Poema del Mar, aquarium in Gran Canaria

Among the many leisure activities to spend an unforgettable few days on our island, we must inevitably include an exciting and surprising visit to the Poma del Mar, the new aquarium of Gran Canaria.


At VillaGranCanaria we’re committed to offering the most unforgettable holiday experiences to all our clients, including the most comfortable and select accommodation on the island, together with endless leisure activities and services, where the word ‘boredom’ doesn’t exist.


Adding to our long list of activities –that include the best routes and excursions, gastronomic tourism, sport practices, shopping, and much more– is a section of cultural visits where we have to mention this extraordinary new aquarium on the island.


You may have been in many other aquariums in other parts of the world and may think that this is another one, but we guarantee you that far from the truth. Let’s get started and get to know Poema del Mar!

What will you find in the new aquarium of Gran Canaria and why is Poema del Mar so special?

To visit this aquarium is to discover one of the most impressive, modern exhibition spaces, and care of marine species in the world.


Poema del Mar, located in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, isn’t just another aquarium. The reason? Its impressive inside, together with the conservation of endangered marine species in a 360º vaulted space that immerses visitors in an incredible ecosystem.


Thanks to the design of this aquarium, you’ll have the most real sensation at the time of observing all types of marine species that inhabit our oceans, in a spectacular recreation of their natural world just right in front of you.

Do you want to view the most spectacular biodiversity of our planet, enjoying an exciting journey through rivers, lakes, and seas, to end up in the dark depths of the mysterious ocean?


In this aquarium you’ll find species such as the well-known ‘pejeperro (whose scientific name is bodianus scrofa), which was traditionally one of the most representative species of the Canary Islands.

It’s precisely this fish –recognisable in the work of the famous local painter Néstor de la Torre– that has inspired the logo of Poema del Mar, together with the bull shark seen in Canarian waters, and which can also be observed in this aquarium of Gran Canaria.


One of the interesting points that you’ll find in your visit to this place is the area that offers the observation of marine turtles coming from many countries of the Atlantic Coast, and that have moved here for their recovery of diseases, or wounds suffered in their natural habitat.


Sea turtles are in a very special large tank, because it has currents that favour the recovery and adaptation after their healing in this marine ‘hospital’ for their strengthening before returning to the sea.


Within the impressive facilities of this aquarium you’ll find three different areas: first is a selection of surface marine ecosystems, then a deep-sea ecosystems area, and finally the freshwater species area.

Discover the secrets of the ocean in Poema del Mar

As soon as you arrive, you’ll get into the Jungle, where different habitats of the Earth are shown. Then you’ll enter the Reef, where you’ll get to know endless marine species with colourful corals.


The next stage is the Deep Sea, where you can discover the secrets of the dark ocean through the largest curved window in the world. In fact, this area is even in the Guinness World Records!


All of this, and many more, await you at Poema del Mar, the best aquarium in Gran Canaria. Don’t miss the chance of having an incredible day at one of the best attractions in the Canary Islands at the best price! More information at Poema del Mar.

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