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Cheap Rural Houses in Gran Canaria

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Cheap rural houses in Gran Canaria, more for less

Do you want to stay in a rural environment in contact with nature in Gran Canaria? At VillaGranCanaria we have a catalogue with the best accommodation so that you can enjoy a trip that meets your requirements: the country houses in Gran Canaria. If you prefer the cheapest version, forget the rural hotels and choose the cheap rural houses that we offer.


Enjoy a unique and exclusive experience in the middle of the volcanic nature and mountains of Gran Canaria and discover the immense natural diversity that makes this island a beautiful miniature continent.


The advantages of renting a rural accommodation

Booking accommodation near the mountains has many advantages, for example:


  • Comfort: By renting a cheap rural house in Gran Canaria you can enjoy all the comfort and services it offers, such as a garden, terrace, private swimming pool... as well as all the facilities and appliances you need at the best price. Unlike rural hotels, in a private accommodation you can enjoy the swimming pool all to yourself, without sharing it with anyone else.
  • Exclusivity: The rural environments of the island are rather remote, so you can enjoy maximum exclusivity and privacy at an affordable price.
  • Silence: The only sound you'll hear are the leaves of the palms and trees moving in the wind and the sound of the birds or the waves in the distance.
  • Not overcrowded: Being located in such an exclusive area, it's not overcrowded by tourists, and you can enjoy all the exclusivity and privacy you need.
  • Pets: Many of the rural houses in Gran Canaria also allow pets, so find out more and take your furry friend with you!


The best cheap country houses in Gran Canaria

We present you the best cheap rural houses that you can book and with which you'll experience the most natural side of Gran Canaria. Discover them and rent them now!


Characteristics of our rural houses in Gran Canaria

All our country houses have the basic premises to ensure that you lack nothing on your holidays in Gran Canaria. These characteristics are:


1. Proximity to the best natural monuments

Do you want to visit the most iconic natural and rural places on the island? All our rural houses are close to them, both to visit them by car and close to the start of their hiking routes.


2. Services nearby

All the rural houses are close to population centres that guarantee the proximity to the main services such as supermarkets, health centres and necessary shops.


3. Areas with a paradisiacal climate

Gran Canaria has an average temperature of 20 degrees throughout the year, with more than 300 days of sunshine. This means that the chances of having sunny days during your holiday on the island are more than high.


Where to stay in cheap country houses in Gran Canaria

Assuming that you already know that you want to stay in a cheap rural house in Gran Canaria, you'll also want to visit the most emblematic rural and inland places of the island. From VillaGranCanaria we want to show you three options that you can't miss:


1. Roque Nublo

The giant that guards Gran Canaria. Located in the centre of the island, this natural monolith of volcanic origin is one of the most famous icons of the Canary Islands. It has a very easy hiking route, ideal for families or friends to take a beautiful photo on its slopes. But it's not the only mountain in Gran Canaria. Discover them!


2. Tejeda

One of the most beautiful villages in Spain and the municipality in which Roque Nublo is located. Its beautiful tiled streets and colonial houses make this village of white and reddish tones one of the most special places to be seen in the interior of Gran Canaria.


3. Artenara

One of the highest altitude villages in Spain and one of the most beautiful. Visit one of the villages where Miguel de Unamuno stayed in 1910. Visit its viewpoint and contemplate the views that amazed the famous writer.

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