What can you do in one week in Gran Canaria?    

Are you ready for an escape to an island full of adventures? What about enjoying your next holidays in Gran Canaria? As you probably know, Gran Canaria is located in the Canary Islands, Spain. Today, at Villa Gran Canaria, we want to offer you the best itinerary to spend one week in Gran Canaria.

Choosing Gran Canariaas your holiday destinationis a great option if you are a hiker, a windsurfer, a wave surfer, a diver, a cyclist, a climber, an explorer, a beach lover, a romancer or a parent looking for the best Gran Canaria family holidays! Definitely, whoever you are, we invite you to have a great time while you explore this marvellous destination.

One week travel Itinerary in Gran Canaria

Day 1 - Arrival to the island and Beach Time

It is your first day on Gran Canaria, so we strongly recommend you to relax. Once you have arrived to your accommodation and you have finished unpacking, you can take your towel and spread it on the beach. This will be useful to save up some energy for the next days of adventure! So enjoy a fabulous day lying at the beach, sunbathing, swimming, walking along the beach, or doing whatever you want!

Day 2 - West and Northwest Coast

Presa de las Niñas

Presa de las Niñas is the place that you definitely shouldn’t skipped on your one week trip to Gran Canaria. The road leading to this amazing spot is quite picturesque and definitely impressive, but you better be prepared for the curves.

Once you get to Presa de las Niñas, you have to hike around the lake or take the walk from here to the next dam — Soria. If you don't like hiking, just enjoy being at the dam — you can relax, having a BBQ or just sit back and enjoy the views of this astonishing place!

Puerto de Mogan


Puerto de Mogan is a lovely stop if you are looking for a good place to eat, have a coffee, plunge into the water or buy some souvenirs! As we have mentioned in other posts, Puerto de Mogan is also known as the “little Venice” of Gran Canaria.

Playa de la Aldea

This small beach is located in San Nicolás, right in the South-West of the island. It is the perfect spot to plunge into the water and enjoy the sun rays on your skin! Not so far, there is a path leading to the top of a hill that you can walk up and enjoy the stunnng views! Very recommended if you stay one week in Gran Canaria!

Mirador del Balcon

There is a viewpoint located at the zone called Anden Verde— a zone in the North-Westof Gran Canaria Island.It is called Mirador del Balcon, and it is one of those landscapes that will let you speechless! The amazing view of the cliffs launched from the sea with the volcano of Tenerife (Mount Teide) at the back will make you comprehend how astonishing the Canary Islands are! So, it is definitely a must if you stay one week in Gran Canaria.

Day 3 - Central Island


Tejeda is one of the highest villages situated in Gran Canaria! Its white houses located in the middle of the mountainous area make the visit of this village worthy! Furthermore, here you will find astonishing places like Roque Nubloor Roque Bentayga.

Roque Nublo


Roque Nublo, located in Tejeda, is one of those places that you must see during your one week trip in Gran Canaria! It is a volcanic rock with a height of 1813 metres — therefore, it is the second highest peak on Gran Canaria. It is protected as a natural monument, and thanks to its height, it offers some of the most breath-taking views of the island.  If you are a hiking lover, Roque Nublo makes the perfect hiking experience too!

Roque Bentayga

Roque Bentayga is about an hour up and down walk. It has a height of 1803 metres, so it is one of the highest points in Gran Canaria! So, as you can guess, the views up there are stunning!

Day 4 - South and Central Island

Presa de la Sorrueda

Presa de la Sorrueda is another great stop during your one week trip in Gran Canaria. It is located at Santa Lucía de Tirajana. Aside of the amazingly beautiful mountainous landscape full of palms and cactuses, there is this dam which makes the views even prettier!

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a cute mountain village located in the Southern part of the island! It has an impressive church to visit, a beautiful park to sit in and some great bars and restaurantswith lovely terraces!

Dunas de Maspalomas

Mother Nature was very generous in terms of landscapes in Gran Canaria! If you are going to spend one week in Gran Canaria, you must visit Maspalomas Dunes!

Maspalomas Beach

It is time to see one of the most beautiful sunsets of the world while you walk along the coast from Maspalomas dunes to Meloneras Beach!

Day 5 - North and Northeast Coast


Arucas is one of the villages you must visit during your one week trip to Gran Canaria. Here you will find lots of cafes and restaurants, pretty houses with colourful facades, an impressive park and a stunning cathedral! Don't forget to visit the highest point of ArucasMontaña de Arucas! You can go there to enjoy the astonishing views over the North coast of Gran Canaria!


Teror is another cute village waiting for you! You better make sure to stop here and walk through the small but cool centre, observe the colourful houses and enjoy a delicious meal, like Canarian potatoes with mojo sauce!

La Isleta

La Isleta is a village located at the Northern part of Gran Canaria. It is a great place if you want to skip the crowds of Las Palmas and enjoy a nice walk.


Day 6 - Beach Day

It is your last day on Gran Canaria, and you are probably exhausted due to all the activities that you have done the days before. One week in Gran Canaria goes really fast, so why don’t you try to relax on the beach just as you did the first day? You can have a drink or reading a book while you enjoy the sound of the waves.

Day 7 - Departure

The day of the departure is always a sad day. Now it is time to pack your things and get ready to say goodbye to our beloved and beautiful Gran Canaria. Depending on the time of your flight, you can have the last delights in the island or the last rays of sun walking along the beach.

We hope that you have enjoyed our one week travel itinerary in Gran Canaria. Of course this is just a guide, you can modify the itinerary according to your interests — we just try to be supportive. So if you need any further information or if you are looking for accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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