Where do you eating out in Gran Canaria? The best places do you know

Who does not like to eat well on their holidays? If you have chosen to visit the archipelago as your holiday destination, you should not forget enjoy its gastronomy.  If you don’t know where eating out in Gran Canaria, we recommend you the best places in the Island to taste the gastronomic pleasures that this tropical paradise offers you.

In Gran Canaria Island you can find out restaurant for every taste, from the coolest to the most traditional. Are you ready to taste everything? In the following pages we want to show you a wide range of restaurants to eating out in Gran Canaria. So, continue reading and choose the best one to try Canarian Cuisine.

Eat good food in Gran Canaria


Los Guayers, Mediterranean and European food

I you want eating out in Gran Canaria, go to Los Guayers, located in Puerto Mogán. Among other fusion cuisine places to visit, this restaurant can be one of the best. Taste good beef tenderloin, fillet steaks and cod. Here you will be offered tasty ice cream, petit fours and tiramisu. Come to Los Guayres for delicious cordial, draught wine or champagne. Tea lovers will find it great. Attractive prices are what you are to pay for your meal. The fine decor and homey atmosphere let clients feel relaxed here.

Que tal by Stena, European and International food

Another place eating out in Gran Canaria, also in Puerto Mogán is, Que Tal by Stena is a contemporary restaurant which is open for dinner time only. The interior has a bohemian feel, with many artworks by modern painters dotted on the walls, and white tablecloths with flower arrangements. Different wines accompany each course.




A Gaudi by Patrick Hartl, Mediterranean and delicatessen food

On Gran Canaria, as in the rest of Spain, the locals celebrate Christmas not on Christmas Day, but on Christmas Eve. It’s traditional eating out fish rather than turkey and drink cava rather than champagne. So A Gaudi by Patrik Hartl's signature dish of sea bass with a cava and lemon reduction has a ring of a Canarian Christmas about it.

Soleil, French and Mediterranean food

If you like to enjoy your Gran Canaria holidays, go to Plaza de Santa Ana in Las Palmas. You can be on your route by default, the clients' piece of advice is to come to this restaurant. French and Mediterranean dishes are on the menu at O Soleil. Nicely cooked salmon tartar and sirloins are the tastiest dishes. The hospitable reception works hard, stays positive and makes this place wonderful. O Soleil is notable for its fast service. Delicious meals at democratic prices are provided here.

Eating out the Canarian Food


Wapa Tapa, International food

Located in the center of Las Palmas and Playa del Ingles, Wapa Tapa specializes in Spanish and international tapas. Apart from the great variety of food, Wapa Tapa also offers us a wine cellar that offers a great selection of Spanish wines at reasonable prices. Some of the dishes include Spanish cheeses, chorizo and chicken skewers.




La Tapita Restaurant, original Canarian food and tapas

We recommend you visit Parroquia de San Fernando because the original culture of the city and eating out in la Tapita Restaurant, which is situated beside this restaurant, is a part of the original culture of this city. The International cuisine attracts customers looking for a new experience. Offering tasty Spanish tapas, gambas al ajillo and calamari is the feature of La Tapita Los Jose's. Try delicious Sangria too.

El Salsete Restaurant, Typical Canarian Recipes with a touch of modern cuisine

This restaurant is one of the most traditional Gran Canaria Restaurants to eat out where you will be offered Mediterranean and Gran Canarian cuisine. Many visitors come to enjoy nicely cooked cod, antipasti and calamari. This place is known for its wine variety. This place is well known for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Also, customers recommend this spot because of attractive prices.


The New Rustico Maspalomas, International and Mediterranean food

Would you like to taste Fusion cuisine? We five information about one of the most Pasmalomas restaurants to taste this type of dishes: New Rustico MasPalomas. Ordering mouthwatering Spanish tapas, chicken curry and smoky chorizo is what a number of clients recommend. It's time to try nicely cooked baked custard and ice cream. The wine list is extensive, every visitor can find something that satisfies their taste.

