All you need to know about Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria

On the southwest coast of Gran Canaria, it is a small, quiet and beautiful beach. Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria hides in a wonderful side. Located between Puerto Rico and Mogan. One of the best places where you ‘ll be able to stay and enjoy your desired vacations with kids and friends.

Firstly, the sand on the beach is from a volcano and the color is a little bit dark. Maybe the wing is an issue because of the mixed directions it takes sometimes, making difficult have a sunbath or simply swimming.

Water and land sports to practice in Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria

All the family activities are covered to thank the several pools, water slides, and water activities. Turning Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria on a great place to spend a relaxing time. The entrance fee is approximately 10 euros. 

Buggy adventure


For 2 hours and a half, you’ll drive a fantastic vehicle, the buggy. Joining a driver for security, the tour will take you to wide views of Taurito in Gran Canaria views

The tour starts in front of the hotel, a few vans, it depends on the number of participants, take you to another part of the place and after that, you’ll climb into the famous buggies. Through wild south mountains, you’ll enjoy the nature and the native fauna of Gran Canaria.


Lago Taurito is the main water attraction park. The exceptional fact of the places is the water, it’s from the sea! Roller Coaster, Free Fall, Multipistas, and Space bowl are a few of them. The jewel of Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria.

There is and space for kids and a spa for the adults to relax. Even, if you don’t want to pass the time swimming and wet, there is a bowling, mini-golf, and tennis.

Banana boat

You’ll sit down on a big banana-shaped for 5-10 people. Feel the wind on your face and lose the balance laughing to get wet in the sea. Other water sports as jet ski in Gran Canaria or Flyboard are so valid. 

Puerto de Mogán

The beach has approximately 250 metros long and it an artificial infrastructure. The water is usually calm, and the weather doesn’t give bad surprises. In summer, the beach is full of tourist and it protects by lifeguards, and a car park close.

Focusing on the town, the houses are white and through the streets, a few nice and charming canals. Like Venice. Originally, it was a fishing village and, since the 80s it’s turned into a holiday resort after the city discover the great benefits from the tourists. A good choice if you decide to visit places around Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria.


Many boat trips get out from the port and one of the destination in Puerto Rico, another port. The dolphins will swim next to the boat during the crossing. We recommend you, if you could, take a trip to “Yellow Submarine”, because it’s basically that, a submarine.

On the other hand, there are options for eating there. Supposing that you love ice cream, Gelatomania is an amazing election. However, Fridays are the Market day, and you can plan your trip around this event so popular. 

5 Best Hotels close to Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria

Paradise Costa Taurito Hotel

An elegant hotel 3 minutes walk from Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria and only 5 minutes by bus to Puerto de Mogán. Beautiful gardens surrounded by tennis and paddle courts. The swimming pool is full of seawater.

Moreover, the rooms have a lot of facilities like balconies, air-conditioned and a hairdryer on the toilet. A free public parking and the best hotel for couples

Paradise Valle Taurito

An eco-tourist hotel built with local stone. The main aspect of this hotel is the skin care; however, the service is not included in the initial prize. A spa space for 15 euros with an indoor swimming pool sauna and Turkish bath. Feel as a king or queen with the volcanic lava exfoliation treatments.

Further, the restaurant offers a children’s menu, and the best part it a television service for them with classic films. Maybe, you can ask for all-inclusive bracelets to have better experience.

Taurito Princess Hotel

If you want to party all the time and 24 hours, this hotel is for you. Two swimming pools and a big buffet are some great advantages for your holidays, giving you the perfect holiday experience.


Live entertainment every night with magicians and dancers of all kind of dance. A good point is a free bus that the hotel offers to the customers for Puerto Mogán tours.

Balcon de Taurito Apartments

Close to the heart of Taurito, around of a quite number of shops, restaurants, and bars. The hotel gives you laundry services in case an emergency happens. The 24 hours reception located near to the relax area and giving you great services and any information, you will need.

In addition, most of the meals and drinks are included in the prize during the bar opening hours. Maybe, you ‘ll need be secure about a valuable property, reception offers a safe-deposit box at the front desk for the clients.

Mogán Princess & Beach Club

A 4 stars hotel all inclusive. It located high above the Taurito valley and with 212 rooms and suites in front of the coast, showing a spectacular view.

Fitness activities and entertainment shows, all day, are the protagonist of the leisure program of this hotel. For instance, there is an adult pool separated from the kids one. Have a cocktail on the terrace and chill out.

Top 5 the cheapest Restaurants in Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria


Lola Ville Burger & Chillout

Chill out feelings you will have after to take a seat on the terrace and the music will help more. The menu includes all the cocktails you can imagine and a good price you don’t imagine. Maybe you could have the chance to win a discount visiting the Facebook page.

VIP Pizza

Pizza lovers, we call you! Especially the Italian ones. Prizes from 6 to 12 euros and the sizes of the pizzas are impressive. The restaurant knows the ingredients as so important, then they have deals with Italian food producers. Giving as a result of the Italian experience as you would be in Italy.

Buffet Wok Europe

Chinese buffet restaurant who wants a simple way to eat everything you can. An election so typical in Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria for tourists. Through a big bar, you will choose a great variety of foods, all made like the Asian style. Indeed, the prize is only 8 euros per person.

Marina Pool Bar Restaurant

Tray its star meal: paella, but, it’s not only the unique option, you’ll be able to come to have a delicious breakfast of a fresh dinner. It’s a small hotel too, then you can sleep and eat in the same place. Have a beer in the terrace and in a privileged corner so close to the sea.  Maybe, a good option to see every detail of Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria.

Bacio Pastifrulligelleria



Ice cream is the protagonist. Any flavor you are thinking, it’s sure they have there. Coffees and other sweet meals and typical products can be tasted by the curious people who want to see the other face of Playa Taurito in Gran Canaria.

Taurito has a great treasure to discover. Don’t let the opportunity passes and come. Contact us in case you are looking for a hotel or beautiful apartment to stay. Visit our website for more information

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