Discover Tejeda in Gran Canaria, the Heart of the island

The municipality of Tejeda in Gran Canaria is situated south-west of the island Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A place considers one of the most rural villages to visit in Europe. How we’ll tell you later, Tejada is a city with a big protagonist in several ways. It is formed by the old village of Tejeda in the center, Cuevas Caídas, El Carrizal, El Chorrillo, El Espinillo, El Juncal, La Solana and La Tosca.

In contrast, the landscapes in Tejeda invite you to venture and touch it. Moreover, tourists who spend a while there, they insist on the charming and lively of its town folks. Especially thank the weather and the opportunity to get a new outfit or taste new flavors on the market.

It’s the second smallest city on the island. It has much more than you think. Let’s us show you more:

Transport to Tejeda

Between Las Palmas (the Capital) to Tejada the distance is 44 kilometers, there are a few ways of transportation. By car, you have the possibility to take the GC 15 and the road will show you nice scenery, through the municipalities of San Brígida and San Mateo, for almost an hour.

Instead, if you choose the public transport from the Bus Station in Las Palmas and take the number 303 bus to San Mateo and once there, you take the number 18.




Things you didn't know about Tejeda in Gran Canaria

We are always showing you the best from Gran Canaria. And this time, we have big news for you because Tejeda in Gran Canaria has unexpected curiosities:

A movie place

Many cinematographic productions have chosen Gran Canaria Island to shoot important scenes. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Fast and Furious 6 is examples of that.

However, Tejeda has two great productions on its own: a chapter of “Black Mirror series” and the movie “When the Dinosaurs ruled the Earth” from 1970.

What to do in Tejeda in Gran Canaria

The Museums that you shouldn’t miss


  • The Abraham Cárdenes Sculptures Museum. An exhibition of works by Abraham Cárdenes, the most famous sculptor born in Gran Canaria. As well as an art gallery with temporary exhibitions.
  • Ethnographic Museum. It will allow you to understand better the traditional living of the people between the XIX and XX century. It’s located on the poet Tomás Morales’ house.
  • Medical Plants Centre. Tejeda in Gran Canaria has one of the most important sources of medical plants in Spain. With a quiet atmosphere to walk and learn something new.
  • Las Tres Cruces Museum. Full of traditional items for farming and raising activities. It shows illustrations and pictures about that.
  • Folk Museum. An emblematic building dedicated to present traditions and customs of Tejeda in Gran Canaria. Showing several situations and disputes about lands.


2 Recommended Attractions in Tejeda in Gran Canaria



  • Roque Rublo. The main symbol of Las Palmas located in Tejeda. With a height of 80 meters, on top of this natural volcanic phenomenon, the view is splendid.
  • Cruz de Tejeda. Close to the Parador named the same. It’s a chaotic landscape surrounded by volcanic remains. You can try the artisan honey from the mountains or maybe take a coffee with local cheese.


Archeological places in Tejeda in Gran Canaria

Tejeda is rich in archeological wealth on the island. Under the surfaces; caves, rock carving, painting and hidden houses show a historical attraction for the most adventurous tourists.

The King’s caves are an example of that. It was constructed in a bizarre line archeological formation. Inside we can find out numerous paintings telling us about the existence of a pre-Hispanic society.

The Betayga Archeological Park is an ecological museum where you’ll get information about the natural space and its history. The views from there are so grand that you shouldn’t miss it.

The Almond Trees in Flower Festival

This celebration has been celebrating since 1970, between the last week of January and the first week of February. In Tejeda, in Gran Canaria, the exact dates are on 3rd and 4th of February.

It’s an inherent part of the history on Gran Canaria. The interested and particular taste accompanied by a little volcanic soil. The warmer weather in Gran Canaria helps to the grown of this tree. Gran Canaria islands are full of thousands of almond trees come into blossom.

These days you can appreciate traditional Canarian music, artisan markets, gastronomic exhibitions and dancers on the street. 

The Gastronomy in Tejeda


As other areas, Tejada in Gran Canaria has special dishes which are made with the native nourishment from the location. Basically, the main ingredient is almond. In this case, two are the protagonists and they are consumed throughout Spain and Europe:

  • A traditional dish and it’s a Canarian version of the Spanish Bienmesabe Antequerano from Málaga in Andalucía. The meaning of the name is “it tasted good to me”. Let it transport you to the pleasure made a dish.
  • A cake destined above all to Christmas Season. It’s normal that Spanish people eat this sweet during this time.


Top 5 best restaurants in Tejeda, Gran Canaria




  • Casa del Caminero. The favorite family restaurant of the travelers who are walking the “Caminos Reales” and they do desire take a quiet lunch passing through Tejeda. People from Germany and the UK are the most habitual clients.
  • El Refugio Restaurant.
  • Asador-Grill El Almendro Restaurant. You’ll need to book a table in case you want the terrace, the favorite position for everybody. A meat and grill unique in Tejada to have a long and interesting meal.
  • La Dorotea Restaurant. Simple and traditional dishes for who want to enjoy long holidays in Tejada and its surroundings. The views invite you to sit down and let the time pass.
  • Asador Grill Hemingway Restaurant. The museum of the meat and grill. If you love it it’s your place. The fantastic smell is the first impression of the customer. Imagine if the smell it’s like that, how it’ll be the food.
  • Parador de Cruz Hotel. It offers a panoramic view and the typical Canarian cuisine as the roast goat, watercress stew, and mojo garlic sauce. We left this option at the end because of the amazing positive opinions about it. The restaurant is an elegant an minimalist spaces to enjoy your time in Tejeda.

Truly, Tejeda is one of the wonders you’ll find out if you’re coming to Gran Canaria. Check our website out for more holiday options. Gran Canary is full of fun and beautiful treasures.

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