Discover the Top Secret Tamadaba Natural Park sides

Looking for a new place to go to Gran Canaria? Why don’t you choose Tamadaba natural park? Check out everything you need to know about this wonderful area. Where do you climb, relax and learn at the same time? Don’t look for more, it’s Tamadaba natural park.

In Villa Gran Canaria, we invite you to discover every little treasure there. As soon as you will want to get more Gran Canaria tourist information, you will come back there.

Where is Tamadaba natural park?

In Gran Canaria this natural park is not the only one you can find, there are more, even around the world if it would be possible included in the seven natural wonders. The maximum altitude is approximately 2,000 meters.

With almost 8,000 hectares, Tamadaba natural park is in the northwest of Gran Canaria. Flora and fauna are the most special protagonist. Much of them are exclusive to this zone and near extinction, 122 endemic species. The ground is formed by an old material which was formed in the first Eruptions cycle 14 million years ago.



In addition, the natural park has a double function

  • Conservation of the natural resources, with a scientific and educational use
  • Recreation for people, a zone with picnics and wildlife spotting

On the other hand, in 2005, it was designated by UNESCO a Biosphere Reserve. The perfect landscape can get you the best postcard. 

Reasons to climb in Tamadaba natural park

Gran Canaria has a king of relax and enjoyable tourism. The park architecture is formed of ravines, escarpments and powerful mountains. Yet, it has an ecosystem such as cliffs Adén Verde and slopes of Guayedra.  The closer rock formation is Dedo de Dios.

  • The number one natural area most complete crag in the island.
  • The sun is up a lot of hours during the days. The natural light allows you to see a wonderful view.
  • The rain is not a bad problem to climb there.
  • Don’t miss the natural accidents, rocks are compact and the rockfalls are not regular.
  • You are in Tamadaba park only in 90 minutes from Maspalomas.
  • To scale and climb, you will not need a longer rope of 70 meters.
  • There are 10 points of interest for climbing.
  • On the top of some points, animals and plants have a high ecological value with endemic species such the blue chaffinch and Euphoria balsamifera. The natural pine forest (above 2,000 hectares) is found in Tamadaba natural park and is efficient in harnessing water. You will be able to find out all of them patiently.


What to see in Tamadaba natural park in Gran Canaria


The best point of hiking in Gran Canaria



At the top, by the way, you can see the town of Agaete to Artenara. A see of green natural space cover almost the 90% of Tamadaba natural park. Even, during a cloudy day, the view is unique and so unusual. You shouldn’t miss the park what to see in Gran Canaria

Mirador del Balcón to explore Gran Canaria

Driving or simply walking, you could go to the west coast of Tamadaba, through the escarpment in Guayedra. Feel as Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic as the king or queen of the world. As soon as you recognize that you are on the top, your eyes will check the main roads in Gran Canaria

Traveling to Gran Canaria to have a picnic and do camping

Planning the trip to Tamadaba natural park, you must find a place to sleep and eat. We offer you below a small list with several options:

  • Llanos de la Mimbre. For 300 people. There are toilets, water and to dispose of black waters. Close to the flora and landscape of the pine wood, where you must ask for permission to be able to camp there with a minimum of three days in advance.
  • Lomos Caraballo. Only for 10 people and space is reduced by 3 tents. The stay is 7 days to up 30.




  • Camp Tamadaba. For young people and a capacity of 200 people. A wide space to enjoy a stay only for people who want to get relax and know new friends.
  • Tamadaba recreational area. Barbecues, tables, benches and potable water and toilets. This place is only for day trips without overnight. During the weekends, the area is full of tourists, especially families.


Flora and fauna in Tamadaba natural park

How we explain before, Tamadaba natural park is a complete area with unique species, both animals, and plants. The native Canary pines and wildest birds are not the only beautiful beings, wildlife spotting on this park to visit Gran Canaria.




How to get Tamadaba natural park


By Car


  • Firstly, you take GC-210 to the left side of Artenara. After that, you will take GC-216, an isolated road. While you are driving, the highlands show a great effect of wonder in front of you.
  • From Agaete, taking GC-200 passing through Barranco Guayedra, until arrive at Mirador del Blacón. Green ridges make the driving pleasure.
  • From the south in La Aldea de San Nicolás. Take GC-200 road to the west for the crag and ocean view. On the other hand, you can take GC-210 road and after, the GC-216 road to the east. The view is equally amazing.


By Bus

If you are in Las Palmas, in the bus station you can take Bus nº 102 in Platform 3, passing Galdar and finally, Agaete. Every hour you have a new bus to go.

In the village, the stop El Loma gives hikers and explorers the Camino trail to Tamadaba.

By Foot

Around Tamadaba, there are three municipalities which lead to the natural park. You have only to follow the wooden signs.

During your walk, the weather will join you: clouds sometimes cover the sky, humid air, and dry grounds will get colder temperatures. We invite you to try the best hikes in Gran Canaria located here.

Doesn’t matter if you are coming to Tamadaba natural park to work or relax, in Villa Gran Canaria can give you the best places to stay. Contact us for more information and recommendations to enjoy your holidays.

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