Gran Canaria a Paradise Island

The island of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and close to theTropic of Cancer, enjoys privileged, climatic conditions (mild temperatures and) light and irregular rainfalsl throughout the year), that have led to the diversity of its landscape and its natural wealth. Emphasizing their southern paradise and tourist enclave of Maspalomas, which hides a magical land with spectacular weather.

Vagaries of nature have created a unique volcanic enclave whose people have managed to convert an inhospitable landscape, with spring temperatures and beautiful beaches, in one of the main tourist destinations in Europe, without losing its roots!

Maspalomas, is a tourist reference and must visit place of Europe, it has sea and Mountain in an environment of peace and tranquility, which both encourages the practice of sports, and joyfull relaxing vacations.

The variety of its landscape, with its strong contrasts between the beaches, white sand or black sand, and  its high mountain peaks, make Gran Canaria a destination very popular, with a natural heritage, of both plants and animasl. And it creates a great experience, interesting and attractive for many tourists, who can combine the holiday with friends and family.

Besides having a privileged natural environment and an excellent climate, Gran Canaria hasan important network of accommodation and leisure. Allowing you to enjoy beautiful golden sandy beaches, as the beach of Maspalomas and the modern and pleasant facilities of thetown of Meloneras, or enjoy a magnificient stay at a year-round golf resort at the Salobre golf Villas.

And enjoy the end of the day with a few hours of relaxation in the spa of the Hotel located within the Resort.

The proximity to Africa and the incidence of wet northeast trade winds, conducive to a warm and mild climate virtually throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between the 18C during the colder months and the 23C during the summer. Due to the proximity with Africa it can also suffer a dry and warm wind called the Siroco, which is more often seen in the areas of the South and the East of the island and can form the phenomenon called Calima, which consists of a cloud of fine particles from the desert that deposits tons of dust in suspension over the Canary Islands.

The municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana possesses an extensive coastline stretching over 32 km, with wide beaches of golden sand, and black to a lesser extent (of volcanic sand), where you can enjoy the great diversity of marine life on offer, thanks to the  crystalline waters that bathe the coast and keep warm ocean temperatures throughout the year, ranging between 18 and 25C, so swimming and water sports are encouraged anytime during the year.

The best known beaches are Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas and San Agustín possessing Blue flags since the end of the 1980's. (The blue flag is a quality award environmental developed by the Foundation for environmental education in Europe, wich is sponsored by the European Commission, and granted to those communities that made a special effort to keep beaches or marinas, clean, safe and managed with respect for the local environment).

Although there are an infinite number of coves and small corners of which to enjoy with equal environmental guarantees.

All water sport disciplines available in Maspalomas, from windsurfing, surfing, sailing, swimming, deep-sea fishing or underwater divin or apnea. Will enjoy the natural conditions and means necessary for their practise during practically all year round.

While it is true that due to the regularity and intensity of its winds, Maspalomas, is the ideal place for lovers of the table and the candle. The transparency of the seabed and the pleasant and comfortable water temperature, invite you to do so, the lure of extra to enjoy a wide variety of marine species that delight lovers of diving and underwater photography, ensuring an incredible experience!, because it is a point of anchor for the colonies of whales, dolphins, pilot whales, pilot whales and sperm whales are the species most sighted in the area.


You can also enjoy a natural and unique place in the world, the nature reserve the dunes of Maspalomas, which make Maspalomas a magical place special and with an extra charm about 404 hectares, with a large field of Dunes, a pond and a Palm Grove.


In 1987 is declared protected Natural area of national interest, and since then it has special actions with regards to the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, being classified as a special nature reserve in 1994.


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