Shopping Centres in Gran Canaria

Shopping centres in Gran Canaria offer everything you were looking for. Are you in for some sailing gear, perfumes, sporting goods, the latest trends in fashion, designer clothes boutiques or even small handicraft stores?

Then, you’re in luck, as the island is known for its many malls with endless shops. Going shopping in the Gran Canaria is full of advantages. One of them is the wide range of different stores found on the island.

They range from large commercial centres with the most important international designer names to open air markets where you can buy local handicrafts, antiques or costume jewellery as well as a varied selection of leisure areas, cinemas and restaurants.

The quality of Gran Canaria products is another of the advantages. Honey, wine, cheese and other local products or Canary Islands brands of swimwear, along with prints by artists such as the renowned César Manrique are usually to be found in visitors’ suitcases.

But the best thing about shopping in Gran Canaria is, undoubtedly, the fact that taxes are the lowest in Europe, thus enabling all visitors to buy almost any product considerably cheaper. You can’t ask for more.

Let’s discover in this new Villa Gran Canaria’s blog articles a varied list of establishments both on its northern and southern areas where to pick a souvenir, buy a gift, or simply indulge oneself.

Best Shopping Centres in Gran Canaria

First of all, keep in mind that with the introduction of the Euro, the Canary Islands managed to maintain their status of a free trade zone with lower import tax and VAT rates.

In spite of Spain being a member of the European Union, some consumer goods (such as electronic goods, clothing, jewellery, perfumes, tobacco or alcohol) can still be bought cheaper at duty-free shops in Gran Canaria.

But be aware that there are strict limits for goods being exported for personal use to other countries. Thus, you’re only allowed to return with 50 cigar (or 200 cigarettes), 2 litres of wine and 1 litre of spirits.

gran canaria shopping centers

1. Mogan Mall

Mogan Mall is the newest shopping centre in Puerto Rico, in southern Gran Canaria. Obviously, this area offers a unique shopping experience thanks to its 71 shops, 15 bars and restaurants and 750 underground parking spots, attracting thousands of visitors every day.

One of the main features of this outdoor mall in Gran Canaria is its magical water fountain that captivates everyone every day at 20:00. The reason is that its water jets play with the rhythm of the music and its lasers dance and create a great colour and light show.

2. El Tablero

Among the shopping centres in Gran Canaria you must visit is El Tablero. Located right next to the popular tourist destination of Maspalomas, this cozy retail area in Gran Canaria is open all year round.

One of the features that attracts many visitors is its open-roofed design with a palm garden in the middle, something ideal to enjoy the amazing southern Gran Canaria weather. Here you can buy almost everything you were looking for.

3. Atlántico Vecindario

Located in Vecindario, just 15 minutes from the southern spots of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés, the Atlántico Vecindario shopping centre offers a good selection of shops for those wanting a shopping day from the south of Gran Canaria or watching a movie at its cinema.

The best days for shopping are Mondays to Thursdays because Fridays and Saturdays are quite busy. Of course, there is free parking is for disabled people and pregnant women. These parking spaces are painted blue and red.

4. Las Terrazas

Las Terrazas is a shopping outlet in Gran Canaria located between Telde and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria just 40 minutes away from the southern parts of the island. This area next to the sea offers many discounted clothes shops.

Moreover, there are other kinds of shops, restaurants and entertainment in one of the best shopping centres in Gran Canaria. For instance, the upper floor has a cinema, a bowling alley, arcades, a billiard parlour and even an indoor Karting race course…

gran canaria malls

5. El Muelle

El Muelle is a perfectly located mall in Gran Canaria, right next to the Las Palmas Cruise Terminal, the Poema del Mar aquarium and the Santa Catalina Park, home of the famous Las Palmas Carnival. It has a wide variety of shops, as well as a cinema.

The upper floor has a pádel (a mix of squash and tennis not to be confused with paddle tennis) club with amazing views of the seafront promenade of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Furthermore, the incredible Las Canteras beach is just a 10 minutes away on foot.

6. Las Arenas

Next to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Arenas is a great shopping and leisure area in Gran Canaria. Its stunning location will give you great views of Las Canteras beach, ideal for sipping a drink while watching the sunset.

The management team is always looking to improve it and there are exhibitions and other activities almost everyday. It even has a temporary ice-skating rink on the upper floor at Christmas time.

7. Los Alisios

Los Alisios holds the title of biggest shopping centre in the Canary Islands. This can give you an idea of its wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other interesting things to see such as a cinema or a gym. It has plenty of outdoor areas and encourages visitors to walk.

Its colourful design is inspired by the island’s terrain and the fact that it’s outdoor gives it a spacious feel which is great on a busy day. Thus, everyone enjoy eating and drinking in the open air cafes, bars, and restaurants.

In short, there are lots of shopping centres in Gran Canaria, so whether you are in the southern or northern part of the island you’ll be very close to one of the best malls in Gran Canaria.
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