Las Salinas, the best natural pool in Gran Canaria

Las Salinas, a hidden place to visit because of the natural pool in Gran Canaria. Don’t miss the best place to visit in Gran Canaria

However, in this post, we are giving you great reasons to go and maybe, to come back to this area in Gran Canaria. By the way, we offer you several places to rent a house or flat through our website.

Las Salinas is the perfect place for family holidays in Gran Canaria

4 reason to love this natural pool in Gran Canaria

Ok, you have decided to come to Las Salinas. Of course, in general, Gran Canaria has special areas to visit, but in this case, we want to tell you about the main natural pool in Gran Canaria. Take a paper and a pen, sit down and learn everything about.

The situation of this natural pool in Gran Canaria



Located in North West of Gran Canaria. Under these natural swimming ponds, we can find out a labyrinthic map with volcanic tubes and red rocks cover the pool edge. The general opinion ordinary opinion is positive:  people praise the quality of the waters, the weather, the culture, and few foreign tourists.

This swimming nature wonder is the entry to the natural park of Salinas. The Spanish government’s concern to keep this protected area gives, as a result, a longer enjoyable space for current and future generations.

In fact, as the rest of the zones in Gran Canaria, this one is the best place to take amazing nature photos.

The qualities of the natural pool in Gran Canaria

As soon as the human being wants to take care of the skin and body, we are continually looking for the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, water with a chemical treatment cannot be compared to waters from a natural pool, especially in Gran Canaria.

Firstly, the advantages are: 

  • The quality of the water is unrepeatable
  • Chemical-free water treatment
  • Discovered off the wildlife and flora
  • Less cost to maintain it


Fewer Mosquitos and more wildlife

Avoiding the synthetic water treatment, these natural swimming pools limited the mosquito births. This situation makes this area practically mosquito free.

Therefore, an ecosystem full of aquatic life gives a chance to see several species that you will only be able to see at the zoo. Amphibians and snails, including the microscopic creatures as the phytoplankton, inhabit this pool with sea water.

Not only little animals, plant are also protagonists. Floating waters gets protection and shade micro-organism from UV rays. On the other hand, the ecological balance of the natural pool and it help algae’s’ growth.




The maintenance of the natural pool in Gran Canaria is not impossible

The way to take care of the best part of Gran Canaria is like gardening. Only to look after the PH and the wildlife are ok, everything will be great. An advantage for tourists: please, don’t throw away the rubbish and rest of the food, the animals and plants thank you.

4 tips to have an amazing day in Las Salinas, the natural pool that you don’t ever miss

Follow the next instructions and you will get a wonderful day to enjoy the best place to stay in Gran Canaria

Transport to visit the natural pool in Gran Canaria


  • By car. Approximately, 30 minutes on the east coast of Gran Canaria.
  • Walk. From Puerto de las Nieves through the volcanic tubes
  • By bus. From Mirador Lomo del Fresnal, approximately 4 hours, talking two or three buses.


Minimum equipment

Yet, we know you are coming to Natural pool in Las Salinas during the Summer. Because of that, it’s better to take a list with essential needs to see quietly this natural pool in Gran Canaria:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Cream
  • Spare dry clothes
  • Enough water
  • Fruits and nuts
  • Water games accessories
  • Money
  • Diving equipment
  • A first aid kit


Walks to relax

What do you think it’s the best way to get relax the main natural pool in Gran Canaria? The answer is to walk. Moving your legs along the coast, you are doing exercises and a while to enjoy the weather and a lovely moment alone.

Between walks, you could check out the watering holes distributed forward the natural pool. But, you should be careful if you want to avoid an accident inside it. This suggests that the natural resources show a new world for the most curious adventure people. The perfect excuse to have a game with children.

Have a break in the restaurants close to there. We recommend you eat the typical food and drink with the amazing view of the swimming pools in front of you.

Don’t leave your flip flops far away

It’s good to walk, however, perhaps your feet can meet small crustaceans and suddenly, you will have an accident and get an annoying wound. In addition, you have your flip-flops handy to wear them when you walk in unsafe areas.

Other points of interest close to this natural pool in Gran Canaria



Where to go close to Las Salinas in Gran Canaria is a good question if you want to enjoy your stay. These are some of the points of interest you will want to see and visit: 

  • Puerto las Nieves. 1km from the town of Agaete. Until the 19th century, it was the main port in Gran Canaria. A line of restaurants surround the port and offer a wide selection of food and typical dishes.
  • Punta Gorda Beach. A nudist beach perfect for brave people. This private space has the perfect chance for the sunbath. It’s not perfect for shy people.
  • Turman beach. A nice beach where the rock and the distance (1km) are an excuse to relax and have a moment to enjoy where you are at that moment.
  • La Caleta beach. Enjoy the green wild space of this beach. A hidden place which is not in any touristic guide. Only a few foreign people know about it.
  • Puerto de Agaete. A small port on the west coast of Gran Canaria (70km) where you can take a ferry to other closer islands and go on enjoying your holidays in Gran Canaria.

In Villa Gran Canaria, the first objective is that you enjoy your stay in this beautiful area. And more than that, in the natural pool in Gran Canaria which is waiting for you. Please, contact us for any kind of information you need.

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