Everything you need to know about Puerto Rico in the Canary Islands

If you are thinking about visiting Gran Canaria this summer, you definitely have to know Puerto Rico Canary Islands. To the southeast of the island, in the Canarian archipelago, you can find this paradise in the municipality of Mogán.

The climate and the beaches of this area of ​​the island have nothing to envy to the American Puerto Rico. In this little paradise you can live experiences and adventures that you probably have not lived in other places.

Keep reading this post to discover some of the activities you can do and some of the most charming sites that you can’t miss. You will enjoy a lot with your family and friends. We continue!

Water sports in Puerto Rico Canary Islands

The favorable climate of the Canary Islands throughout the year makes water sports in the Canary archipelago are required activities. In addition, in Puerto Rico Canary Islands intensify the desire to perform these sports for the available offer.

Discover the magic of the sea scuba diving and snorkeling

Puerto Rico Canary Islands is considered by Red Natura 2000 as one of the areas with the greatest ecological value in Europe. This makes the area a great place to practice diving and discover its incredible seabed and the natural species that inhabit it. If you are a lover of diving and snorkeling, you must visit this marine paradise.




Enjoy fishing on the southwest coast

Fishing in Puerto Rico is a very important sport. In fact, the oldest fishing contest on the island is practiced in this area. The Puerto Rico High Fishing Championship promotes responsible fishing and the Capture and Release regime. In addition, this championship has the recognition of the IGFA (International Game Fishing Asotiation), since it is an event of international interest. In this championship not only fishermen of the archipelago participate, but it attracts boats from other countries of the world.

Travel the waters of the Canary Islands in Afrikat

In the Afrikat Catamaran you can sail the seas aboard a ship and also perform the most fun water sports. Thus, from the catamaran itself you can practice water sports such as banana, donut, jet ski or parasailing. All these activities are available on board Afrikat and are not sold separately, so this catamaran offers you a large number of water sports offers.




Plow the waters of the sea and discover the secrets of Puerto Rico Canary Islands

If you still do not know the natural ecological value of the Puerto Rico Canary Islands, this is something you can’t miss. You can watch whales and dolphins sailing the seas in a boat and live an experience that you can never forget.

Make boat tours

- Canary Boat trips: Canary Boat Trips has incredible catamarans to know better the island by its coasts. It offers excursions with explanations along the Canary coasts while you relax in the wonderful hammocks with which the boat is equipped.

- Spirit of the Sea: you can dive into the sea and discover the most incredible marine life. Whale and dolphin sightings are common in the Puerto Rico Canary Islands, and on the ships of Spirit of the Sea you can meet these incredible creatures.

- Timanfaya Pirate Boat: feel like a pirate with your family and friends aboard Timanfaya Pirate Boat. Travel the seas in a real pirate ship and discover the wonders of the sea through the eyes of a corsair. Without a doubt, if you want to have a different experience at sea, Timanfaya Pirate Boat is what you need.

Dare to see whales and dolphins

In the sea of ​​Puerto Rico Canary Islands, sightings of cetaceans are important. The Natura 2000 Network considers this area of ​​the world as one of the places with the greatest ecological value in Europe. This is because of the 87 species of cetaceans that exist in the world 29 are in Puerto Rico. In addition to whales, in this area of ​​the island of Gran Canaria you can easily observe common dolphins, striped and speckled dolphins.




Relax by the sun of Puerto Rico Canary Islands

The climate in the Canary Islands is stable throughout the year, which makes the archipelago a perfect destination for holidays at any time of the year. If you decide to visit Puerto Rico Canary Islands, we show you some spas or mini golf courses for you to relax and have fun. Continue reading.

Visit the best spas of Puerto Rico Canary Islands

In Puerto Rico Canary Islands you will find a lot of services to relax, but it is best to spend a pleasant time in one of the spas that the area offers. You can find a lot of these temples of relaxation, but the most recommended are Kinesia Spa Puerto Rico or Buddha: the Wellness Center among others. You can also find spas at the hotels where you stay, such as Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa.

Lie in the sun on the beach of Puerto Rico

The climate in the Canary Islands is always sunny throughout the year, so you can enjoy the beach at any time without exception. If you decide to visit Puerto Rico Canary Islands you should know that you have at your disposal incredible beaches of crystal clear water and golden fine sand for you to spend a pleasant day sunbathing and relaxing. In Mogán, where Puerto Rico is, to the southeast of the island of Gran Canaria, the beaches are incredible.




Visit the mini golf course with the little ones of the house

If you like golf and want to have fun with your family or friends, in Puerto Rico Canary Islands, there are mini golf courses for you to practice your best shots. Mini Golf Las Caracolas, Mini Golf Europe and Mini Golf Neptuno are some of the mini golf courses that you will find in the area, but there is more at your disposal for you to have a fun time in their holes.

We have shown you some of the activities that you can do in Puerto Rico Canary Islands, but they are not the only ones. In addition, there is a large area for night and daytime entertainment. If you want to know more about Puerto Rico and find the most attractive tourist areas, get in contact with us through our website. We will be happy to help you. Do not think about it anymore and visit us. You will be fascinated!

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