The best Guachinches in Gran Canaria

The typical Canarian restaurants, also calledGuachinchesorBochinchesin the local language, are characterized by their unique feature that they are located in an old house. This offers the best conditions taste the traditional Canarian cuisine.

This article goes to at all of you who love to explore and enjoy the local cuisine while travelling. Experience the unique taste of the local dishes.

The best way to get to know Gran Canaria, besides visiting the islands different places and microclimates, is definitely to enjoy it´s traditional cuisine. Which reflects the incredible versatility of the island.

What do the Bochinches in Gran Canaria have to offer?

The traditional Guachinches do not offer fixed menus. However, this does not mean that you will always get the same food every day. It is more about the restaurants very own business style which goes hand in hand with the local products.

Among the dishes however there are some plates, which will never be missing, like the so-called "Papas Arrugadas" (boiled potatoes) with delicioushomemade Mojo. This sauce gets its very own note in each Guachinche. Discover the local wine, the local bread and typical Canarian dishes such as Gofio Escaldado and many other local products. And all this for a very economic price.

We recommend you to not eat in any other Restaurant a part from the Guachinches or Bochinches during your stay. You will find them all over the island. Thus you have the possibility to experience the whole range of Canarian cuisine.

If you are close to the coast, you will most likely find seafood dishes and fish recipes served with other traditional products. However, the further inland you go, the more you will findgeographicallyfamous recipes of the canarian cuisine . These include dishes such as roast pork, goat meat, lambshoulder, roast sheep meat and a lot more.

All in all, numerous delicacies you should not miss. Like this you will certainly enjoy a unique taste experience.

Where does the word “Bochinche” come from?

In Gran Canaria the word "Guachinches" is heard much more than the word "Bochinches". This is due to its direct connection to its neighboring island Tenerife, where it enjoys great popularity, since the restaurants there are even more frequently represented.

Guachinche, is the name for traditional Canarian restaurants on Tenerife. It is an etymological development of the word "Bochinche", which is still used today on Gran Canaria and comes from the word "buche". Many years ago the so-called "pilgrim restaurants" or "taverns of the poor" were called like this. There prepared dishes for modest families and workers who stopped by during long journeys.

The best Bochinches in Gran Canaria

Before we make your mouth water introducing you to the best traditional restaurants on the island, it is important to point out that especially in this case the first impression is often misleading.

At first glance, a Bochinche looks more like an old house, with a veranda and a common entrance, usually accompanied by a terrace or garden. Since there are often no large signs around the restaurant, it is often difficult to distinguish it from other houses.

Below you will find the exact location of these restaurants. However, you must pay attention to the signs nearby, which indicate that this is a culinary paradise.

Let us begin. Discover5 of the best Bochinches and Guachinches in Gran Canaria. Experience the traditional taste of the canarian cuisine at its best.

Hint: It is best to skip breakfast, because the portions are very large in most cases.

1. Ca’ Josefina

This Bochinche is located in Almatriche, very close to Las Palmas, the capital of the island. You will notice the delicious smell of the fresh lamb already from far away.

A delicious and juicy option where you can experience the taste of the Canary Islands at its best. Fresh cheese, bread, "Papas Arrugadas" (boiled potatoes) and much more local dishes prepared on the fire.

La Culata II

This typical canarian country house "La Culata II" is located in the middle of nature ofValsequillo.

If you are a fan of soups and stews, you will find many different traditional canarian variations in this restaurant. There are also many other recipes such as "Ropa Vieja" and other canarian meat dishes.

Ca’ Tita

One of the most visited and popular Bochinches in Gran Canaria. Calculate some waiting time for a visit, since this restaurant is also very popular among the local inhabitants of the island. Enjoy one of the best grill restaurants of the island.

Juicy dishes made out of local products in best quality. Ca' Tita is an ideal "Bochinche" to experience the taste of canarian products by yourself.

Bar La Milagrosa

This Bochinche is located in the district San Lorenzo and is also called Ca' Pepe. The restaurant is visited daily by numerous guests who want to enjoy the excellent potato omelette.

Meatballs, Papas Arrugadas, cheese, wine.... a homemade menu that will take you to another dimension while tasting the numerous delicacies.

El Rinconcito Canario

One of the best Bochinches in Gran Canaria in Valleseco. Besides the beautiful traditional decoration you can enjoy local dishes like the Chorizo de Teror (sausage from Teror) with honey, meat dishes like Cochino Frito (fried pork) or the speciality of the house: thecanarian cider.

A unique experience that definitely worth visiting during your stay. Enjoy an island full of different nuances.

We hope that like this you will also be able to experience the best of the canarian cuisine and try out the numerous Bochinches and Guachinches. No matter which one you choose - but don´t miss them!

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