Gran Canaria Weather: Advantages and benefits of a tropical climate all year

In general, the weather in Spain is quite unstable, as soon as it is cold it is hot. In contrast in the Canary archipelago, you can enjoy a tropical climate throughout the entire year. The weather in Gran Canaria, we could say that it is quite unstable as the calendar goes by. They experience changes in temperature, but they are not as contrasted as those that occur in the peninsula and the continent. For this reason the Canarias Islands have become one of the most frequent touristic targets.

Everything you need to know about Gran Canaria’s weather


Accurate weather forecasts

In the Canarias Islands, the temperatures tend to be soft and stable, an ever-spring land, where the average temperature is around 22ºC. The oscillations are of 6ºC; hence the lowest temperature takes place in January with 18ºC while the highest is 24ºC in August.  The difference with the main European cities is quite pronounced since the lowest in winter fluctuated among 0ºC and 8ºC, whereas in summer they often reach between 27ºC and 37ºC. The Gran Canaria weather has the privilege of Canarias´ temperature with fresh nights and warm days. This is what makes the archipelago an ideal destination to spend holidays with the family as in winter as in summer. Since Ancient Greece times until today, many voyagers have been gathering the benefits of the Canarias Islands temperatures.

Why is it said that the weather in Gran Canaria is not normal?

Gran Canarias weather is considered the best climate in the worth for the pleasant rating of sunshine temperatures guaranteed in the island almost 365 days per year. With few rainy days, its climatology is actually uncommon due to the geographical locations and the trade winds patterns. For these reasons, the tropical island has fresh and breezily days with more sun hours than the usual in the rest of the world. The winds and Azores help to create two layers that keep the cloud formation away, one superior warm layer and an inferior fresh layer that maintains the stable clime and cloudless sky. Moreover, the haze from the Sahara Desert makes that temperature raise less than four days per year.

Benefit of Gran Canaria weather

The fresh and sunny days are highly beneficial for health. The sunshine is a positive energy stimulator and vitamin D provider, which make people feel more active. Besides, the safe exposure to sun rays promotes the good efficiency of the immune system as well as it boosts to lower blood pressure and to release stress.  Then, we feel more relaxed and willing to do different activities and exercises. It also motivates positive-thinking, relaxing-attitudes and joyful mood. In addition, the marine breeze and sea water provide natural resources which are beneficial for wellness and skin such as minerals, exfoliating properties and relaxing salt goodness. The 17th Century naturalist James Cook, after his visit to the archipelago, claimed that the air and climate are notable healthy and appropriate for helping fight diseases while improving one´s condition.




Advantages about the tropical clime in Gran Canaria




Warm all year round

Gran Canaria gets its warm temperatures thanks to the hours of sun, which are the longest in the whole continent. There are yearly 4.800 hours of light. Therefore, Canaria islands are the place with more hours of light in Europe. This is due to its position, trade winds, in summer act as a ventilator; and Azores anticyclone, which protects the island from the low temperatures. The warmest month is August and the drier months are May and June.

It rains frequently

As island location it is situated in a transit area between the tropical and the template climate, the temperatures do not get stifling or tiresome. In contrast, the Gran Canaria weather is smooth and pleasant; there are only five rainy days per year. There are not snowy days either.

The precipitations average is 483ml. The rainy months are usually December and January, although as it has been mentioned, the temperatures only drop to 18ºC. It is thought that Gran Canaria´s conditions are dry with frequent droughts; they are not nonetheless.

The sea temperatures are so good

The pleasant Gran Canaria weather is also felt under the water as the temperatures oscillate between 18ºC and 24ºC. The Canarias Islands are surrounded by water that come from the Atlantic Ocean; due to this as well as the volcanic origin of the island, its water is one of the best thermal water in the world. Plus, it has the best mineral-medicinal waters, which are suitable for medical treatments based on marine resources, sea-weeds and mud; an authentic open spa. The sea water quality here is outstanding and its beaches are recognized by the European distinctive with blue flags as certified clean and environmentally friendly beaches.

The cloudless Gran Canaria’s sky

The north-east trade winds create a thermal inversion which avoids the clouds formation in the Canarian Islands.  This generates the cleanest and clearest sky in Europe. Moreover, there is little light pollution due to the Astronomical Quality Protection of the Astrophysics Institute Observatories. As consequence, the light, radio electricity and atmosphere pollution is controlled in the same way aerial routes are; thence the star and astral bodies observations may not be impeded. Bearing all this, we know that the best spot where to observe the night sky is Canarias Islands.  Gran Canaria weather eases blue sunny days and star-filled nights.




Differences between the North and the South of Gran Canaria


The Gran Canaria weather varies depending on the area. In the northern part of the island the cold sensation is subtly higher than in the south. That means that coastal villages, as Agaete, Gáldar and Guía, has lower temperature, although they still over the average in the peninsular or in the South European countries; whereas in the southern villages of the islands as Mogán, Maspalomas, Arguineguín and Playa del Inglés, the temperatures are higher and the sensation is warmer.  Probably, for this reason some tourists seldom prefer this area. As there are vast contrasts, micro climes are a characteristic of Gran Canaria weather. For example, in the highest locations, people may feel cold and humidity due to the altitude. Now we know why Canarian islands climate is considered the best in the world, you may guess all the different possibilities that these good and agreeable conditions bring. If you are planning your holidays in Gran Canaria, do not worry about the forecast.

You are welcome to relax on the beach under the sun; walk around or practice sports; or even go for some tours around the impressive island. You will have infinite activities to do in Gran Canaria during the twelve sunny and warm months; likewise, in the rainy days.



The weather in Gran Canaria is one of the aspects why tourism in this part of Spain does not stop practically all year round. If you need more information about the weather in Gran Canaria do not hesitate to ask us through our website of Villa Gran Canaria, we will be willing to help you and answer all your questions. In addition, we can advise you on which is the best time of the year to visit our island.

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