Everything you need to know about taxis in Gran Canaria

Welcome back to Villa Gran Canaria’s blog! Now, that the summer is ending almost everywhere but here, we have been thinking about those long walks along the beach. They are very relaxing, right? Well, life here is not always that relaxed. When you have to move fast around the island, you cannot always go walking.
That is why today we want to talk about one of the most comfortable means of transportGran Canaria’s taxis. Let us tell you why!

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Taxi prices in Gran Canaria

Now, we are going to talk about taxi prices in Gran Canaria. Nevertheless, you must remember that this is an estimated fare. The actual fare might be different depending on the time of the day, the possible tolls, works and available routes, different car companies and so on.

Two types of fares

taxi supplements

We could say that there are two different types of fares depending on different factors. For example, we have to bear in mind if it is a weekday or not, if the ride is made during the daytime or during the night time, and so on.

  • Weekdays from 6:00 to 22.00

€ 3.15 (Opening times Minimum charge)

€ 1.10 (Price/km)

€ 15.05 (Waiting time)

  • Weekdays from 22:00 to 6:00/ Sundays and holidays

€ 3.45 (Opening times Minimum charge)

€ 1.26 (Price/km)

€ 15.05 (Waiting time)


There are some different supplements for taxi fares in Gran Canaria:

  1. Trips originating or ending at the airport € 1.70

  2. Journeys beginning or ending at the port € 1.70

  3. Radio taxi service € 0.50

All Gran Canaria taxi services contracted from the airport are intercity. The fare to apply for one-way trips is number 3. For round trips, it is number 2.

gran canaria and its taxis

Fares for taxis in Gran Canaria this year are:

  • Working days (Monday to Friday from 06:00 to 22:00)

€ 0.69 per kilometer

€ 3.15 minimum charge

€ 1, 70 airport / port additional charge

  • Week end (Sat – Sun, night fare 22:00 to 06:00 and holidays)

€ 0.78 per kilometer

€ 3.45 minimum charge

€ 1.70 airport / port additional charge

  • Depending on the situation, the taxi driver may apply an additional charge for luggage and special equipment.

Approximate prices for a taxi from/to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)

taxi street

These are the approximate prices for a taxi up to 4 people with taxi meter coming from or going toLas Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport (LPA). Additional charges are not included in these fares.

-          LPA Airport to Maspalomas€ 43
-          LPA Airport to Puerto de Mogan€ 65
-          LPA Airport to Puerto Rico€ 61
-          LPA Airport to Parador Cruz de Tejeda€ 51
-          LPA Airport to Pozo Izquierdo€ 24
-          LPA Airport to Sonneland€ 42
-          LPA Airport to Vecindario€ 22

Why getting a Gran Canaria taxi is a good option

The taxi is probably the best option if you do not know how to move around Gran Canaria and you don’t feel like searching where does every bus line lead. However, you must bear in mind that it is probably the most expensive transport optionif you travel on your own.
Nevertheless, if you go in a group of 3 or 4 people, it may be even cheaper than the bus.

In general, urban taxis are not very expensive. However, if you want to go from Las Palmas to Maspalomas, it can easily cost around € 70 just one way. The revolutionary transport services, as Uber or Cabify, have not reached the island of Gran Canaria yet.

Remember that…

  • All the taxis in Gran Canaria are white, and they usually carry the logo of the municipality to which they belong on one of its sides.

  • There is no cheating with taxis in Gran Canaria— it is a very safe and serious service.However, as everywhere, there can always be a taxi driver who gives you one more lap to reach your final destination. But you don’t have to worry because that is not usual at all.

  • Official taxis in Gran Canaria are equipped with a taximeter. It is a device which calculates and shows the total price for the journey (not for people). This price is calculated with official fares approved by local government authorities.

  • We strongly recommend you to ask for a receipt to the taxi driver, because the license number of the taxi is printed there. It is not typical to ask for it, but it is really useful in case you have any claim. Moreover, it is vital to locate the driver if you have left a personal belonging in the taxi accidentally.

This is all for today, folks! Now, you already know the taxi prices in Gran Canaria (approx.) and many things about Gran Canaria and its taxis that you probably didn’t know before! We hope that you have enjoyed our post, as well as we hope that we have solved many of your doubts. If you have any query or if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team is always pleased to help you. We hope to see you around!
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