12 unique and romantic places to visit in Gran Canaria: El Salobre

One of the most romantic places you can visit with your partner this summer may be Gran Canaria. Within this small Canary Island you can find many places to visit, things to do, activities to do with your partner etcetera. Do you want to know the most romantic places to visit in Gran Canaria?

Places to visit in Gran Canaria related to the sea

Playa de las Canteras

A special and long sand beach considered one of the best and most famous Spanish urban ones.  A spot where to go any day of the year with a perfect weather for practicing different activities, from relaxing sunbathing to water sports. The sea hosts a great marine biodiversity. If you prefer to go for a walk, you can wander around the coast-line and sit in any of the many cafés and terraces to delight with the amazing view of the horizon.  It is in the northeast of the island, exactly only 5 minutes away from the cruise ship pier. Do not forget to the beach umbrella and the bikini.

Playa de Maspalomas

This is one of the most visited beaches in Europe because of its leisure activities offer and a vivid nightlife. It is known for its huge and distinctive dunes landscape. It is a dream place for honey moons and a preferred destination by couples. A suitable place to have dinner and enjoy of a romantic journey, from which you can reach La Charga, which is a protected place where bird migrate, the breeze and the dunes make it a chilling spot. Another place to visit in Gran Canaria, you can also view the lighthouse, a historical monument iconic of the island. Dare to have fun during the day and the night in Maspalomas.



Playa de Amadores

Once you arrive at this calm beach at the South of the island and let yourself involve in the Canarian mood, you will not want to go back to the routine and stress. A relaxing place where to rest in company of your beloved is a great opportunity to release stress and enjoy the present moment surrounded by a paradisiac environment, host of beautiful sunsets. Here you can also practice some activities as a couple, as snorkel and swimming. If what you are looking for a place to visit in Gran Canaria, you should visit this tropical and romantic beach.

Playa de Mogan

Another place to visit in Gran Canaria in the South of the island is Mogan beach. This corner is a serene white sand beach with 200m of long. Here you can also walk around this welcoming, quiet and protected beach, where you could be lying on a towel with your partner in a tranquil atmosphere, almost private for both of you. You can also go fishing, do paddle surfing or simple have fun in some of the terraces of the first street line. A cruise around the island, with the possibility of watching dolphins and with spectacular views from the Ocean, it is a romantic experience that you will remember for a long time.

Places to visit in Gran Canaria that will leave you breathless

El Salobre

A classy corner in one of the most visited areas of the entire island. Are you looking for a magnificent place to visit in Gran Canaria, and a special place to stay, El Salobre offers you a residential environment with breath-taking views of the mountains. Particularly, El Salobre Golf & Resort provides not only charming rural and urban villas to spend your romantic holidays, but also swimming pools, golf courses, Jacuzzi, horse-riding, excursions around the island and an incredible service. El Salobre frees you from your worries; you just have to think about having fun in this incredible paradise.



 Dunas de Maspalomas

This natural park is an essential place to visit in Gran Canaria due to its uniqueness and ecosystem variety. This natural reserve host 400 hectares of a beautiful beach with a dessert-like sand dunes, palm trees forest and oasis in the South of the island. Here you and your partner could visit the idyllic viewpoint, go camel riding, observe the biodiversity of the area and enjoy of a spectacular landscape, one of the most fantastic spots in the island. Do not forget to bring the camera with you; you will have an unforgettable experience surrounded by the dunes, the oasis and the exotic mood.

El Faro de Maspalomas

This 19th century lighthouse located near Maspalomas beach is a beautiful place to visit in Gran Canaria during your couple holidays. With a long history, this lighthouse have seen thousands of couples show their love in the islands. It has been declared Good of Cultural Interest. Nearby, you could have a passionate dinner in a fanciful evening in front of the sea, witnessing the amazing sunset and the clear night starry sky. After visiting this iconic monument, you may wander around the sand beach and feel the tropical breeze. This will be your memorable night out.


Vegueta has been the cultural and leisure neighborhood of Gran Canaria since the 15th century. In its historical squares, Casa Colon, Episcopal Palace, St Ana Cathedral, Canary Museum, and the Atlantic Modern Art Center are found. You could get lost in the charming hidden corners around the old town that gift tourists with nice places to visit in Gran Canaria. Here you could spend a pleasant journey discovering the most picturesque and artistic streets as well as the Gothic and Renaissance buildings of the island with your loved one. After the interesting walk, you can chill in one of the terraces of the many squares to let yourself delight by the fresh and sunny weather.



Mondragon’s dream

Do you like dreaming? If you are a romantic and adventurous soul, here you can live a dreamy experience in a journey in the Mondragon. This wood sailing boat leaves from the black sand Morgan pier and sails around the South coast of the island. From the blue Atlantic sea you could see the isolated landscapes of the private beaches, cliffs and caves of the island. Aboard, you may take a sunbath or do snorkeling in a privileged environment within the exclusive boat. This is a fancy and seducing trip to taste the local gastronomy and to contemplate the wonderful views.

Places to visit in Gran Canaria to discover the secrets of the night

Astro GC

If you want to enjoy the splendid Canary sky, here you could contemplate the clean night sky of the Canary Islands. You will take part of an astronomy workshop in which you could observe the stars, planets, galaxies, and the infinite universe through various giant telescopes. This is a night excursion to the darkest area of Gran Canaria. You will be picked up and have an English or Spanish instructor that will guide you to have an amazing experience under the stars.

Yumbo Centrum

This is one of the largest and most popular commercial centers in the island. It homes more than 200 businesses such as bars, cafés, restaurants, besides shops and jewelries. This touristic place is addressed to the thousands of national and international visitor who are looking for spend a pleasant and fun day or night in the best company in a vivid atmosphere. You will have fun in any corner of this dynamic environment with your special one.


Eiffel Bar

If you are wondering which place to visit in Gran Canaria at night, having a night out in this French-style bar will make you fall in love with the island. This romantic bar is located in the Southern coast in Playa del Ingles, one of the most popular and touristic spots. Here there are several shows, from cultural and international festivals to the well-known Canary carnival, passing by different performances. You will discover a leisure-oriented yet spectacular place.


After this short guide to some of the most romantic places in Gran Canaria, you can find more information on our website of Villa Gran Canaria about places to visit in our island. For any question please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist and help you with what you need. Choose the Canary Islands to spend an unforgettable vacation with your partner!
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