The best Canary Island year round

There is not only a best Canary Island to visit, there are more and all of them wonderful lands. Even, more important, the Canary Island weather has a welcome and warm temperature, doesn’t matter if it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn.

Especially during winter and almost the end of Autumn, Canary Isles weather offers the chance to know every moment this amazing part of the world. On this post, we are telling a few characteristic aspects of the Canary Islands.

Are you looking for a destination for a Winter break? Check these archipelagos. Close to the African coast, the temperature is 22º C during 300 days of sunshine. A perfect trip to escape from cold European Winter and choose the best Canary Island to visit.

Best Canary Island to visit. Tenerife


In only 4 hours and a half flight from other countries. A perfect choice with canary island beaches so close to the land with a vivid and colorful typical election of dishes. Autumn and Winter are not the time for swimming on the sea, although the sun is warming; maybe it’s better for a walk or a rest.

The best beaches in Tenerife in the Canary Islands are Playa jardín (located in the city Puerto de la Cruz and with an artificial waterfall), Playa de Troya (an amazing resort for families), Playa del Duque (boutiques and elegant shops surround this beach) and Playa de las Teresitas (in the north of Tenerife, impressive and golden thanks to the sand.

There is no doubt that a view from the hotel in front of the sea is unforgettable. A possible option in this Spanish holiday island. Teide National park is the iconic point of interest most known and representative of Tenerife. The opening hours are daily between 9am and 4pm, with a price of €27 for adults and €13.50 for children.

Loro Park (daily 8.30am-6.4pm; Adults for €13.50 and children for €8), located in Puerto de la Cruz, and you will arrive there by train every 20 minutes from Plaza Reyes Católicos.

You could choose holidays in Canary Island, starting with this one.

Best Canary Island to visit. Gran Canaria

On the other hand, we tell you about Gran Canaria. The main destination in Great Britain, there are a lot of flights from London to the Canary Islands every day. The 46% of it surface ground was named UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The sunny time in the Canary Islands, especially in Gran Canaria, is an opportunity to know the area by bike, car or foot. The natural biosphere is unique, and you will only find it out if you come to Gran Canaria islands.

The dunes in Maspalomas can give you the chance you are in the Sahara Desert, but the possibility to take a bath here. The other Canary Islands holidays options.

Likewise, there is a wide tourist option:

  • Las Canteras beach. It mixed surfer’s area, sea life, and family holidays point).

  • Nublo rural park. The main symbol of Gran Canaria, 26,000 hectares and specific unique species of animals and plants.

  • Puerto de Mogán. A seaport where you see the most beautiful and curious ships, maybe exclusive transport and maritime events. Apart from that, there are so many restaurants, shops and amusement events.

  • The Painted Cave. A museum and a natural scenery where Ancient Guanches painted pictorial paintworks.

Best Canary Island to visit. Lanzarote


Would you like to ride a camel or have an exclusive glass of wine? Don’t wait for it and come to Lanzarote to get them.

The landscape is a fascinating scene from another planet. It’s not the isle number one, however, it’s one of the best Canary Islands. The most attractive fact is the history of other of the best Canary Island to visit, the sci-fi fans think close to there was the lost city of Atlantis.

The old volcanic eruptions resulted from lava ground and black rock surround it, and the Timanfaya national park is a clear picture of that. The price is €8 and is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Playa Blanca is clearly a point of interest from Lanzarote and the best choice for cheap holidays to the Canary Islands. And better than that, Casa Omar Sharif is the protagonist of the island, where the actor named like that, fell in love with the house and had lived the long time ago.

In the same way, in case you want to enjoy a glass of wine from this land, in Bodegas El Grifo you will taste this liquid and the experience is well known by the inhabits and the foreign are doing this kind of tourism. Because of that, the holidays in the Canaries doing this is a perfect election.

Best Canary Island to visit. Fuerteventura

The perfect island for watersports and the only place you will find Canary Islands resorts for those activities. Are you an adventure and brave person? Then, this island is perfect for you.

Pretty virginal beaches surround the archipelago and the Sun is present during all the year. You will be able to choose walks along 150 km of emerald green beach. The Canary Island activities bring together fishing and relaxation.

The cuisine in the villages is an opportunity to know closer the typical dishes and food which you won’t forget; other reason to come back to the best Canary Island to visit your next holiday for Canary Island breaks.

Betancuria is an interior village with low rise stone houses and dark volcanic stones on the ground. From there, the view of the mountains and wood is only possible there. Most of the Canary Islands reviews tell the good protection of this area.

In the past, the pirates arrived there to hide the treasures the had found and maybe if you pay attention to the floor and secret caves, you will find gold coins or shine diamonds.

Best Canary Island to visit. La Palma


The final best Canary Island to visit in the Canaries. The island for party animal because of the festivities of La Palma. The Fiesta del Almendro en Flor, so known and famous here is the main reason and the perfect excuse to come to this Canary Island in Spain.

The souvenirs are the normal gift for your relatives and friends, why don’t you try it here to buy later? Cheese, macaroons, rapaduras, and honey have a taste so special and diverse. La Palma can offer good Canary Island deals.

The house of wine and the Banana Museum are a place to keep safe from this hottest Canary Island, and this fact includes two if the main products of La Palma. Although everything in the aisle is not just these two options, the markets are a noisy place to take a personal view of the daily life on the island.

With this list, you could choose the best Canary Island to visit all year. In Villa Gran Canaria you will find advantage about the stay where you can live for your holiday breaks. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question.
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