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Do not you know where to practice this summer? There are many destinations where you can practice surf during your vacation and you can also choose between national or international locations. All you need is a surfboard and the drive to have fun.



This list of best beaches for surfing on holiday is addressed to all of you who want to enjoy your incredible summer trip while practicing your favorite aquatic sport. Most of the listed spots are for wave-riders with some experience; however, some of them are also available to beginners and the youngest surfers. In most of these places you can book surfing school lessons. Besides, each of these destinations own amazing beautiful settings being surrounded by nature and touristic cities that can be visited during your journey.

National destinations for surfing on vacation


Surf on the best beaches in Lanzarote

Some called Lanzarote the European “Hawaii”. This island offers the best environment for aquatic sports, including windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing, paddle boarding and snorkeling, besides some relaxing activities. The natural setting evokes an exotic atmosphere that cheers to splash into. This volcanic island hosts beaches such as El Quemao, San Juan, La Santa, Orzola, Punta de las Mujeres, or Las Conchas, all of them ideal for going surf on holidays. However, we recommend you Famara. Although it may be packed, it gifts 6km of curving wide black-sand beach. Infinite right and left peaks, faster Northwest and lower Southwest swells as well as easy-to-ride waves make it available for all type of surfers, beginners and also professionals that usually train here. The con is the raised touristic fluency.

Catch the best waves in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is the everlasting-spring land with excellent weather for surfing. One of the major surfing destinations in Spain because of its proper conditions has several great spots where to practice. The most recognized right-hander and one of the most impressive landscapes here is El Confital, host of the Movistar Ocean & Earth Pro, located in the North coast of the island, in La Isleta. This rock beach is a high quality wave holder with reef bottom suitable for advanced surfers. The experience is required due to the level of difficulty hence the wedging barrel, fast and hollowed waves. As tips, the best swells are West and Northwest Best. Locals remain skeptics to tourists who surf on holidays here; however, being respectful and friendly favors the approach.



Spend your holidays surfing in Galicia

If what you are looking for is to enjoy your holidays in Spain, on your own, with friends or family, Galicia is a great option of surfing on holidays. This region has the essence of local tradition of the North of Spain and charming and gathering places to visit. Additionally, there is a small spot in the Atlantic coast, called Doniños beach. It is highlighted because of its surfing tradition, cliffs and reefs. The rate of quality waves makes it one of the most popular waveholders around. The yearly Spanish Championship Final takes place here. It is featured by right and left Northwest swell and Southeasterly wind with all heights, convenient for all levels of experience. This sandy beach gets crowded, mainly in summer, although it is quite clean pollution-wise.

The best place to surf on holiday in Tarifa

Tarifa, the most southern point in Europe and the closest to Africa, has one of the largest surf on holidays projections, principally, thanks to the windsurf conditions. Hundreds of surfers come to here to ride the best waves of Andalucía. Los Lances beach is well-known as Tarifa windsurf hotspot. El Palmar is fund at 60km from Tarifa nonetheless. El Palmar is the ever-waved beach, whose strong waves can reach 3m in height. The consistency and quality of the peaks are exceptional. Surfers are able to develop their skills in the rock-anchored sandbars. This sandy beach exposes surfers to the constant East-blowing wind and the South and Northwest swell direction as well as higher tides. The surfing conditions are outstanding for intermediate level and professionals.

International destinations for surfing on vacations


The best surfing holidays in Portugal

Along the whole Atlantic side, there are plenty of surfing spots with great wave-able beaches. But, there is a unique place for tube-seekers, and its own name reaffirms which is the main attraction, Supertubos -an ideal place where to surf on holidays-, right in the center of the Portuguese coast, 100km away from Lisbon. This famous sandy paradise offers tubular waves braking from Southwest swell with Northeasterly winds. It has become one of the most popular beaches; therefore it concentrates large crowds looking for fast and mid-tide waves of almost 6m to ride every day since almost daily long, heavy tubes are guaranteed. There is a high degree of difficulty, for this reason, skilled surfers are willing to spend their entire holidays in this Peniche Peninsula beach. The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach occurs here in October.



The best place to surf on vacation: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has become a must-surfing for its pristine beaches; however, the touristic widespread growth has also turned this paradise into an attraction far from the remote land of the last decades. Nevertheless, there is still a place that remains uncrowded, 4km way from Arugam Bay, which is strongly recommended to access via jeep. Elephant Rock was given this name from the visit of beautiful and impotent elephants in the sunrises and sunsets. This sandy and rocky beach gifts stunning technical wave with right hand point break. This solitude beach, surrounded by nature and elephants among other animals, presents all types of tides suitable for all levels, some are lower intensity for beginners and others higher for more skilled surfers, mainly between April and September. The best option to surf on summer holidays

Surf your best vacation in Biarritz, France.

Surf on holidays without leaving the continent. If you are seeking the perfect wave in Europe, you may find it in the Southeast of France near the Pyrenees. From Bordeaux to Biarritz there are dozens of excellent points to go surfing; specifically Biarritz is featured by the suitable conditions to get them. Although in summer it may be full, Grand Plage de Biarritz provides hollow waves with southeastly winds, which close out when the west –North swells get larger. The easy fat rolling peaks and low to mid tides make this sandy beach handy to beginners. All level riders, even experienced ones, are warmly welcomed to this chic city in the Basque coast. The bottom of the beach is sand and the direction of the waves is both, right and left.

Surf on holiday in Hawaii

In an island where there are 365 sunny and windy days, waves are assured. Maui is one of the eight main islands of the wave-riding archipelago. There is found the largest surfing spot of Hawaii. Do you want to know why it is that Jaws is considered one of the top surfing beaches in the world? It is not only due to its size, but also because it offers all height of tides, northwest and northeast swells that range from 3 meters to over 9 meters and wind towards Southeast. It provides super high right tubes as well. This sandy beach has become the icon of the challenging reef breaks. The Pe’ahi Challenge takes place in theses almost unreachable perfect waves. For all these reasons only advanced surfers can try around the deadly cliffs and slippery boulders.



Surf on the shore of California

California is widely known for its surfing culture; Californian beaches such as Venice, Manhattan, San Diego, Santa Barbara and La Jolla are recognized as legendary spots to ride the best waves. Well, Newport Beach is pretty different from the rest of the Southern coast, this city has an incredible residential and sublime peaceful atmosphere away from the raised tourism as other West coast beaches. People do not only go there to eat the best seafood, but to face 5-meters-high waves. The Wedge, in Newport Beach, is a unique point of unpredictable hollow waves similar to wedges. It has powerful breaks only accessible for experienced bodyboarders because of all tides with Southeastern swell and northeast wind housed-sized waves. Surf on holidays in California is a must.

Now you have a detailed list of destinations to choose where to go surfing this summer accompanied by your family, friends or partner. The Spanish coasts have nothing to envy to the international coasts. In particular the Canary Islands have paradisiacal beaches and fully equipped to surf on vacation.

If you have any question or want to know more about where to go surfing in your holidays do not hesitate to contact us through Villa Gran Canaria. We will be happy to assist you.

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