Agaete: the most beautiful coastal village of the Canary Islands

Gran Canaria is a privileged island that has the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the Canary Islands. For example, it has one of the most beautiful villages in SpainTejeda, villages with a special charm such as Mogán and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful coastal villagesAgaete.

 Agaete is a municipality in the northwest of Gran Canaria that has won a place in the hearts of all the islanders. It’s one of the areas of the island that has best maintained its essence as an eminently fishing village.


Today we want you to get to know this marvellous village. In this post, we’ll show you what you can see in Agaete in just one dayhow to get there and where you can eat the best fish on the island.

How to get to Agaete

There are a few options on how to get to Agaete. If you’re travelling by car from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, take the GC-2 and in just 35 minutes you’ll have reached the historic centre.


If, on the other hand, you want to travel by public transport, you can do so by taking bus number 103, which will take you to Agaete in approximately one hour.

5 things to do in Agaete

We’d like to show you what you can do in Agaete. We’ll highlight its historic quarter, its ethnographic and archaeological heritage, its mythical Puerto de las Nieves or the emblematic valley of Agaete.

Agaete Old Town

The best way to begin this experience is to get to know the historic centre of the town. It’s a small but welcoming environment, which overflows with history. We recommend visiting the Church of La Concepción and its square.


The most important festivity of the village takes place in this central square. The spotlight is on the canarian fiesta Rama de Agaete, which takes place on the 4th of August.


The village is known for its white houses and Canarian balconies that’ll make your walk through Agaete even more pleasant.

Puerto de las Nieves

Just 15 minutes from the centre of the village, you’ll find Puerto de las Nieves, a seaside neighbourhood with a beautiful beach and the chapel Ermita de las Nieves.


You can walk along the small but charming promenade next to the beach that’ll take you to the old pier, where you used to be able to see the Dedo de Dios in Agaete (a gigantic rock that assembled a finger, named “God’s finger” in Spanish). Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a storm, leaving only a "stump".

Agaete Valley

The Agaete Valley is one of the most beautiful and well known places in Gran Canaria. Anyone who comes to this corner of the island will fall in love with it. 


The greatest charm of the Agaete Valley is the Finca de los Berrazales, where the famous coffee plantations of the Valley and the wines of Los Berrazales, classified as one of the best wines of the Canary Islands, stand out.

Tamadaba Natural Park

The Tamadaba Natural Park is also located in the municipality of Agaete. If you want to discover new natural landscapes, you can take the road that runs along the coast between Agaete and Aldea de San Nicolas.


If you have an adventurous spirit and want to be one with nature, you can follow the trails that run through Charco Azul (a beautiful waterfall), Guayedra beach, the cliffs Faneque or El Risco.


But if you’re more daring and want to live unique experiences, you can take the path that goes from Valle de Agaete to Tamadaba, known as the path of San Pedro, a route of approximately 5 hours with a positive difference in altitude of 1,000 metres.

Natural pools

The most famous natural pools on the island are to be found in Agaete. The natural pools of Las Salinas are ideal for cooling off after a long and pleasant hike through the pine forest of Tamadaba.

Where to eat in Agaete

Agaete is one of the best places to eat on the island. There are few places where you can eat the best fresh fish.


Of the wide range of gastronomic options available in Agaete, our recommendation is to eat in the area around Puerto de las Nieves, with the restaurants Angos, El Capitán and Las Nasas standing out.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a quick bite to eat and enjoy the beach Playa de las Nieves, you can go to Mesón del Bocadillo, with a wide range of sandwiches.


If you want to enjoy your stay on the island and are searching for a accomodation in Agaete or in the surrounding area, you have at your disposal villas, flats or cave houses to enjoy a great experience in the most beautiful coastal town in the Canary Islands.

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