5 Things to do in Christmas in Gran Canaria

Christmas in Gran Canaria is something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime. There are many reasons why you should choose this island for your holidays, and we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed if you travel here during the Christmas season.

As it happens all over Spain, Christmas in Gran Canaria is a magical time for both locals and tourists. You’ll find not only wonderful winter weather but a wide range of fun activities to do while enjoying some warm days abroad in December.

Gran Canaria Weather In December

The main perk of celebrating Christmas in Gran Canaria is the mild winter weather on the island. Snow, temperatures below zero, freezing wind… You can totally forget that the moment you book your Gran Canaria holidays. Here is sunny and warm all year round.

The average daily maximum temperature is 22.4°C, and the coldest temperature you will feel is 16°C after the sun goes down. All you need is a jumper or a light sweater for the night.

That’s very good news when it comes to planning the package for your holidays to Gran Canaria: you won’t have to fill your luggage with big coats, beanies or gloves. Instead, make room for your swimsuit: an absolute must-have for your Canary holidays.


Christmas Traditions: A Guide To Gran Canaria Family Holidays

Traveling with kids during this time of the year can be somehow stressful. You might wonder: ‘What happens with the family traditions if we go abroad?’ Well, you don’t have to leave them behind. Christmas in Gran Canaria is a great moment for spending quality with your family.

It’s quite convenient to follow the main festivities on the Canary calendar. This way you won’t miss a chance to enjoy the most important events on the island.

Christmas Eve: A Big Date In Gran Canaria

Do you know how Christmas Eve is celebrated in Spain? ‘Nochebuena’ is the first holiday on the Christmas Calendar, and it’s kind of a big deal for everyone.

Shops, restaurants, and attractions shorten their opening hours so the person can prepare for the big family dinner at home. All the relatives gather around the table, eat traditional Spanish food and share a few gifts if any. Keep reading this post and you will understand why.


Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day! And that means chilling time for Canary locals before and after their Christmas meal. Check the timetables and opening hours of every place you want to visit, because most people are at home enjoying the gifts Papá Noel (Santa Claus) has brought for them.

Don’t worry about this: you will find lots of activities to do outdoors than don’t require a tight schedule. Remember? It’s the official day to chill!

The Three Kings Day 


Keep an eye on January 5th and 6th if your Gran Canaria holidays last until those dates. Christmas in Gran Canaria means The Three Kings are visiting the island at night on January 5th so everyone can receive their gifts and open them the next morning.

This night has a lot of activity on the streets: while kids go to sleep early (they have to behave themselves or ‘los Reyes Magos’ won’t stop at their home), adults party until midnight.

5 Things To Do In Christmas In Gran Canaria

Go To The Beach!

Can you imagine celebrating Christmas in Gran Canaria at the beach?

The weather is perfect for a beach day even in December. There’s no chance you will freeze out there so you can sunbathe as it was summertime. This means so much fun for kids as well because they will replace snowmen by sandcastles in the middle of winter.  

There are plenty of beaches to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Some Gran Canaria resorts have their own beach, but you can find many options if you prefer relaxing in a quieter place or trying water sports, like surf or scuba diving.

Christmas Shopping: How To Save Some Money

Christmas shopping in Gran Canaria is full of advantages. You will likely buy original gifts you couldn’t find at home, and it doesn’t have to be expensive if you know where to look.

Christmas fairs and markets are the perfect options when you look for cheap holidays to Gran Canaria. Locals sell handcrafted art, jewelry, accessories and many other things you can easily fit in your luggage.

Sales start when The Three Kings are gone. If you’re still on the island, go to the main shopping centers (Las Arenas, Mesa y López, Triana, Centro Atlántico and Maspalomas) to get some more gifts for your loved ones at home.

Celebrate Christmas Canarian Style


Christmas in Gran Canaria means you can enjoy yourself trying different customs and activities. So, what do Canary people do during Christmas?

It’s very typical to look at the nativity scenes and Christmas cribs located in town squares, store windows and even at the beach. You shouldn’t miss the spectacular Belén de Arena of Las Canteras beach, an exhibition of enormous biblical sculptures entirely made out of the sand.

Music has a big part during Christmas in Gran Canaria. Lovely outdoors concerts are waiting for you on the islands. Who doesn’t like Christmas songs?

A special plan for the little ones: greet The Three Kings at their boat arrival in Santa Catalina. They will share all the excitement with Spanish kids, who are eager to open their gifts.

Relax: That’s What Your Great Accommodation In Gran Canaria Is For

When you go to celebrate Christmas in Gran Canaria you can’t forget about the main purpose of traveling, which is taking a break.

You have worked hard all year and you looked into every villa in Gran Canaria until you found the right one. Then, make sure you take some time to relax at your accommodation.

You may be at the best resort in Gran Canaria, or maybe you found a deal on cheap all inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria. Whatever it is, enjoy your stay!

Christmas In Gran Canaria: Look At The Wonderful Night Sky


Nights are beautiful and warm enough to go to the beach, especially when you have kids with you. We recommend this plan not only because you will love the sound of the waves at night and because you will breathe pure air. You should go to the beach and look at the night sky.

There’s a clear vision of the stars in Gran Canaria, and if you stay long enough to spend New Year’s Eve, you will be amazed by the fireworks.

Will you find the star that leads the Three Kings to their destination?

Now you know all the tips and recommendations to spend the best Christmas in Gran Canaria. Don’t forget how important it is to find where to stay in Gran Canaria. Contact us if you need help to book the perfect accommodation for you.

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