6 Tips for Gran Canaria

As you have probably already seen, Gran Canaria offers so many activities and interesting places to visit. Gran Canaria resorts actually cover less than one-thousandth of the island, so it is well worth doing some research before you go there to ensure you get to see and do everything that you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to explore this island from top to bottom, because if you do it, you will be rewarded with all kinds of fun things to do, and you will have some wonderfully authentic Canarian experiences. Pay attention to our tips. Read carefully!

What to expect

Your expectations may vary depending on what you are exactly looking for. There are a lot of people who generally choose to stay in the Southern towns like Maspalomas, Puerto Rico, Playa del Inglés or Mogan, and all of them are full of charm. There is a wide variety of bars and restaurants from which to choose, as well as amazing nature and water parks, historic buildings, shopping centers, and marvelous beaches.



If you like to party, you should know that the nightlife continues into the early hours. On the other hand, if you feel like you are more of an early bird, you should choose a quieter resort such as Meloneras or San Agustin. As you may notice, there are options for everyone!

Eating and drinking

If you visit Gran Canaria, you should definitely try the local cuisine. It is a really recommended and well worth experience. As you can imagine and expect from a subtropical island, Canarian dishes offer a wide range of fish and seafood, along with tapas, locally produced cheeses, local wine and rum, and astonishing desserts. And best of all, the restaurants' range from small, basic beach bars to large upscale eateries, so you can choose which one you like better depending on your style and the ambiance you are looking for.

If you enjoy trying new and international food, Gran Canaria is the perfect place for you and your palate!


Getting Around



There are a lot of towns and villages on the island that you can visit anytime. And the best part is that you have the option to travel around by bus, taxi or even renting a car or a bike. Don’t forget to learn a few key words and phrases before you start your adventure. The Canarians are very nice and friendly people, but not everyone speaks English outside the resort areas, so maybe it would be useful to get a dictionary to translate from English into Spanish. Trust us, it is extremely useful.

Something for everyone

Gran Canaria offers entertainment, attractions, and meals for every taste. Of course, it depends on if you are traveling alone, with your couple or with the whole family.  The weather is fantastic almost all year round and the humidity is relatively low. Enjoy a refreshing and relaxing drink on one of the sunny terraces overlooking the beach while you are watching the world go by peacefully... we assure you that it is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

There are plenty of popular activities on the water, including boat trips, like dolphin-spotting or fishing expeditions, snorkeling and scuba diving, and of course, swimming. For active travelers, there are paragliding activities or hiking in the mountains, all these options give you the chance to enjoy the stunning views of the lush green valleys. After a day at the sea or following your hike in the mountains, why not enjoy a soothing massage at one of the spas?

Best ways to explore



Renting a car or a jeep for the day is definitely one of the best ways to explore Gran Canaria.  This way you can get to traditional villages, winding mountain roads, and the viewpoints. All of this while you stop and gaze at all those marvelous landscapes or perhaps you prefer to take a break to eat and restore your energy.

The island is not that big and you can drive across it within one day. If you prefer to be driven, there are also several professional tours to choose from with friendly and English-speaking guides. Don't let this chance runaway!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. If you’re planning to come to Gran Canaria do not forget them and if you have any doubt, please, do not hesitate to contact usthrough our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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