Discover the beauty and history of Doramas Park

Doramas Park or Parque Doramas brings together history, legend, and nature… It’s located in the Ciudad Jardín neighbourhood of the island's capital, Las Palmas. The natural space Doramas consists of several gardens, fountains, waterfalls and art sculptures, which you can discover if you visit the city.


The Doramas Park experience is unique! Let’s get to discover it in this article!


Location of Doramas

Doramas Park is located in Calle León y Castillo, 227, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It’s strategically placed near the popular beach of Alcaravaneras and the Hotel Santa Catalina. Here’s its exact location:



History of Doramas Park

The park is named after a legendary Guanche chief warrior, whose name was Addur amas, meaning “the kinsman of good reputation”, a member of the aboriginal resistance against the invasion of the Crown of Castile, under the orders of the Catholic Monarchs.


After his death in the region of Arucas, tribute was paid to him by naming the Doramas Park after him. His legacy now lives on within the 47,000m2 park.


General information about the Park

doramas park

Doramas is a beautiful urban park with a cozy layout, which stands out for its lush environment and child-friendly facilities, making it a very attractive place to go with your family. Furthermore, its lovely ponds with waterfalls and oasis like gardens are home to a few endemic species of plants and animals. At a glance, being close to important activity spots in the city, it’s certainly paradise in the middle of a bustling district. Learn more about the park Doramas!


Flora and fauna of Doramas

flora and fauna of doramas park

Doramas Park offers a great variety of vegetation, being an orchard in the city. Inside the residential space you can find the Jardín Canario (Canarian garden) and to its west Pablo Canario, which is a constructed village dedicated to the typical Canarian neighborhood.


In its oasis of water and green attractions as lush gardens, fountains, lakes and waterfalls, you can also find rock sculptures and an abundance of trees, offering shade to its visitors. In the park Doramas, you can find the following flora and fauna:


  • Trees: such as Dragos and Pines.
  • Palms: such as the Canary Island palm, the royal palm, etc.
  • Shrubs: such as the Flor de gofio and the capa la reina.


In addition to the vegetation, it provides a variety of residents that live in it, such as the Koi carp, the domestic pigeon, the domestic canary, the common turtle-dove, the common blackbird and the hoopoe.


What to see in Parque Doramas

waterfall doramas park

Another of the reasons why you should visit it are the artistic and cultural riches it possesses:


  • Main Pond: beautiful pond with a combination of waterfall, ducks, swans and koi carp.
  • Pueblo Canario: a space created by the artists Néstor and Miguel Martín-Fernández de la Torre, where they recreate the typical architecture of Gran Canaria.
  • Sculpture Don Fernando de León y Castillo: in memory of Don Fernando León y Castillo Olivares y Falcón, created by the artist Mariano Benlliure.
  • Sculpture Atis Tirma: created by Manuel Bethencourt Santana in 1981, in memory of those rebels who committed suicide to not surrender to the conquest.
  • Planeta Ella: an aluminium sculpture of a woman and a giraffe, created by Carmen García.


Things to Do at Doramas Park

Doramas is the perfect place to relax, stroll, sit down and read, have a picnic, jog and much more. Here’s all you can do at Doramas:


  • Spot endemic plants, flowers, and animals
  • Discover the sculptures and waterfalls
  • Have a picnic or a drink at the Café near the pond
  • Take your kids to play at the playgrounds in the park
  • Visit the Pueblo Canario, the Museo Nestor or the Gospel Church at the back of the waterfalls.


After having taken this tour of the famous Doramas Park, we encourage you to visit it and enjoy different plans with your family throughout the week.


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