Gran Canaria with kids, one of the best experiences for summer

The holiday period is to enjoy with the family accompanied by the youngest of the house. When we choose Gran Canaria as the destination to go with children, the first question we ask ourselves is: How will Gran Canarias with kids be? What children’s activities are there for children in Gran Canaria?

Then we will tell you some of the activities you can do with your children in our islands and in which not only the little ones will enjoy, but also you will have a fun and enjoyable time in Gran Canaria.

The best activities Gran Canaria with kids


Angry Bird Activity Park in Puerto Rico

This is an exciting aquatic park for kids and one of the most visited theme attractions in the entire island. It offers different activities such as ball shooting, ball pool, Ola-x, giant swing, springboards, rock climbing wall, and zip-line. This fun park to enjoy in Gran Canaria with kids is open from Monday to Sunday at 10.00 a.m. It closes at 18.00 in working days and at 20.00 at weekends. Minors under 3 entrance is free, kids aged 3 and 4 pay 8€ and those under 13 pay 16€. Adults’ entrance fee is 12€.

Aqualand in Maspalomas

You can refresh yourself in the splash paradise of Aqualand; a perfect place to relish from the warm and sunny days in the island.  This aquatic park offers several refreshing toboggans to slide on, a charming contact with sea lions, camel riding and minigolf. Entrance fee is 26€ for adults, 17€ for children under 10 years old and 8€ for kids under 4; babies aged 2 have free entrance. It is open 365 days yearly from 10.00 to 17.00, although in summer days it closes one hour later. It is located in Avenida de la Cornisa 2, Puerto Rico. A cool park where to share fun moments in Gran Canaria with kids.

Holiday World in Maspalomas

Summer evenings up in a roller-coaster or laughing with friends in the bowling alley; you can do this and much more in the recreational park Holidays World Maspalomas. Not only for the youngest members of the family, although it is a fun way of spending a day in Gran Canaria with kids throughout the entire year. It opens at 17.00 in winter and closes at 23.00, except on weekends when it closes at 24.00. In summer it opens and closes one hour later. It is placed in Av. Touroperador Tui. With the rechargeable points cards you may spend from 5€ to 20€ depending on the activities you choose.




Palmitos Park in Maspalomas

A marvelous and natural park where dolphins, orchids, butterflies and birds cohabit is a fantastic place to visit in gran Canaria with kids, and the oldest ones too. The close observation of mammals, orchids, diverse marine life, and exotic reptiles as well as the animal shows and explanations is possible from 10.00 to 18.00 with an entrance fee of 29€ for adults, 20€ for children and 8€ for kids. Babies enter free. It is located in Barranco de los Palmitos.

The best places to go in Gran Canaria with kids


Sioux City in Playa del Anguila

A western theme park to have a spectacular experience, like a day in a movie. The unforgettable scenery recreates a Sioux adventure with performances such as authentic saloon dances, bank robberies and sheriff-thieves shooting scenes. The Sioux City in Barranco del Águila, Bahía Feliz in San Agustín opens from 10am to 4pm in week days. The entrance fee is 21.90€ for adults and 15.90€ for children; kids under 2 years-old have free entrance. You can feel as a cowboy and ride horse in Gran Canaria with kids.

Building Sandcastles in Las Canteras

In the ample beach, you can build sandcastles in Gran Canaria with kids, particularly in Las Canteras, a beautiful and aquamarine beach, where to have fun under the water or on the sand with your family. It is an open space, therefore there is not fee. However, it is expected to make some donation to the artists, who create such amazing sand sculptures. You and your kids can join in the creativity too.

Ride a Camel in the Maspalomas Dunes

An Eastern experience you will never forget. Feeling like Aladin, you and your loved ones can have the opportunity to ride a camel during your holidays in Gran Canaria with kids. A tour on a camel around an arid desert-like setting in the Maspalomas Natural Reserve that includes a guide that explains these resistant animal conditions and shows an extraordinary environment takes around one hour. This excursion is open from 9.00 to 16.00 and costs 12€ for adults, 8€ for children and kids under 3 have a free ride.




Columbus House in Las Palmas

A historical and attractive building that has turned into museum house for tourist delight. You will find a beautiful patio, Pre Columbus artifacts, maps, navigation tools, models of ships, even an exact replica of La Niña, with which his fleet reached the Americas centuries ago. It is located in Colón Street in Las Palmas. The entrance fee is around 10€ per person. You can also have activities and workshop; didactic day to spend in Gran Canaria with kids.

Moonlight cinema in Maspalomas

Watch entertaining movies under the stars and the moonlight in Avenida Cristobal Colon in San Bartolomé de Tijarana. This is a great activity to do in Gran Canaria with kids since it has the best premiers in an airy and comfortable environment outdoors. You have a different show every evening. It requires booking in advance. You can check the now-showing movies, schedules and prices in their web.

Electronic bike Tours

Ecological, dynamic and fun tour to ride electronic bikes in Gran Canaria with kids is a perfect way of enjoying the island’s natural landscape and environment. The ride usually lasts for 5 hours. It includes all the equipment and bottled water. If it is too much effort for the youngest ones, you can also rent the e-bikes for a couple hours in Centro Comercial Playa Masloneras local 112 from 9.00 to 19.00.

See dolphins and whales from a boat

You can enjoy a fantastic adventure on board of a boat that takes you to the precise spot where dolphins can be seen. This tour provides the opportunity to interact with these intelligent and incredible marine animals in Gran Canaria with kids. The timetables vary depending on the days. The first tours are always at 10.00; the second at 12.30 or 13.00 depending on the day, and some at 15.00. It costs 14€ for children between 3 and 12 years old and 27€ for adults.

The City Sightseeing bus tour of Las Palmas

A touristic sightseeing tour in bus around the most popular attractions in the island such as the Auditory Alfred Kraus, The Vegueta cathedral and the Perez Galdós Theatre is available for you. The ticket also includes entrances to The Tower Cathedral, the Canary Museum and the Nestor Museum since 20€. You can stop wherever you want to enjoy of the fantastic spots of the island and live the Canary life.

Botanic Garden in Las Palmas

A natural environment where to learn in the Canary Islands with kids offers an exhibition center, environmental education and garden center available for the nature-lovers. You will find guided tours on weekends and holidays with a specialized guide free of charge. It is located in Camino del Palmeral 15, Tarifa Alta, Palmas de Gran Canaria and opens from 9.00 to 19.00 in summer and to 18.00 in winter. This Botanic Garden is a didactic space for the entire family.




Mini Train at Playa del Ingles

A round trip around Playa del Ingles, where you can go in and out at different stops is an entertaining activity to do while enjoying the sun and the beach in Gran Canaria with kids. The fee varies between 3€ for children and 6€ for adults. You will go around the coast line at any time of the day.

With this small list of children’s activities in Gran Canaria we warmly invite you to visit our island accompanied by your children, nephews, grandchildren… etc. In Villa Gran Canaria we offer you the best places to stay and also we provide any information related to activities and things to do with children.

Please, do not hesitate to consult our website and get in touch with us, we will be happy to receive you in the Canary Islands and make you spend unforgettable days.

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