Eating out in Gran Canaria at affordable prices


Taberna El Sitio Ibérico, Mediterranean and Spanish food

Seeing Museo De La Zafra asks for time and efforts, so if you feel hungry afterwards, visit this restaurant for a good experience eating out in Gran Canaria. El Sitio Iberico specializes in Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines. Try perfectly cooked jamón, fish and croquettes to form your opinion about this place. Also, you can listen to live music in the evening.

Let me Take U, Mediterranean and Spanish food

Déjate Llevar will bring you to a sensory paradise. The type of kitchen in this reastaurant is vegetarian and healthy. The owners value the quality of the ingredients as much as the taste. Their carefully created and reworked menu includes a wide range of healthy dishes, made from the top-quality local fresh ingredients. One of the most delicious dishes in this restaurant that you should taste is Andalucian gazpacho. There is also croquettes with meat, Serrano ham or mushrooms.




Texeda Brewery & Restaurant, Mediterranean and European food

This restaurant is a right choice to eat out in Gran Canaria if you are in the mood for Mediterranean and European cuisines. It’s located in Tejeda and serves good croquettes, ropa vieja and tacos. Delicious craft beer, wine or wheat beer are what may make you come back to this spot. Great tea goes well with the nice meal. The accommodating staff demonstrates a high level of hospitality at this restaurant. Fast service is something that people highlight in their comments.

Lola, Merditerranean and International food

If you like Vegetarian cuisine, then this restaurant is worth visiting. It’s the best vegetarian restaurant to eat out in Gran Canaria and the recipe for his is its wonderful cod, octopus carpaccio and great tuna tartare. Also, here you can order wonderful cortado café, juice or exciting tea.

Eating out in Gran Canaria fast food


Natural Burguer, healthy burgues

Natural Burguer is one of the best restaurant in Las Palmas for those who want healthy burgers as well as fresh smoothies and juices. This place is popular among young people, for its vibrant atmosphere, great flavors and reasonable prices. Natural Burguer makes use of natural ingredients only.

Vip Pizza, Italian and Mediterranean food

If you're Italian and Mediterranean cuisine lover, come here. That's a nice idea to order mouthwatering garlic pizza, spaghetti carbonara and bacon. The must-order dish is good profiteroles. Order delicious draught wine, lager or limoncello, it's a must when visiting this restaurant.

El Almacen, Latin and Argentine food

This restaurant offers you nice food and a place to rest after a long walk around Mezquita De Las Palmas. Argentine food is nice at this place. Good empanada, churrasco and steaks are among the dishes to be tried at El Almacén GC. We recommend you this option eating out in Gran Canaria.

Eating out in Gran Canaria food of the world


Restaurante Etiopico Afrika, African and Ethiopian food

This is the greatest African restaurant to eating out in Gran Canaria, located near Parroquia de San Fernando. Ethiopian and Italian cuisines are served at this restaurant. You may be offered such food as tasty antipasti, fish and meet. The chef at Restaurante Etiopico Afrika cooks good ice cream and panna cotta. After a long working day, you can try delicious draught wine, beer or strawberry liqueur.




Copenhague by Hannibal, European and Scandinavian food

Immerse yourself in magnificent Danish and Scandinavian cuisines at this place. Try perfectly cooked pork loin, herring and hamburgers. Tasty ice cream, crepes and chocolate cakes might be what you need. When visiting this restaurant, it's a must to try good beer, draught wine or house wine.

Restaurant Calma Chica, European food

Spanish cuisine under the direction of the great chef is gorgeous at this place. Choose this restaurant to eat out in Gran Canaria and try perfectly cooked king prawns, carpaccio and grilled cod. You will be offered tasty parfait, coffee ice cream and tiramisu. The wine list is extensive, every visitor will find something that satisfies their taste. When visiting this restaurant, it's a must to try delicious tea, coffee or juice.

Have you already chosen where to eat out in Gran Canaria? These are some of the most sites on our island, but you will find much more around the beaches of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés. If you still have any questions, get in touch with us through Villa Gran Canaria website. We will be happy to help and advise you to enjoy the best holidays.

If you want to find the best accommodations on the whole island or if you like private luxury villas or apartments on the beach, don’t hesitate and visit us and our website! We will help you to choose the best option.

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