The 6 things in Gran Canaria that you must see during your trip

We invite you to explore the most beautiful island of the Canaries with our guide about the best 6 things in Gran Canaria that you must see during your trip. Considering that Gran Canaria is undoubtedly the most diverse island of the Canarian archipelago, here you will find a wide variety of places and activities. Hence, if you are looking for best things to do and see in Canaria, you better read this post!

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Top 6 things in Gran Canaria that you must see


1.       Poema Del Mar, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Don’t you know what isPoema del Mar? It is a marvellous aquarium in Gran Canaria and it is definitely the latest and greatest tourist attraction of the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. It feels like entering in a new blue world. Once there, you will have the chance to get up close and personal with the famous Asian sheepshead wrasse: the gender-switching fish.



Poema del Mar takes its name from Nestor Martin-Fernandez de la Torre, a famous Canarian painter who was born in 1887. He was one of the best and most brilliant artists who followed the modernist symbolism style. Then, if you are interested in art, there is another spot in Gran Canaria that you must see — Gran Canaria’s Museo Nestor, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

2.       Cueva Pintada, Galdar

What isCueva Pintada? It is a Galdar museum and archaeological park where you will have the chance to appreciate the pre-Spanish Gran Canaria.

This place is still a work in progress due to archaeologists continue digging in and around this Painted Cave.

Once there, you will see an interactive video which introduces you to the world of Arminda. She is a Canarian princess, the daughter of the last king of the island Tamaran. After the Castilian conquest in the 15th century, Arminda was enslaved. Then, she was christened and reborn as a noblewoman, known as Catalina de Guzman. Hence, if you are interested in history, Cueva Pintada is a must see in Gran Canaria.

3.       Mercado del Puerto, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

What is Mercado del Puerto? This market is the first Canarian food market to add gastronomy to its offer, thus becoming the first gastronomic market of the islands.

It was originally a fruit, meat, seafood, fish and vegetables market. It dates back to the late 19th century, and its market stalls have served locals all this time. Nowadays, they have been joined by a great number of drink and food outlets.

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Then, you definitely have to visitMercado del Puerto in order to eat and drink everything you want! Here you will taste the different flavours of the Canaries together with different dishes from all around the world.

4.      Los Tilos de Moya



What is Los Tilos de Moya? It is the last remaining area of the laurel forest which used to cover a great part of the island. This place is a beautiful and green area where you can hike within the greater Parque Natural de Doramas.

Parque Natural de Doramas is a natural park named in honour of one of the best Canarian warriors — Doramas, who suffered and fought against the Spanish invasion. He was murdered after winning a duel with one of the members of the Castilian armies. This land was his home.

Los Tilos de Moya is the largest surviving natural area of this ancient woodland, so if you visit Gran Canaria, it is definitely a must see during your trip!

Trust us when we say that its beauty is extraordinary.


5.       Biocreperia Risco Caido, Arterana

What is the Biocreperia Risco Caido? It is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant situated in Arterana, the highest village of Gran Canaria — you must see it!

This municipality is so proud of being on the Cumbre de la Naturaleza (the summit of nature). Everything that is served at this restaurant uses locally produced ingredients. Here, you will have the chance to taste all the freshness of the seasonal produce in their delicious dishes.

6.       Centro de Cultura Contemporanea San Martin, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



What is Centro de Cultura Contemporanea San Martin? It is an art gallery located in the ancient part of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Vegueta. This is the oldest neighbourhood of Gran Canaria, and definitely a place that you must see.

Vegueta is also the place where you will find some of the most vibrating areas and the most interesting cultural centres of the island. Among them, you will find this fascinating art gallery. In its 18th century courtyard, you will find the most astonishing art displays together with regular concerts and other cultural events.



These are just some of the places of Gran Canaria that you must see but, in fact, we truly believe that you should enjoy every corner of this marvellous island. We promise that it deserves the pain! If you need more information or tips, you can find them at Villa Gran Canaria. We published everything you need to know about the island in our blog!

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