The 6 best Gran Canaria boat trips — Sailing Gran Canaria

One of the best things to do in Gran Canaria is enjoying a nice day sailing in a luxury boat under the sun. Beyond the fabulous Gran Canaria weather and its wonderful beaches, in Villa Gran Canaria, we think that you should try the best experiences during your Gran Canaria holidays.

Here below, you will find a list about the 6 best Gran Canaria boat trips. We have created it in order to help you to enjoy this experience to the fullest!

The 6 best Gran Canaria boat trips

Are you wondering where to go in Gran Canaria? We strongly recommend you to try these marvellous Gran Canaria boat trips.

Morning Catamaran Cruise

One of the options on top of Gran Canaria boat trips is joining a luxury catamaran cruise. It gives you the chance to live an experience that includes all you can eat and drink, and a speedboat ride.

Its duration is around five hours and it is not expensive at all! So we encourage you to enjoy a day of fun, relaxation and adventure on this luxury catamaran. This trip will show you the whole south-western coastline of Gran Canaria. You will see beautiful beaches and dramatic cliffs and coves from the catamaran. You will also have the chance to swim and practice snorkelling.

Another of the advantages of this Gran Canaria boat trip is that you will find offers on banana boat and donut rides or on jet skiing and parasailing experiences too. Go on board and enjoy the Canarian delights prepared by the crew. Among these delights you will find the traditional Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce, meatballs, a wide variety of salads and much more. Don’t hesitate to live this experience!


Puerto de Mogán in Gran Canaria — Boat and Snorkelling Trip

You will begin the Gran Canaria boat trip sailing from Puerto de Mogan to Tasarte. You will have time enough to enjoy the stunning cliffs of Gran Canaria and take amazing pictures of the landscape during the trip. Once you arrive at Tasarte, you will set sail from Tasarte to El Perchel.

Your next stop will be the awesome beach of El Perchel, which is only accessible by boat. At this spot you will be able to enjoy snorkelling during an hour and a half. In this time, you will be able to see a lot of fish and take pleasure in swimming in those crystal waters of Gran Canaria.

Once you finish the snorkelling activity, you will enjoy some delicious Spanish tapas and food, like Canarian potatoes served with mojo, Spanish omelette, bread with alioli and fresh fruit. The duration of the trip is around 3 hours, and at the end, you will bask the return to Puerto de Mogán. Don’t miss this chance!

The Supercat — Gran Canaria Dolphin Boat Trip

The Supercat is the largest catamaran in Europe. Have you ever seen a dolphin in its natural habitat? Come and meet our Captain and his crew, take part in this amazing trip along the coast of Gran Canaria — and discover the most fascinating mammals of the sea.

Most of the people have probably seen dolphins in an enclosed environment — in a zoo, an aquarium, a rescue centre or in waterpark show for instance. We don’t deny that this is also a great spectacle, but wouldn’t it be beautiful to see them swimming in the wild? Nothing beats the experience of seeing dolphins free in the ocean.

Most of the times, while the Captain and his crew are looking for dolphins, they find other kinds of sea life, such as sea turtles, or even whales! This fact makes the trip even more special and adventurous!

The-Supercat — Gran-Canaria-Dolphin-Boat -Trip

Gran Canaria Show Boat Trip

This Gran Canaria boat trips offers you a fantastic sunset cruise on the Supercat, which —as we have mentioned before— is the biggest catamaran in Europe.  Among the activities that you will find during this boat trip, the Supercat offers live music, a DJ, a dance floor to move your body at the rhythm of the music and lots of entertainment. The best part? It is suitable for all ages!

The food and the drinks are included as well. They offer an unlimited selection of drinks, like beer, wine, sangria or soft drinks. Moreover, this catamaran counts on a fully stocked bar, where you will have the chance to purchase your favourite spirits and cocktails.

You will be collected from your central meeting point or directly at the Supercat Boat. As we leave the harbour, you just have to sit and enjoy with a drink in your hand while you listen to the best quality music. This is how you will begin this marvellous cruise along the impressive coastline of the South West of Gran Canaria. The rest… you will have to wait to discover it!

Aphrodite Gran Canaria Boat Trip

The Aphrodite Gran Canaria is an amazing Turkish gulet, and it is perfect for those who like luxury. Give yourself the chance to enjoy a beautiful day while you relish this ultimate sailing experience!

Its capacity is thought for 70 people — nevertheless, they only allow 40 passengers per trip in order to ensure that everyone has their own space and a better comfort. This gulet is 26 metres long and 9 metres wide, so you can freely move around on top and lowers decks.


On the one hand, the lounging area is located on the top deck. In this area there are sunbeds to relax while you enjoy the sunshine. On the other hand, there is a fully stocked bar and wide lounging areas located at the lower deck. This is ideal for you to cool down and having a rest from the sun.

This Gran Canaria boat trip is thought for all ages too. Children are allowed, but on Thursdays… only adults are permitted! This makes this trip perfect independently if you are travelling with your family, friends or as a couple — it is up to you!

Gran Canaria Pacha Boat Party Trip

It is time to talk about Pacha Boat Party Gran Canaria, which is the ultimate party boat experience. This is aimed for nightlife and party lovers — but this time, you will have the chance to party while you are on-board this amazing Five Star Boat. It has recently arrived in Gran Canaria, but before that, it used to take part in the party season in Ibiza and Barcelona.

They sail every Monday, on Thursdays and Saturdays. You will find two meeting points — they sail from Playa del Ingles at 14:30 and Puerto Rico at 15:00. There is a return coach transfer included from Playa Del Ingles.

While on board, you will find that beer, Sex On The Beach cocktails and soft drinks are all inclusive, but that is not all! There is also a fully stocked bar where you can purchase premium spirits and other cocktails. There are no words to describe it, you have to come and live it!


If you have enjoyed this post about the best Gran Canaria boat trips and you have already imagined how it would be to sail that ocean, don’t hesitate to contact us to discover the best accommodations in the whole island of Gran Canaria. We will be pleased to help you!
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