Top 7 restaurants to eat in Gran Canaria

Eating out healthy in Gran Canaria isn’t very difficult, as nowadays almost every restaurant has a healthy option for its public.


In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best restaurants to eat healthy in Gran Canaria, including options for vegetarians and vegans. Here we go! 


Top places to eat healthy food in Gran Canaria

There are many healthy options to eat out in Gran Canaria. In this list, we’ll recommend you 7 popular places.


1. A Tu Salud Cocina Sana



A Tu Salud Cocina Sana, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is characterised by its healthy and tasty gastronomic proposal. Its diverse menu, which includes options for vegetarians, vegans, people with gluten intolerance and those looking for low-calorie dishes, at an affordable price. 


The cosy atmosphere of the restaurant, with its modern and bright décor, is complemented by friendly and attentive service. Dishes such as homemade creams, salads, wraps, and burritos stand out, as well as healthy desserts such as vegan cheesecakes and fresh fruit and yoghurt options.


There’s also a set menu priced at €12.50 to eat in or pick up. Making this restaurant undoubtedly one of the best options to enjoy a good healthy meal in Gran Canaria.


2. La Korianda



La Korianda, located near the Mirador Pico de Bandama, is a restaurant that specialises in healthy gluten-free food. Its diverse menu includes everything from salads to pizzas and desserts, all gluten-free. 


Despite this, their dishes maintain delicious and original flavours. Its privileged location and some outstanding dishes such as the Korianda Salad and the Beyond Meat Burger make it a unique place to enjoy an exceptional dining experience.


With features such as spectacular food, good service and affordable prices, La Korianda is a very good option for healthy eating in Gran Canaria.


3. Biocrepería RiscoCaido



Biocrepería RiscoCaído, located in Artenara, offers a unique gastronomic experience that invites you on a journey through their organic garden in "Acusa Verde". Its vegan cuisine stands out for using fresh and organic ingredients, guaranteeing the quality and natural flavour of its dishes. 


The variety of original and creative options, such as vegetable pancakes, fresh salads, veggie burgers and vegan desserts, ensure an explosion of flavours and textures that’ll satisfy the most demanding palates.


The high quality, incredible taste and affordable prices make this restaurant one of the best options to enjoy the best healthy food.


4. Lupé


Lupé, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, offers a unique culinary experience with its innovative approach to healthy and creative cuisine. Its chef reinterprets traditional dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients, with a special highlight being its tasting menu. 


Despite its small size, the restaurant offers a cosy and elegant atmosphere, with professional and attentive service. Dishes such as the octopus carpaccio or the mushroom risotto with white truffle are a true explosion of flavours. 


Lupé is a must-visit destination for those looking for unique gastronomic experiences in a sophisticated and relaxed environment.


5. Healthy Poke Las Palmas


Healthy Poke promotes a healthy lifestyle with its Hawaiian poke bowls, prepared with fresh, quality ingredients. Their menu includes vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. 


In addition to its delicious food, the restaurant offers tips for healthy habits. The modern and cosy atmosphere invites you to enjoy a balanced and pleasant dining experience.


With an average price of 15 € per person and considering the incredible taste and quality of the food, Healthy Poke could be one of the best options for a delicious and healthy meal in Gran Canaria.


6. Mr. Kale



Mr. Kale is a health food establishment that offers a unique dining experience, combining taste, wellness, and fun. 


Their speciality is poke bowls, a dish that combines rice, fresh vegetables, protein and delicious toppings. With a selection of fresh, high quality ingredients, the restaurant distinguishes itself by offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, demonstrating its commitment to the health of its customers. 


It also employs healthy cooking methods to reduce unnecessary calories without sacrificing flavour. The modern and welcoming atmosphere of this establishment invites you to enjoy a relaxed and pleasurable dining experience.


7. I Love Mogán



While not the most affordable option, probably the most refined dining experience on this list, I Love Mogán is a restaurant located in the port of Mogán, Gran Canaria, which offers a unique dining experience with Mediterranean and Spanish flavours. 


It’s distinguished by its high quality, fresh, seasonal food, impeccably presented and excellent service. Its varied menu includes vegetarian, healthy and light options for all tastes. The atmosphere is welcoming, with a terrace offering stunning views of the marina.


Among its star dishes are the Burrata Sur, Salmon en papillote, Paella and Crema Catalana, which satisfy the palate with their traditional and delicious flavours. Making this place a great option to enjoy the best healthy food in Gran Canaria without a doubt. 


Eating healthy in restaurants is possible!

In Gran Canaria, healthy food is a reality thanks to a variety of restaurants with unique experiences. From A Tu Salud Cocina Sana, to La Korianda and Lupé, they offer tasty and beneficial options. Biocrepería RiscoCaido and Healthy Poke also stand out for their quality. With affordable prices, they invite you to enjoy a new way of eating.


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