Discover the most romantic plans in Gran Canaria

Today, at Villa Gran Canaria, we have prepared something special for those who are travelling with their couples. In this post you will find a full guide with the most romantic plans to do in Gran Canaria. We will suggest a full day perfectly planned to spend a romantic day in the island. Moreover, we will tell you other of the best romantic places in Gran Canaria that could help you fan the flames of your relationship.

As we told you in our post about the top 9 romantic weekend breaks in Europe, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has been chosen as one of the coolest romantic places in the Canary Islands and in the whole Europe. So, regardless of whether you are looking for a romantic short break or full holidays in Gran Canaria, we want to help you finding the best plans!

The perfect Romantic Day in Gran Canaria

Let us tell you some of our suggestions to spend the best romantic day of your life, here in Gran Canaria. If you are traveling with your couple, there is no doubt that you are looking for new experiences together. Down Below you will find some of the best romantic things to do in Gran Canaria!

Dawn in the Maspalomas dunes

Do you want to go to the Sahara desert? That is fine, but there is an easier and more romantic option at your fingertips — you can just wake up in Gran Canaria before dawn and head to the Maspalomas dunes. There is nobody there at early hours most of the days, so you can just take a sit with your partner and watch the sunrise together without any other concern in the world.

Nude Swimming


You may think that there is nothing better than feeling the cool Atlantic Ocean on your skin, but maybe you will change your mind if we tell you that there is nothing better than feeling the cool Atlantic Ocean on the skin of your couple. What do you think now?

If you want to spend a different romantic experience, you should head to one of the many quiet nudist beaches in Gran Canaria — such as Montañas de Arena, GüiGüi, Guayedra and El Confital beaches. There, you will have the chance to spend a cheeky morning of sunbathing and sensual swimming. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Book a relaxing spa for two

The Ancient Greeks invented thalassotherapy, but Gran Canaria is the place where that was turned into a work of art. We invite you to enjoy the cold plunge pools, the jets of warm seawater, lots and lots of bubbles and so much more — all of it designed to relax and invigorate you. An spa is exactly what you need to spend the perfect romantic day with your couple in Gran Canaria.

There are plenty of spas of a great quality in Gran Canaria among you can choose from, but some of our favourites are the beautiful airy Gloria Palace Thalasso, located at San Agustin, and the warm and welcoming Costa Meloneras Spa, located at Meloneras.

Puerto de Mogan

We asked people what is the most romantic spot in Gran Canaria and their answer was Puerto de Mogan. It is pretty, charming and it has got lots of places to while away a lazy day by the sea.

Puerto de Mogan is called the 'Little Venice' for its mini network of canals. It is the perfect place to stroll hand in hand with your couple. Wait until the sunset and you will see how the whole place glows before the lights and the stars begin to shine.


A romantic boat trip

There is nothing more romantic than being out on the ocean, sailing with your couple and a balmy breeze caressing your skin. Especially if you and your partner are animal lovers and you get to see the friendly dolphins of Gran Canaria.

Some of the boat trips of the island go dolphin watching. They go out every day into the calm waters close to Puerto Rico. You will have the chance to see dolphins, but you also get to see the south of Gran Canaria from the ocean. Moreover, from time to time they can also see whales or even a giant whale.

There are 29 different species of whales and dolphins that visit these Canarian waters, and we think that is impressive! But depending on your tastes, you may prefer another kind of boat trip to do with your couple. In our blog, you can find a post in which we tell you everything you need to know about the best boat trips in Gran Canaria.

A romantic meal to remember

We invite you to dress up with your best clothes for a very romantic meal at one of the smartest restaurants in Gran CanariaLa Aquarela. It is located at Patalavaca, in front of Anfi del Mar, in the south of Gran Canaria.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a foodie or not, this place offers the pleasure of tasting a refined cuisine in a privileged environment. That makes it perfect for a romantic date with your partner. Come, eat and enjoy an unforgettable evening!


But maybe this is not the most affordable choice in economic terms, but don’t worry — there are many other options! For instance, you can book a table for two at one of the best restaurants in Gran CanariaSamsara, located at Maspalomas. It is a great shared experience and the food is superb.

You can also visit Restaurante 360º, situated at the Bohemia Suites & Spa. The food there is great and the views from the terrace will take your breath away! If we move to the north of the island, you will find the amazing restaurant Locanda El Roque, located at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Situated in the capital city of the island too you will find the Embarcadero restaurant. It is astonishing, and it is also the only place in the city where your table is out over the water, so you can feed the fish with bread balls. We strongly recommend you to book in advance if you want to have a table at any of these romantic restaurants in Gran Canaria.

Sunset in the highlands

This plan requires a bit more planning, but you can do it with a hire car or even going by bus. Head up to the highlands and pick one of these great Gran Canaria sunset spots — Maspalomas, Tomadaba, Amadores beach, Pico de las Nieves, Puerto Mogan as we have mentioned before and so many others!

You just have to take a blanket or two, and a bottle of champagne (or two).  The blankets are due to it cools down fast once the sun goes down. Feel free to relax and snuggle with your partner. The only disadvantage of driving is that one of you can't drink the champagne, unless you book a rural hotel or a house to spend the night there.


We hope that you have enjoyed this post about the most romantic plans in Gran Canaria. You know that if you have any doubt you can contact us anytime! Don’t hesitate to live an unforgettable experience with your couple and fan the flames of your love!

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