Why do you choose Gran Canaria for your holidays?

Why do you have to choose Gran Canaria as your holiday destination? The answer is very simple: do you want to enjoy the good weather? Would you like living many unique and unforgettable experiences? Are you interesting in practising water sports raising your adrenaline level?

We give you all these answer questions in this post. Choosing Gran Canaria as your holiday destination is one of the best decisions about you won’t regret. This tropical paradise offers you a big variety of beaches and landscapes no longer have anything to envy of Caribbean coasts. Furthermore, it doesn´t matter if you travel with your partner, friends or family, because the islands hide secrets in each of their corners. Do you know why choose Gran Canaria are going to make your holiday into an amazing adventure? Find out in this post.

Why choose Gran Canaria?


Choose Gran Canaria by the sunlight

People choose Gran Canaria because we get an average of eight hours of sunshine every day. Even Las Palmas up in the north of the island has the most pleasant weather in the world. The days are very sunny with mild temperatures and few variations. The thermometers register between 19ºC and 24ºC all year.

These are the reasons why everyday of the year we invite everybody to choose Gran Canaria as their holiday destination, where you can enjoy the sunlight, clear skies and make the most of your free time.

Choose Gran Canaria for the beaches

One of the things tourists love the most about these Spanish Islandsis the fact that its nature, because it’s so diverse. Not only you will find beautiful white sandy beaches to work on your tan, there are also black beaches!

The most biggest and popular beach to enjoy your canary holidaysis Maspalomas. Fine white sand and wind-sculped dunes set against the blue sea are truly an amazing sight.  This beach is a true paradise for all beach and fun lovers, and for families with children.

Right next to Maspalomas beach, Playa del Ingles beach is probably Europe's busiest but is so long that you can always find a peaceful place to sit.  If you want to practice water sport, you can do it in the east area. Also, it’s a beach with lots of nudist area.




Near of the city of the city of Las Palmas, Las Canteras Beach is probably the island's most underrated beach. Protected by a lava rock reef, it is safe for swimming and made of gorgeous and amazing golden sand.

Montaña de Arena is a small beach very close to Maspalomas resort and a local favourite, especially for many nudist people. It is hard to find, hard to get to, and hard to forget. The beach is a thin strip of sand at the base of a huge sand dune. At high tide to have to sit on the dune itself.

We also recommend youPlaya de San Agustín. It’s a very relaxing beach, much quieter than Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas. Visitors looking to get away from the crowds will love this dark-coloured sandy beach – a place where you have a lot of room to spread out, and specially to chill out.

If you still have doubts to choose Gran Canaria as your destination, don’t worry and continue reading!

All day breakfast and mojo sauce

The Canarian cuisine and gastronomy consists of traditional dishes of the Canary Islands. Each country has its own traditional recipes what you find back home in the Canary population, but also in the local restaurants. The cuisine mixes many traditional Spanish dishes with African and Latin-American influences.

A very simple and well-known recipe is Papas Arrugadas, potatoes boilt in salt-water without peeling them and served with Mojo picon, a hot sauce of oil, garlic, chili-peppers and paprika.




One of the most traditional and also one of the oldest recipes of Canarian food is gofio. It was invented by the original and old inhabitants of the canaries: the Guanches. It’s a stoneground flour made from roasted cereals: wheat, barley and maiz. Gofio is used by canaries in almost all recipes: it can be added to soups, stews, mashes, desserts, sauces, and even icecream.

If you like fish, you will feel in paradise on those islands. Among the most typical regional recipes are Caldereta and Sancocho Canario, salted fish in a Mojo sauce. You will find a wide variety of international recipes of fish and sea-food, too.

Exotic fruits are the base of several excellent desserts and sweets. Platanos Fritos, fried bananas, are in great demand.

So if you want to enjoy a unique culinary experience, don’t hesitate and choose Gran Canaria!

Choose Gran Canaria for the epic Scenery

Gran Canaria is only a small island but its scenery is immense. It’s like a beautiful rock. The Island of Gran Canaria was created over a 200,000 year time span in seismic and volcanic event, between 14 and 9 million years ago. Today it’s considered to still be geologically active, and there well may be further eruptions in the future.

Over 40% of its territory and part of its waters are a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. The main reason is that this island is almost a miniature continent.

In the southern part of the island, you can visit the ravine of Barranco de Guayadeque, with steep cliffs. It’s an area covered in vegetation, where we can appreciate the characteristic palm trees of Gran Canaria. Also in the south, but on the coast, are the dunes of Maspalomas that we have mentioned before.

Meanwhile, in the centre of the island stand Pozo de las Nieves and Roque Nublo, the peak of the mountain offers us excellent views. From there you can even see the neighboring island of Tenerife.




Also, we advise you go to the northwest and visit volcanic crater, the Bandama Caldera, which is just over 20 kilometers from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Don’t forget to choose Gran Canariafor your next holidays and visit these beautiful landscapes!

Practice water sports

We give you another reason to choose Gran Canaria as you holiday destination: this canary island is a top destination for water sports. Here are some of the top water sports to do.


Discovering the coast of Gran Canaria from the perspective of a kayak can be unforgettable. The rocky landscape is populated by cliffs, which hide peaceful coves that tourist usually miss.


The practice of this sport can be dangerous and requires training. However, Gran Canaria offers us spots for professional and accessible sites for beginners. The west end of Las Canteras, which is the main sandy beach of the capital city, is a popular place to practice on your own.


Snorkeling allows us to observe the marine biodiversity of the island. It’s not necessary a professional equipment and a previous experience to practice this sport if you know where to go. Under the surface, in the Reserva Marina del Cabrón of Arinaga, native fish, octopus, and mollusks are easy to spot.


The experience of riding the waves is a must if you choose Gran Canaria, as its coast hosts excellent, natural conditions for this sport. The best sites are located in the north of the island, where the wave frequency is higher.

Scuba Diving

Favourite spots of scuba divers are rocky terrains and sites to explore sunken wrecks. Las Canteras and the adjacent waterfront of La Isleta both offer plenty of coves to practice this sport, especially notably with a rock mass called The Cathedral.

It doesn’t matter is you are a professional or a beginner in these sports, Gran Canaria give you the best option for you. So, don’t have more doubts and choose Gran Canaria.

Choose Gran Canaria for the night parties




Nightlife in Gran Canaria is late and loud. Maspalomas and Playa del Inglésare the party hotspots. It starts late and goes on all night with most bars opening until 2 am and discos and clubs usually until 6 am.

The Yumbo commercial centre's where most of the action takes place, catering for a mixed bag of revellers from sundown to sunrise! Head to capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for some cracking nightlife too.

Enjoy camel rides in Gran Canaria

Camel Safari is a popular activity to do in Gran Canaria. Thanks to its warm and dry climate, the island is blessed desert-like landscapes, oasis with palm forests as well as massive sand dunes. Riding camel in Gran Canaria gives a nostalgia feel of how the inhabitants in the past lived their lives. It’s a fun and educational activity for to the young and old so we invite you to choose Gran Canariaand to live this unforgettable experience in this magic island.

Do you know why you should choose Gran Canaria as a destination for your trip? Without doubt, apart from everything we have included and mentioned before, there are many other reasons why making the good decision of visit Gran Canaria.

If you need more information related to why choose Gran Canaria, don’t hesitate contact us at Villa Gran Canaria. In our website, you can find out some of the most charming places inside the Canary Archipelago. In addition, we give you information about the best villas and other places to stay during your visit to the island. Don’t hesitate and call us!

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