking route where you can discover impressive landscapes.


Apart from being the ideal place for hiking lovers, you can also organize a small picnic with the family in one of its dams, enjoy comforting baths in fresh water and even discover the famous cave houses while you walk around.


These dams are also a perfect place for those who enjoy active tourism activities such as rappelling, fishing or kayaking routes.

Dams in Gran Canaria: 5 places you can’t miss

These dams are the result of a great work of engineering from the last century, created by the need to supply a growing population.


The arrival of new techniques for the desalination of seawater and the reuse of treated water means that their use is no longer necessary and they remain inert as a historical legacy of great beauty.


At present, the route of the dams on the island has 168 dams. Below we highlight which are the dams that must be visited in this wonderful paradise.

1. Las Niñas

Do you like camping in nature? If so, this place is ideal for it. In this little corner you can enjoy a comforting bath in fresh water and see the stars at night surrounded by an unmatched natural environment.


All trekking fans consider the Las Niñas dam as the base camp or starting point from which they can carry out their routes. You can access this dam from the municipality of Tejeda, next to the Arguineguín ravine.

2. Chira

The Chira dam belongs to the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana, and is one of the most beautiful on this route.


It's located at 875 metres above sea level. The dam is surrounded by an environment full of pines, and endless endemic species.


Nearby you can visit the village of Cercados de Araña with its dispersed houses and palm trees.

3. Soria

It's a majestic construction dating from the 60s and 70s. It's the highest and most voluminous dam in Gran Canaria with its 32 cubic hectometres that have never been filled.


If there's one thing that attracts attention on the route of the dams, it's the grandiloquence of this hydraulic monument, built in the last century.

4. La Sorrueda

Located in the interior of the island, it has an unrivalled landscape surrounded by mountains, ravines and Canary Island palm groves.


It's a quiet place barely frequented by tourists, so it can be said to be one of the best kept secrets of the island.


Near the dam is the viewpoint of La Sorrueda where you can see some beautiful views that prove, once again, that Gran Canaria is more than just beautiful beaches.


Furthermore, five minutes away is La Fortaleza de Ansite, one of the most important archaeological sites in Gran Canaria.


According to history, it was here in 1483 that the Canarian aborigines surrendered to the Castilian troops.

5. El Mulato

This one cubic hectometre reservoir is one of the most important in Mogán and its function is vital for the agriculture of the area.


Its landscape is ideal for resting, relaxing and letting time go by; leaving routine aside, while enjoying its leafy pine forests.

Now that you know which are the best landscapes you can see on the route of the dams on the island, you have no excuse to come and check that what they say is true and that their natural beauty is unmatched.


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