The 4 best plans you can do with your baby on vacation in Gran Canaria

Are you planning your next Gran Canaria holidays? That’s fantastic! We are aware that sometimes preparations are tedious, especially, if you are travelling with children. But don’t worry, because if you are travelling to Gran Canaria with a baby or toddler, you should know that there are lots of activities available for them!

At Villa Gran Canaria, we want you to know that our island is the perfect destination to enjoy baby and toddler friendly holidays. So, if you are travelling with babies or young kids, you will find a wide variety of family friendly hotels, restaurants, and outdoor or indoor activities in Gran Canaria.




The best beaches in Gran Canaria to enjoy with a baby

The marvellous Gran Canaria beaches are probably the main attraction for everyone, including babies and toddlers. Gran Canaria is known for its lovely white sandy beaches along the southern part of the island.

The weather is warm the whole year round — this is the reason why Gran Canaria is the perfect sun destination for winter. On the other hand, the months of July and August are normally very hot. So, this means that you can enjoy the best Gran Canaria beaches with your baby anytime of the year!

Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is one of the most famous beaches and resorts of Gran Canaria.

This beautiful area is filled with sky rises and known for its busy nightlife.

But there are some quieter alternatives which are ideal for families.


Maspalomas Beach

Maspalomas beach, together with Playa del Ingles, holds a well-deserved international reputation for its beauty and size. Moreover, the resorts at Playa de Maspalomas and Meloneras are the perfect plan for families and there are loads of baby and toddler friendly beaches and restaurants in this area.

There are other magnificent beaches such as San Agustin or Anfi, where you will find all the tranquillity sheltered by large waves, and where you will be able to enjoy a tropical environment and a cosy ambiance.

There is also a small beach next to Puerto de Mogan. It can be the ideal place to relax and unwind while you have your children under control too thanks to it is sheltered from the open sea by its jetty. Remember — safety first!




Las Palmas Beaches

If you decide to stay near Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a baby or young children, the capital city itself has an incredible urban beach of more than three kilometres long in which you can find all kinds of sports and leisure activities for all ages! In its vicinity you can also find the beaches of El Confital, Laja, and Alcaravaneras.

If you and your children love sand castles, you will have the chance to see the best sand castle artists at Las Canteras beach.

Kids and you can also build your own sand castle as this is one of the best places for sandcastle building on the island.

In addition to the great number of good beaches that you can find to enjoy in Gran Canaria with babies or children, there is another similar experience that you will surely find exciting. So, if you want to live new adventures, we strongly recommend you visiting any of the natural pools on the coast.

Camel ride in Gran Canaria with a baby

Only a few miles away from the city life, there is a pack of camels in the natural reserve of Maspalomas Dunes. They are waiting for you to enjoy a nice and quiet ride in a camel safari through the amazing and famous golden sand of Maspalomas Dunes.

You have the chance to admire the wide variety of diversity of the surroundings, together with the incomparable contrast between the sand dunes, the intense blue water of the Atlantic Ocean in the background and, in the distance, the mountains in the centre of the island. Such astonishing views!

Dolphin watching in Gran Canaria with a baby

Puerto de Mogan is a wonderful fishing village with a safe beach — as we have mentioned before — and a fabulous playground in the centre. From here, you can join a submarine adventure and sail out the waters of the Canaries to visit a dolphin family.

Nevertheless, if you are travelling with children, any boat trip is always a good option!



Puerto de Mogan is one of the best places to visit in Gran Canaria with a baby because of its charm, but it also offers some gorgeous waterfront restaurants and it holds a fantastic market on its main streets every Friday.

Amusement Parks in Gran Canaria to enjoy with a baby

There are many amusement parks in Gran Canaria to enjoy with a baby. These are some of our favourites!

Holiday World in Maspalomas

Holiday World is one of the most popular theme parks in Gran Canaria to enjoy with a baby. It is located in Maspalomas, at the south of the island. There are plenty of attractions that kids love — such as the Aquatic Familiar Track, where they can drive their own boat or little train.

It is a great place to spend a fun evening. There, you will also find many restaurants and fast food outlets where you can have lunch in and around the park.  Visit Holiday World in Gran Canaria with your baby! ❤




Angry Birds Activity Park in Gran Canaria

One of the best things that you can do in Gran Canaria with your baby is visiting the Angry Birds Activity Park. Every child loves this place!

 It is a great spot to take kids and let them have fun as they have never done before!

There are lots of places where children can run around and jump. The park has lots of different attractions and activities, from go carts to crazy golf. There is also a funny and delicious snack bar where your children can cool down under the water sprayers.

Apart from these two spots, you can also find some other spots like the amazing Palmitos Park. It is an ornithological park with an aquarium, a butterfly house and a lot of beautiful orchids. Your kids will be amazed by the monkeys, the colourful butterflies, the parrots, the dolphins and the meerkats!



Lago Taurito Water Park is another family-themed park full of swimming pools plus a wide variety of amusements for kids. Finally, Cocodrilo Park is some kind of animal sanctuary — the vast majority of its animals are exotic and they have been rescued by the SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service). If you love animals, it is the perfect place to spend the day!

We hope that you have enjoyed this post about what to do during your holidays to Gran Canaria with a baby. If you have any doubt or you need any further information about our holiday family villages in Gran Canaria, don’t hesitate to contact us — we can’t wait to see you around!

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