The best places in the south of Gran Canaria

Which is better: The North or the South? This is the eternal dilemma of the traveler. Dare to discover why the south of Gran Canaria is the best option when it comes to visiting this part of the islands.

Surely when you think about the south of Gran Canaria or the Canary Islands in general, the first thing that comes to your mind are its beaches. That is normal; your brain is not dumb and keeps the most important information.

So come and take a virtual tour of the best beaches, spots to have a drink and the theme parks in the south of Gran Canaria!

8 best South Island Beaches in Gran Canaria





This beach has 800 meters of sand surrounding a water with different shades of sky blue. It is ideal for going with children and has easy access as there are several places where you can park your car. If you want to make the most of your holidays in Gran Canaria you can stay on the hill of Amadores.


A calm and peaceful beach in Gran Canaria. This beach offers everything you need. It’s about a 15 mins walk along the promenade from El Faro lighthouse.

Clean and nice beach with a touch of volcanic stone. A good number of shops and cafe bars along the beachfront makes of it a great place to watch the sunset.


Do you like fish? You have to come to this small town at the end of the motorway. Although you now have the possibility of staying in a large number of places, until recently Arguineguín was just a fishing village.

Tuesday is the busiest day in this area of the island as it is home to the largest market in Gran Canaria. You can go by boat from Puerto Mogán or Puerto Rico and enjoy the promenade through the port.

Playa del Ingles

This large piece of sand is an open secret from the south of Gran Canaria so it is normal that it is one of the most visited beaches because of its calm waters and sand toasted by the sun form the ideal combination to feel the magic of the islands. In Gran Canaria Island you can find a great hotels near Playa del Inglés and other amazing beaches.



In addition, at night it becomes the meeting place for young people from all over the world thanks to its large number of pubs and bars to have a good time.

Pasito Blanco

Are you looking for a place to calm and relax? Pasito Blanco exclusive beach that belongs to a well known Marina, is popular for its crystal clear waters and black sand. It is not overcrowded and it is quite rare that it happens in this part of the island. So if you want to rest in Pasito Blanco, pack your bags now!

San Agustin

This beach has a great advantage: It is at the intermediate point between being tremendously touristic and being boring. Being an area where tourists tend to go, in the surroundings, you can find all kinds of services tailored to your needs.

If you want to spend your holidays in Gran Canaria in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere but also want some activity, this is the right place. With us, you can stay all around San Agustin, from the beach to the high ends, and enjoy some film evenings.


This natural space has unique characteristics on the island. It is a group of dunes that look to one side or the other depending on the wind, almost always coming from the east or southeast. It is one of the best-preserved areas in the south of Gran Canaria which makes it an obligatory visit.



One of the most striking things about this part of the island is the richness of its fauna. It has an infinite number of migratory birds that find their best refuge in the dunes in winter.

The two species most commonly seen in this area of southern Gran Canaria are La Abubilla, a bird with a long beak and a peculiar crest (it is impossible not to be stunned to see it hunting lizards!) and the Lizard of Gran Canaria. This reptile can measure up to 80cm and, although it may not seem so, it is totally harmless.

Las Burras

In one of all the trips to Gran Canaria that you make in your life, you have to go to Las Burras beach. It is perfect for short walks because its length is not very long and does not have a single stone, it is all perfect sand for your bare feet. If you want to sleep 6 meters from the beach we have wonderful apartments by it.

Theme parks


Holiday world Maspalomas

If you don't like water very much you also have your own fun spot on the island. This park has attractions where people of all ages can have a good time.

The little ones can enjoy attractions like the little train or the pulpit and the more daring ones like the Sky Drop, which is a free fall of 21.5 meters, or with a ride at 50 kilometers per hour on the roller coaster. The quieter ones could entertain themselves with the Ferris wheel, from where they can enjoy beautiful views of the south of Gran Canaria.

A great spot to rest and enjoy a refreshment or snack. 

Aqualand Maspalomas

This waterpark is ideal for families and to spend a fun day with your friends. If you want to feel an adrenaline rush and increase your heart rate, you cannot miss these miles of slides and ramps in the south of Gran Canaria.



And if you're not passionate about any of these things, you can always stay in the lounger and then show off your tanning in the office!

The Water Park has entertainment for everyone who takes to water like a duck.

Sioux City Park

Would you like to travel to the far west? Sioux City Park is a reproduction of a wild west town where you can get excited about different shows like watching a real sheriff stand up to outlaws.

If you don't like cowboy movies that much you have the option of spending the afternoon watching how the different animals that live in the park relate to each other or taking a horse ride through nature.

Having a drink in this part of the island


Eiffel Bar



Located in the heart of Playa del Ingles, is one of the best-known places in the area to have a cocktail or a drink. The most famous is the mango daiquiris, the typical fruit of the south of Gran Canaria, and strawberries. People also often ask for a lot of wines of French origin, always advised by the bar owners who have earned the trust and affection of this part of the island.

Tipsy Hammock Bar

This place, also located in the center of Playa del Ingles, is perfect for lovers of live music. Almost every weekend there is a performance by several musicians who make the place the ideal place to spend the afternoon. If you feel like having a drink or a snack while watching the sunset in the sea, this is your bar!

Isn't it quite clear why you should enjoy your holidays on this side of the island yet? I don't believe it! But if so, get in touch with us through our website Villa Gran Canaria. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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