The best excursions in Gran Canaria you shouldn’t miss out

Choosing Gran Canaria as a destination for a getaway, whether it is alone or accompanied, is one of the most thematic destinations in Spain. You can go hiking around Gran Canaria, which will take you to unsuspected places full of magic. It is one of those experiences that you shouldn’t miss out in life.

The 10 best excursions in Gran Canaria


Excursions in Gran Canaria on wheels


  • 4x4 Safari. If you are an adventurous traveller and you want to enjoy a whole day discovering forests and cliffs by dusty roads, driving through mountains and tropical growths, you would love this journey. This Gran Canaria excursion takes you to a volcanic setting with impressive views, inhabited caves, and protected areas with local flora and fauna. The offer usually includes a typical breakfast with exotic fruits, a brunch near nearby rocky and sandy landscapes as well as a delicious Canaria lunch which may be papas arrugadas con mojo picón and sangria. This is perfect to take your most beautiful photos and experience a unique journey in family or with your partner. It lasts approximately eight hours. Besides, it tends to provide an expert Spanish, English, German or French guide. The fee varies depending on the agency.
  • 4x4 safari and camel ride. If you opt for a wild and exciting adventure with friends and family, you can add to your 4x4 safari excursion the camel riding option. This 9-hours trip around banana, pineapple and sugarcane plantations takes you also to extraordinary rock formations and a pine wood. The best attraction is for the bravest who dare to ride a camel. The camel riding often lasts half an hour or even an hour. It is a memorable experience not only for animal-lovers and children but for everyone. As the 4x4 safari, this one includes a convertible jeep drive, three meals, stops for taking photos and guided tour in Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Polish or Italian. It is recommended for groups of 6 six people maximum, although some agencies include the driver as a member. You should not miss this Gran Canaria excursion that combine these two amazing experiences.
  • E-bike tour. Eco-friendly Gran Canaria excursion for the youngest and seniors; under fitting conditions, you may enjoy a tour surrounded by natural landscapes in the islands. Bike-riders have nice electrical bikes with low, medium, or high assistance motors available for renting during almost 5 hours. The cycling tour includes a guide, all the material, equipment and protection needed , as well as drinks. You are going to explore the most touristic sports in the islands, stopping in the most interesting places such as sand-dunes, a lighthouse, or the pier. A relaxing and effortless experience, that rides you to a resting area. It is not recommended for under-12-year-old people or those who are not accustomed to physical effort at all.  The fee also depends on the tour agency, the route, and the season among.
  • Fun Cup Maspalomas. Competition race! You may become a VW 1800cc or 130CV motor car driver in a 4.440 m and 2.270m road. A different Gran Canaria excursion to enjoy with friends is this activity which consists on the instruction of tricks on a pavement circuit. It is addressed to non-professional drivers and the aim is to make you feel as pilots for a day and release adrenaline. The facility opens at 10am and closes at 6pm from Monday to Saturday. This activity requires driving knowledge, although it is not necessary to own driving license and the minimum age is 16. You have to book at least 48 hours in advance and the cancelation is free. Additionally, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes. The fee depends on the tours booked and includes all the require safety equipment.




Excursions in Gran Canaria by the sea


  • Aphrodite coast cruise in Gran Canaria. Spend a journey in a splendid Turkish schooner of 27m. This fabulous sea voyages around the exotic and idyllically coast brings you the opportunity to relax on board looking at the breathtaking cliffs and tropical beaches. In this Gran Canaria excursion, we stop by to splash and bask in the sun too. You will discover mysterious caves, refreshing waterfalls, and the remote Güi-güi beach of glassy and transparent waters. The tour lasts approximately 5 hours, the departure time stats at 9:45am and finishes at 3:15pm or at 8:30pm in summer since there is only afternoon tours from June to September. It includes meals, drinks, and assistances in Spanish, English and German. They may pick you up at the hotel. If you are gathering aquatic activities, ask at the schooner, these may be extra charged.
  • Benito Cruise. A sea half-morning journey in a yacht around South coast of the island is a wortwhile experience you can’t miss. Benito ocean-going motor boat sails around Anfi del Mar, Puerto de Mogan or Arguineguin. The crew will drop anchor in a relaxing and enjoyable place where you and your family, friends or partner can swim, have a bannaba ride, go snorkeling and feel the breeze while you go sunbathing for a very deserved restoration. If you want more activities under water, several aquatic sports are available with extra fee, although discount is often offered. The Gran Canaria excursion includes breakfast, a barbecue and unlimited drinks. The departure from the harbor starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm. Unfortunately, children younger than 4 years old are not allowed on this cruise.
  • Blue Bird Boat. If you prefer to plan your own sea journey, stop wherever you want and decide on the activities, the suitable way of doing it is using the Blue Bird lines, which is a mini cruise that travels around the surroundings of the southeast coastline of Gran Canaria Island. It stops in the tiny fisherman’s villages and crystalline beaches. You will not get lost, you only have to follow your own Gran Canaria excursion route and timetable for going in and out of the boat as well as the many stops as you want to make it to the most pleasant places you decide gather. You may go to Arguneguin, Anfi, Taurito and Morgan; besides view small bays, caves and make marine activities from 9:30am to 5p.m depending on the harbor from which you depart. The trip last varies according to the departure and arrival port.
  • Dolphin watching cruise. One of the most exciting things to do in Gran Canaria is watching dolphins in their habitat. Gran Canaria has the privilege of having in its water a rich marine fauna, among numerous whales and dolphins, which can be seen on a cruise. More than 29 species of dolphins have been found in the area. The biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean is huge; you should not miss out this unique spectacle that nature gifts. The excursions usually last between two and three hours. Watching dolphins really close to you, jumping around, is an exciting and memorable experience for all ages. Some tour agencies even give the chance of doing other activities and sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you may watch whales, flying fish or sea-turtles. In most cases, the tour agent picks you up at the hotel without extra charge. This is a unique Gran Canaria excursion.




Excursions in Gran Canaria with camels


  • Camel Park Arteara. If you are wondering what to do in Gran Canaria, you should take advantage of the amazing camel park located in the South of Island. It is an exciting environment where flora and fauna grow freely around. It brings you the opportunity of having an incredible experience with docile camels. In this Gran Canaria excursion, you can ride a camel during 30 or 50 minutes going around Fataga palm tree forest. The tour also includes a tea reception with an enjoyable explanation about these fascinating animals. Some tours have incorporated a stop in the 5th century B.C. necropolis of Arteara, the biggest aboriginal cemetery in the island. In the park, you can find other animal species. The tours are available in Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Dutch. There is free transport service every day. The camel ride fee is 20€.
  • Camel Sandy Dunes. You can live the unforgettable experience of riding a graceful camel and feel like a sultan. You can sway on the camel’s humps through a Gran Canaria excursion on the dunes. This trek takes place in the Maspalomas Natura Reserve. Make sure you bring water and camera with you since you are going to be witness of the extraordinary raw and arid environment in which animal live along the route. How camels resist to the exceptional climatic conditions is admirable. This desert-like setting is one of the most diverse surrounding in the island and you shouldn’t miss it. The one-hour camel ride usually costs 12€ for adults and 8€ for children and is opened from 9am to 4pm to all ages. Besides, kids under 3 have a free ride.




These are the most outstanding excursions in Gran Canaria and with which you can spend memorable adventures. If you decide to visit our island, you will certainly not be disappointed; apart from these excursions you can make visits and sunbathe on our beaches. For more information about Gran Canaria do not hesitate to visit our website of Villa Gran Canaria, on it you will find much information that will reveal more secrets of the island

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